Women’s Suffrage Will End Western Civilisation


Subetei Gur

The recent XYZ article linking the video from Red Ice TV highlights the pertinent issue of demographic replacement in our current Western society. The video is well presented and it no doubt strikes a chord with many Australians. One does not have to be a barking racist to see both the validity and objective impartiality of the video. Readers of XYZ and viewers of that video may even self righteously exhale their sighs and shake their heads at the continual demographic decimation of Western societies in the hands of globalist, Marxist politicians. Said audience may even offer attendance to the next populist Pauline Hanson rally thinking their undying patriotism and ethnocentrism offers genuine help other than impotent anger. But that is precisely the problem with impotent anger isn’t it? It is impotent.

This photo serves no purpose whatsoever in conveying the author’s message, but enjoy.

The growing conservative and cultural preservation movement in Australia, while positive in essence, is far too focused on specific policies and petty disputes from racial homogeneity to the ludicrousness of such and such policies. They consistently fail, however, to tackle the bigger issues of the expansion of our Orwellian government, the corresponding welfare state and bloated public service, and the cultural Marxism that is overrunning universities. More importantly, they fail to tackle or even dare to address the root cause of these phenomena: women’s suffrage.

Right wing Anglo Australians can rail on endlessly about the need for maintaining ethnic homogeneity and the promotion of positive Australian values, while simultaneously exalting the absolute degeneracy of their women (namely their wives and daughters to hit the nail closer to heart) without a second thought. The same males that argue logically and coherently for the need to preserve the virtues of Western culture, are often then quick to defend the civilisation destroying behaviours of Australian women, while wearing their ‘cuckery’ with pride. It is time we come to terms with the stark reality that we are a nation of cucks, white knights, and manginas. If the rise of militant feminism in this country is a measure of the propensity of Anglo Australian males to neuter themselves, then the fiasco of Cassie Jaye’s “The Red Pill” is the living proof. In fact, there is often a sick alliance between genuinely racist elements of the leftist feminist movement and the low IQ’d, reactionary segment of bogan white nationalists.

We here at XYZ espouse truth, even when it hurts. And today’s ugly truth is that women, by their very natures, will vote in increasingly left leaning governments and will eventually, through their voting patterns, usher in despotic states. Women are different from men, and as men, we love women for what they are. Where they fundamentally differ from us is also precisely where we place the most unassailable aspects of our infatuation towards them. It is not anti-women to admit that Mother Nature imbued them with characteristics most suited to the survival and betterment of their immediate selves and their progeny, at whatever cost. Were women not of this nature, our species would not have survived to this day.

But this same biological fact is also what makes women dangerous voters.

The vote for bigger government or the party that promises to hand out the most resources in the form of tax money, is simply the political manifestation of women’s collective desire to secure resources for themselves and their progeny. The cost to civilisation is of little concern in comparison.

Apollo program photo
Photo by NASA on The Commons

Human progress is the culmination of thousands of years of females nurturing their young, and males competing fiercely for their sexual approval. The resulting “carnage” of this never-ending competition is the invention of fire, agriculture, the wheel, the compass, gunpowder, buildings, ships, and eventually a man on the moon. This carnage is what we call civilisation. Civilisations survived insofar as men upheld it, and women nurtured the next generation of explorative, inventive, protective men, and loyal, obedient, women. Every culture that ushered in women’s suffrage (or universal suffrage for that matter), be it ancient Greeks, Romans, or various matriarchal societies in Southern China, ultimately met their demise at the hands of more robust civilisations where women did not have a say in the political sphere.

Men’s much higher average visual spatial IQ as well as capacity to logically plan for the long term is not something women are evolved to have, since it provided no reproductive advantage. Fertility is what makes a woman reproductively successful, and civilisation building (intellect, ability to gather resources, invent technologies, protect the tribe) is what makes a man reproductively successful. This fact may not be palatable, but it is the truth.

