The Western Australian State Election Result


Yesterday’s state election in Western Australia was, as far as I am aware, the first major election in the developed world since Donald Trump’s victory last November. As such it should have been high on my blogging radar, but the real world does not intrude much in this part of the southern hemisphere. Australians are in general a parochial bunch, but the folks from WA make the rest of Australia look positively cosmopolitan.

Even so, I think that this election has been extremely important, both for the poor people of WA but also for Australia as a whole. At the time of writing, the conservative Liberal party in Western Australia has lost an historic and incredible 16% of its primary vote. The left-wing Labor party will govern with a likely 40 MPs in the 59-seat assembly.

This was a successful Liberal government that under the steady hand of premier Colin Barnett steered the WA economy through the last eight years of an extraordinary mining boom while the rest of the economies in the developed world just about collapsed around it. Barnett did this while WA was mercilessly punished by the federal government under the extraordinarily stupid GST tax system where states that properly manage their individual economies have to subsidize those that don’t.

And yet his government has just been annihilated in this election. The opposition primarily ran on a platform of, ‘it’s time for a change’, due largely in part to the fact that their election proposals are more or less incoherent. Just as an example, Western Australians are now going to be able to join Victorians in the dubious club of paying a huge amount of money to not build a road. But as former prime minister John Howard said several years after he was ousted from power in a similar fashion, “How’s that change working out for you?”

Western Australians are indeed suffering since the end of the mining boom three years ago, but they are suffering in relation to that boom, not to the average economy. The Labor party has promised lots of jobs, which can only mean that the Western Australian public service is now going to see a massive inflation of numbers. Labor will undoubtedly mismanage the economy while attempting to install the same disastrous renewable energy policies that has seen South Australia becoming the laughingstock of the country. Unions will also have a field day in the state, and I expect them to get a serious toe-hold in the mining region of the Pilbara as well as in the offshore oil and gas industry. Good luck with that.

But what does this election mean for the federal Liberal party and Malcolm Turnbull? Let us not forget that it was partly on the future outcome of a Western Australian by-election in the seat of Canning eighteen months ago that Turnbull got a leg-up against the then incumbent prime minister Tony Abbott. Turnbull used the looming Canning result as a scare tactic to roll Abbott, a scare tactic that was entirely based on false evidence.

Well, a 16% swing against the Liberals is about as much hard evidence as it takes. I fail to see how Turnbull’s supporters in Parliament will be able to spin this one as being once again the fault of Abbott. Have no doubt about it: questions are being asked in Canberra this fine Sunday morning.

In a few hours, Western Australians will also wake up. But instead of a fine day, it will be to a slowly-developing socialist nightmare. But that is what you get when you bring in half a million immigrants to such a sparsely populated state. Oh the joys of open borders, the putrid dream of leftist a—holes everywhere. Trump understands this and he also understands how to manage an economy. Expect his promised 15% tax cut on business to take effect soon. If I were thinking of investing and growing a business in Western Australia or the USA, I know which way I would turn. And it wouldn’t be towards my old home town, much to my dismay.

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  • Gregoryno6

    It wasn’t all about ‘change’. The Liberals did themselves some injury. Projects have been running overdue and over budget; the Elizabeth Quay water park was closed for several months because of bacteria in the water. The Libs also promised a light rail service for the northern suburbs in the 2013 election, and then dropped the idea less than a year later.
    I thought the One Nation preference deal would get Barnett over the line – narrowly. Instead, it seems to have hurt both parties. Pauline managed to inflict a few wounds of her own with her ejection of long-standing members and candidates during the campaign.
    The Liberals were clearly not in good shape but it seemed – up until yesterday – incredible that people would opt for Labor, with its debt reduction plan that they admit themselves will not become operational in the foreseeable future.
    The ABC is calling it a ‘landslide’ win for McGowan. Certainly Labor picked up some unexpected seats, but the final numbers may show some pretty thin margins. At any rate, Labor are in government for one term and probably two. Looking towards Victoria and South Australia, I don’t find our prospects encouraging.

