XYZ Quote of the Day: Why nobody trusts the MSM any more


The kidnap, torture and humiliation of a white disabled man in Chicago by several black racists has been handled by the mainstream media in the same way that the MSM deals with terrorist attacks by Islamic terrorists: i.e., this has nothing to do with racism.

The thing is, we can all watch the video and see for ourselves. We can see how the black racists explicitly link white people and Donald Trump when they said “f— white people, f— Donald Trump”.

Racism. The case rests.

This dynamic was summarised very well by one of The XYZ’s readers, who makes The XYZ’s first Quote of the Day for 2017:

“The problem for the MSM is that stories like this break live on the internet, so everybody gets to see the uncensored unedited reality of such a terribly malicious crime. So in effect, the MSM attempts to lie to you about what and why the crime is happening while you are watching the contradicting evidence. This utter contempt for the viewing public is the reason why nobody trusts the MSM any more.”

XYZ Quote of the Day.

  • Deplorable Steve B

    “when they said “f— white people, f— Donald Trump”.

    You have it all wrong David! This is not a declaration of hate. No, no, no. Only white people are hateful. These guys are expressing how much they love white people because of their expressed desire to have sex with us…

    • Bucky Turgidson

      Yeah, they said: ” I wanna fuck white people, I wanna fuck Donald Trump”
      I could clearly hear the victims yell this as that disabled White man kidnapped and terribly abused them.
      It was purely expressions of love,not hate.
      They were clearly Pro Trump !
      Right on, Steve. You da man ! Bro !

    • Doglicka

      And anyway, joke is on them because Trump is orange, not white.

  • Gregoryno6

    Exactly, David.
    The question now is, will the MSM accept that it is committing slow suicide and reform itself?

    • Bucky Turgidson


  • Karen Dwyer

    BBC online has published article re charges (no bail) for hate crimes (multiple for each offender). I’m re-posting from 6th January.

    Today is an article with the headline (approx): Don’t blame Black Lives Matter.

    I haven’t put in the links for the latter article as just the title is annoying enough. This is exactly the sort of division-of-society-then sit-back-&-watch-the-fallout DELIBERATELY set up by Mr Obama and his ilk. The Marxist mentality that sacrifices good* people quite unfazedly so long as chaos and hatred ensues. Grrrrrr!

    * footnote: by good people, I am not referring to the four in custody!

  • entropy

    Excellent comment. Should probably credit the author.

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