Every statistical study has shown that government expenditure increased exponentially in the West ever since women were given the right to vote. With increased spending came bigger governments and unsustainable debt. It is no wonder, then, that most countries in the West are headed towards the fate of Greece with their skyrocketing debt and public dependence on government handouts. But the nightmare does not end there.

In an electoral democracy, the party that campaigns against increased spending commits political suicide. Career politicians are not that stupid, however noble their hearts may be. Winning successive rounds of elections entails the promise of more spending to appease the enormous population of female voters. Within mere generations, even the most free and capitalistic societies become despotic and Orwellian under a socialist Big Brother state. With talks of ending encryption, increased crackdowns on public dissent, and ludicrous fines for even the most minor transgressions of behavior, can we really say Australia remains the lucky country?

With women’s suffrage in an unholy coexistence with an unremarkable average IQ of 98, can we really expect the nascent cultural backlash from the political right and the red pill community to truly amount to anything substantial? Fighting this cultural war without addressing the crucial factor of women’s suffrage is like complaining about the open sewage in the house without bothering to fix the broken plumbing.

Suffragettes photo
Photo by Nationaal Archief

But men can stop this. It was not women marching in costumes of vaginas that got them the vote; it was men. Men that wanted female approval. Men that cannot help but enjoy their own cuckolding. Men that would rather see the death of their civilisation than the irrational grievances of their wives or daughters unanswered. Evil prevails due to the inaction of good men, and dare I say Australia is not a nation of good men. We are a nation of cucks, white knights, and manginas. We are a nation of Anglo men far too trigger happy when it comes to the undeserving defense of even their most toxic and degenerate women. We are a nation where even the political right harbor fanciful delusions about female nature. We are a nation caught between the dissonant forces of cultural Marxism and Victorian era puritanical attitudes towards sex. We are unable to come to terms with biology, evolutionary psychology, and anthropology. And for this, we will be punished.

We will be punished by the unstoppable expansion of Islam and the implementation of Sharia law in our land. We will be punished by the hordes of East Asians with their stronger family values and higher IQ’s as they buy up all the land and out compete us in our own free market economy because they certainly do not think that “physics is sexist” or that getting girls into STEM subjects means lowering the standards. We will be punished by an increasingly Orwellian government that will soon take away any semblance of free speech. And we will be punished because of the pathetic inaction of millions of doe eyed, low IQ’d men who lobotomise their minds with weekend sports coverage and cheap beer, and obliterate their testosterone levels by pretending that putting up with their grossly overweight Anglo wife and her bad attitude (a wife that can barely show her face in public in Eastern Europe, mind you) is just a man’s lot.

Truth hurts. Be triggered. Get angry. And take some fucking action. Reclaim your Viking glory, or your civilisation dies.

Photo by marinaspektr

Photo by NASA on The Commons

  • SamSammy

    Women and women’s suffrage aren’t the real problem here. No, the real problem is the white knights, cucks and manginas who enable and defend women’s civilization-destroying ways. It is these treacherous pathetic self-serving vermin we need to go after first, because without them the Feminist is nothing more than a bratty child chucking a wobbly because daddy didn’t but her that shiny new toy.

  • Well said. We’ve denigrated ourselves and our women by universal suffrage.

    Along with other much needed voting reforms (men only, raising the voting age to 30 and excluding non-property owners) I say abolish the Senate and make it appointment only with a minimum age of 50, but permit women to be appointed to the Upper House for 10 year terms after demonstrating a lifetime of achievement.

    Watch how things would improve so quickly.

  • Totally agree with this article although I don’t think the cure is to remove the vote from women.

    I think the cure is to remove the vote from anyone who receives any form of public money, other than front line defence force personel, front line police (who’s standards are raised so that it’s really hard for women to gain entry) and front line fire-fighters.

    Everyone else loses the right to vote if they take even a cent of government money.

    Then make a constitutional requirement to balance the books.

    This will stop the ones from voting that you want to stop.

    • tickletik

      And what do you do once women demand to be put in front line defense forces? Which they absolutely will and are. Once you make that the only way anyone can vote, then every sociopath and parasite will make it their mission in life to entire that structure and tear it apart from the inside.