    • Ray Johnston

      Hey Greg, I was busy replying on the other page I didn’t see this here so I’ll copy and paste my same post and will add these extra comments about that deal. 50% + ON voters give ALP their pref. vote so a % of them never going to follow Pauline there. 4 revolted and another 4 or so close to doing same. These are non-left Labor people and maybe 25-40% went back to Labor ( also some Greens,Christians & other minors were sucked back into the hive !!) but also Shooters/fishers picked up some %. Was all the BS media attention worth it? Only one ON benefitted (party leader Tincknell in Sth.West with Lib prefs, the other agri division Lib put Shooters ahead and Min&Pastoral Lib didn’t reach a quota so NO prefs to give. ON candidate at 13%, it’s not good enough if you can’t get another 1.5% in prefs. to get a quota. Only Shooters were sort of giving ON prefs. but they stayed in race with 6%+ in 2 divisions where ON really needed them because Libs were useless.
      That “stupid and ignorance” remark by Labor leader McGowan was a bit uncivil, a bit off. Also off is the ABC ‘fake news’. One 13% poll for ON became the standard to judge (condemn) ON’s result. The last few months of polls saw ON go from 8% to 11% up to 13% then back down to 8.5%. The ABC’s reporting of a 4.7% ON vote is the lower house WA total voters divided by total ON votes. ON only ran candidates in 35 ( 31 if you strike out the 4 (went walkabout) of the 59 seat total. The real ON vote % of those 35 seats is smack on 8%. If you take out those 4 ‘independents’ ( 3.6%, 6.5%, 6.8% and 11%) it’s a little bit less and when the remaining 30%, the postal, absent ,pre-poll etc are counted (that ALWAYS favour the dominant parties) then ON vote will drop again a little bit more. Somewhere around 7.5-7.8 for ALL the lower house seats ON contested.
      Seeing that the very lowest vote was 3.9% by a real ON candidate was in the Socialist Democratic Electorate of Fremantle, I reckon that’s pretty good. Last year’s WA senate vote was only 4%. Mandurah and Moore tops with 12.6% then Kalgoorlie 11.8%, Pilbara 11.3% and 5 more over 10.6%.
      In the upper house, every party is in and even though it’s state wide 6 divisions aren’t equal numbers but it’s a better indicator than getting a % ON vote by cutting out 24 lower house seats. Also, the ABC has NOT mentioned the ON % MLC’s vote on TV reports !!!!!! ….MIN&PAST 13%….AGRI 11.2%…Sth.West 9.4%….Sth.Metro 6.1%….Nth.Metro 5.7%…East Metro 7%. Now compare them to the Greens in the same division order – 5.5%, 3.2%, 8.3%, 8.7%, 9.5%, 8.4%.
      So the ABC has been bleeting out “OneNation under 5% = failure” and ” Greens at about 9% in WA election = awesome”. But when you look + you see ON are only lowest in North Metro at 5.7% but there is ONLY one Green division over 9%.
      The real news – One Nation has doubled their vote to about 8% in just 8 months.

      • Gregoryno6

        Thanks for the work and the understanding you’ve put into that, Ray. I had no doubt that the MSM were slanting the results, especially on One Nation.

        • Ray Johnston

          Here’s a another good one from ABC “Internal polling showed the Barnett government’s primary vote was hovering at an unwinnable 29 per cent as the campaign kicked off, prompting the executive to strike the controversial deal with One Nation to direct Lower House preferences its way.
          But in the end, the effect on the numbers is immeasurable and the damage to the campaign immense, which will have everyone pondering the wisdom of striking a similar deal at future state and federal elections.
          Senior Liberals, privately preparing for a loss, were staggered by the scale of the defeat; losing 18 seats on a 16 per cent swing and ending on a primary vote of 31.5 per cent, not far off where they started.”
          Lib vote tonite now at 31.6% with 72% counted and last 28% has all the postal,absentee etc which won’t lower their vote (historically), so let’s just say they gain only 0.3% to have total state vote of 31.9%. Their poll of 29% made them do a pref. deal with Pauline is 2.9% LOWER than (my xyz 😉 REAL vote of 31.9%. Hmmm, 2.9 of 29 = 10%.
          Real News : Pauline boosted Colin’s vote by 10%.
          Awesome !!!

          • Gregoryno6

            Thanks again, Ray. BTW have you seen any mention about informal votes or non-voters? That usually draws some comment in the press, but this time, I’ve not noticed anything.

          • Ray Johnston

            No I haven’t Greg, I just had a look now and it’s up a bit from last year’s Fed election Reps. 4% to 4.4% in WA lower house. No numbers for upper house but last year’s Senate informals were only 3.35%. Better news is the Greens continuing to slide down in WA wide upper house total vote (where all parties that contest all 6 divisions can be compared ). Greens now down to 7.73% and OneNation at 7.95% (getting close to my predicted 8%). ON just 400 votes behind them in East Metro but have already smashed them in 3 other divisions. Last year’s Green Senate vote 10.53% and in 2013 it was 15.6%. Of all 9 minor parties contesting all 6 divisions this time it’s the Shooters on top with 2.23%.

      • Ray Johnston

        Looks like two ON MLC’s got home, the 3rd one under the deal (agri 11.4%) can’t get there because the Libs placed Shooters ahead. I thought ON’s vote would drop (maybe it will when finished) but after today’s counting in all 6 divisions they have increased 😉 and all the Greens % went down 🙁 In the same order as above : M&P, Agri, Sth.W, Sth, Nth, East…14.06%,11.4%,10.23%,6.33%,6.27%,
        7.57% for ON against Greens 5.27%,3.16%,7.15%,8.58%,8.96%,7.93%.
        On these type of numbers, ON’s next WA Senate vote looks pretty good at 7-9% with a 5-7% (and a bit) preferences from others in the 6 above the line voting system.
        BTW, only 4 lower house electorates that ON contested out of 31 (official)were under the so-called ABC’s 5% vote failure, and 2 of them got 4.9% and all the others except 3 candidates have increased their vote from a little bit up to a full 1% in latest counting. The final count will reveal all but for now I’m calling it…”ABC is FAKE NEWS”…sorry, no offence….but it’s true!!