      • Trevor Wilson

        They won’t be able to meet the raised standards. Raise them high. Make height a requirement as it was for old Police. You can push them out, but you are right, they will make demands.

        I am reminded of a fit looking woman trying to challenge a slightly pudgy cop in a push-up contest on an American road. He got to 20 and waited for her, he was fine, she was struggling. By 30 she was out. I do two sets of 40 a day (when not working out), how many women can do that?

        Standards have been lowered to let them in. Make them have to match the men, and raise the standards.

        • tickletik

          one of the things that we are all missing here, is that it is not just about meeting physical standards. At the start of ww2, 16 year old Audie Murphy was something like 5’5, rejected by every service, he finally got enlisted and became the single most decorated combat soldier in the history of the country, at one point singlehandedly holding off an entire battalion. Now how was he able to do this?

          The question isn’t just academic, it relates to the most important question of human survival. The country who can replicate an army of Audie Murphies is the country that will always win. So again, how?

          Well, it’s like this, there is sport fighting and combat. And those two things are not the same. A trained martial artist can be utterly destroyed by a dedicated street rat. Why? Because the street rat is a complete psychopath who will give every last breath in his body to vent out all of his focused hate and rage on the martial artist.

          Audie Murphy was able to do what he was able to do, because he had the ferocious qualities necessary to kill and maim large numbers of human beings, while maintaining enough presence of mind and sanity to work with his fellow soldiers to that goal.

          This is as much psychological as it is physical. Now women, simply do not have this psychology. They are not physically built for this, and they will be at best halfway competent soldiers. More likely, they will be emotional basket cases that disrupt the group dynamic.

          It’s a bad idea all around. But the truth is, even that isn’t the real reason we put women in combat.

          The real reason we don’t put women in combat is because it is immoral. A woman in a military unit will become debauched. That is inevitable. Now the word “debauched” isn’t a popular word, because we regard debauchery as perfectly normal and healthy, but it isn’t. It’s sick, and destructive to society on a devastating level.

          I contend, that the damage done to society by having women in the army is so severe, that the alone would be reason enough to ban them from the military even if they were useful, even if they weren’t absolutely destructive to the functioning of the military as a whole.

          • Trevor Wilson

            Very well put. I have also noticed the habit of women to go to pieces in a real crisis.

  • Women should never have been given the vote.
    They are entirely responsible for the mess we are in today.
    They are 2nd class citizens, always have been,always will.
    All of them should be John Wicked.

    • SamSammy

      Women certainly have their share of the blame, but ultimately it was us men who failed to take charge and keep them in line. Feminism is a giant collective shit test which Western men have been failing miserably.

  • Jay Hurley

    Totally agree, but what is the road map for overturning this? Can it even be done or do we need to stoop so low as a society that it all implodes before we can fix it?

  • Razorback

    I see , so what you are saying, in a fashion, is that islam has the right attitude to controlling females…I do much wonder if indeed they are right at times.

    • Loelle Forrester

      Sharia has it’s appeal if you only look at the good stuff and ignore the bad stuff that comes with it. There are many, many, many women who long to stay at home with their babies and have their husbands deal with all the difficult stuff. Commuting in traffic every day, office politics, having to worry where the money is coming from. (Not being allowed to go outside the home unaccompanied? Not so much.) Worse is the appeal of sharia to men. A man is a king in his own home. Women should keep quiet and obey. If you can afford it in later life you can take a second, young wife. (Having to pray 5 times a day, not drink alcohol, not so much.)

  • tickletik

    But why do white knights and manginas do this? THAT is the real question, and the answer is to gain access to other mens’ wives and daughters.

    Take away fathers rights, and what happens is that every tattooed marxist thuglet can have a chance at a girl that normally the father would blow his head off for.

    Ruin marriage and now every academic pointy headed scumbag can have a chance at banging every other mans wife through frivorce.

    It is jealousy and hatred of men for one another that is the real cause of all these problems.

  • Jesse James

    LOL. Reclaim my Viking Glory???!!! Muahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    You mean the Vikings who let their wives fight with them?

    You mean the Vikings who enslaved whole groups of people and fought endless battles for their wives back home? LOL

    You mean the Vikings who would fight for any of the weaker cultures, or conquer them, for wealth to bring back to their women? LOL

    You, like the feminists you claim to hate, have a very simplistic view of my Nordic ancestry. LMAO!

    • Those same Viking descendents in Scandinavia are now being over run and their women raped at will by Muslim invaders. Vikings were manginas.

  • Warty2

    There is a lot of underlying (some not so underlying) anger in the article, along with some of the responses. Lashing out on the left and then on the right produces backlash followed by backlash, without any accompanying coherent philosophy.
    The whole civil rights movement which invited in the the Women’s Liberation fellow traveller, was based on the neo Marxist philosophy coming out of the Frankfurt School of the early 1930s. People like Herbert Marcuse popularised this creating the foundations of the modern leftist narrative, infused as it is with political correctness, a strain of utopian oxycodone designed to soothe away even the faintest grasp on reality.
    Those meaningless slogans ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ have spawned a swamp full of human rights designed to usurp any sense of national autonomy, any sense of personal responsibility, creating a false sense of personal identity.
    As a result our education system and our MSM and our bureaucracies and our churches have dedicated themselves to the slow burn process of social engineering otherwise known as indoctrination, to the extent that our thoughts are not our own; are actions work in concert with our loopy ideas and we become too befuddled to generate an effective counter narrative. This is what is needed.
    If I can refer to some of Moses Apostaticus’s earlier articles (you’ll have to sift through them yourself) where he refers to the need to study up on those things that once made our Civilisation great: some of our classics; perhaps Blackstone’s Commentaries if you would like to get a fetch of our Common Law; a bit of Plato and Aristotle; and you can’t go past that once admired Bible. A bit indigestible? then a bit of George Orwell perhaps? His classic 1984 will frighten the pants off you, if only because it is uncannily similar to the government of the Republic of Victoria with its wacky androgynous pedestrian lights.

    • Trevor Wilson

      Nicely summarised.

  • Loelle Forrester

    Whoa! What just happened? Well, look, I’m that desperate that I’m prepared to entertain and accommodate the loss of female suffrage. I’ve had the vote all my adult life, but it hasn’t done me or indeed any of us any good. On the contrary, things just get worse and worse. We need something to happen, that’s for sure. And what would that be? Don’t ask me, I’m just a woman, and constitutionally unfitted to defend my tribe. I depend on the men for that.

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  • Chris Allen

    Yeah nah.
    Abusing our neighbours with a private vocabulary of insult is just loserdom. The social analysis is less deluded than leftism, but still entirely about blaming others rather than owning responsibility for what happens.

  • Trace Andrew

    I think if women had been given equal pay to equal value of their position in the workforce & more financial support with childcare much of this could of been avoided , if we had some of the pressure taken off us by not feeling like we have to pull our weight in the work force & balance home life yet have to work to fulfill the mutual dream of supplying a home for your family with hubby & of course needing to pay for those huge childcare fee’s . As for the lame pathetic weazel brown nose men you see hiding behind the pants of women , I think theyr’e a product of tough angry resentful women/mothers who came from childhoods of violence sexual abuse & trauma so these women when they have a male child they berate & sunconsciously blame their own little boys for the old trauma inflicted on them by their Father Uncle Grandfather , & yet these men most likely served in War were suffering greatly from PTSD & used alcohol to medicate their rage which often didnt work & resulted in explosions of violence & sexual abuse inflicted on their wife / “childs mother ” & either experienced or witnessed also themselves ” the child “, its then you have the little girls who grow up with a one eyed damaged deep seated mistrust & resented view of men or a chronic victim , but also the broken boy or the violent abusive boy , I feel this has been an intergenerational cycle in Australia & many other Countries so im wondering how much this has contributed to the power struggle & confusion & lack of common sense ?