    • Karen Dwyer

      I am so very sorry about this election result. (Thought of you when I heard about it.)

      Hyper-sexualisation of a generation of children is too high a price to pay to punish a wobbly government.

      I think it may well also encourage Mr Turnbull et al to turn even more left than ever, if that were possible.

      I agree that Mrs Hanson continually dumping candidates was very unsettling.

      • Gregoryno6

        I was hoping McGowan could be the sensible face of Labor, like Geoff Gallop when he was Premier during the 90’s. However, he’s gone straight into Daniel Andrews mode and told workers on the Roe 8 project to not show up for work.

        • Karen Dwyer

          Hmmm. Keep an eye on McGowan and his minister’s own media releases. This is where they try to hide their actions in plain sight. And read between the lines of vague pronouncements like “better opportunities”.

          I don’t know how the numbers stack up.for you in WA, – in Vic Labor controls the Legislative Assembly but not the Legislative Council. Keep an eye on the issues.

          Frankly, it’s a full time job keeping your eye on.the machinations of this mob – watching the blogs of people with both moral fibre and backbone is a start (if you can identify them).

          It doesn’t look pretty (Labor’s intentions in WA) and one can only hope they over-reach themselves. But the best way forward is to hold true to what is important and enjoy yourself to the utmost. Getting demoralised is deadly. Laugh a lot and hang out with decent people.

  • Lorraine

    people get sick of same old faces and want a change, I understand that.but Mark McGowan what I have seen he takes the trophy from Daniel Andrews as the most boring man in Oz. He will run the most unionised front bench in the History I think nearly every person standing for office on the Labor side was ex Union official. so he will take the mantle from Dan as the most socialist Government the WEST has ever seen,,,,hello safe schools welcome Roz Ward. UGH wonder who Malcolm will blame,,,,,heads will roll

    • Karen Dwyer

      Mr Andrews the most boring man in Oz? Come, come: you have described just one of his faces. What about the other one?

      Mr Andrews, having told the Federal Government and Victorian parents to stick it, has spent $30 million of taxpayer funds just to introduce two unwanted unwholesome highly sexualised propaganda tools to every State school and every compliant state-funded “independent” school.

      That is a bare minimum cost, of course, as one must pay Dep’t of Education staff to ensure compliance at all schools. Ditto requiring all State school principals to sign statutory declarations that they were being truthful when they previously signed compliance documents regarding ‘systems” to ensure student safety (oh, the irony!!)

      Mr Andrews & spouse turn up smiling to all the LGBT public events, hand-in-hand. None of their children to be seen. Perhaps because these events are crass and NOT safe places for children?

      He also chooses to send his children to a school that DOESN’T implement his expensive sexualised propaganda for other people’s children.

      I wonder who Mr McGowan will emulate: Mr Merlino who is delighted that DVDs introduce 11 year olds to anal and oral sex, or Mr Andrews who protects his own children but not other people’s?

      • Homeschooling is looking better and better.

        • Karen Dwyer

          Yes, that’s one reason there has been a dramatic “spike” in registrations to home educate children, I guess.

          Also why the Victorian government has “retaliated” by trying to grant the statutory body (responsible for handling registrations), and instructed by the Department of Education, which is Mr Merlino’s portfolio) with “new powers” that have the potential to eradicate home education in the state of Victoria.

          The same statutory body has also been given “new powers” such that schools have been threatened with being deregistered

          • Victoria horrifies me.
            I grew up in Melbourne, but the place scares me now.
            It is turning into a Stasi state like the old East Germany.
            Glad I left the place. If I had kids in Victoria I would be moving interstate, pronto.

          • Karen Dwyer

            I can understand you would feel that way. Mr Dwyer asked me if that was what I wanted to do now.

            But seriously, where would we run to? I’m too much of a “Wild Colonial [Girl]” anyway: “I’ll fight, but I won’t surrender-r-r-r-r!”

            (I wasn’t born in Castlemaine, and things ended up rather badly for the Wild Colonial Boy, but you know what I mean….) It’s one thing to run TO something, but if you run AWAY, you never stop running.

            Remember when Melbourne had the savour of Europe? Well, it’s still hot the savour of Europe. Modern Europe, unfortunately!

  • “But that is what you get when you bring in half a million immigrants to such a sparsely populated state.”
    Who knew? The coalition loses government in WA because of immigration!
    That’s about as credible as “Vaccination causes autism”.