XYZ Viewer Poll: What was your favourite political moment of 2016?


When I consider my motivations for co-founding The XYZ, first and foremost it was my concern for the viability of Western Civilisation. There is only so much massive government debt, devaluation of currency, tax and regulations, and outright replacement of an indigenous population a civilisation can take, before it all falls in a heap.

Much of my writing (particularly my longer essays) in the last year and a half has reflected this concern. The major conservative victories of 2016, as we have so often repeated – Brexit, One Nation, and Donald Trump – have both vindicated and relieved my concern. The prospect of nationalist and anti-Islamisation governments coming to power in 2017 in Europe, and of the dictatorships running the madhouse in the UN being denied their funding and legitimacy, fills me with great hope.

But I cannot deny another, very important motivation for my work at The XYZ. It is not a particularly noble motivation.

I want to destroy the things which make lefties happy. I want to take away their nice things.

Because lefties ruin everything.

Football isn’t just football any more; there will soon be a different minority celebrated for every round of the season. The Aussie cricket team have been told they can’t sledge because it’s racist. And currently we suck.

Movies and television are overflowing with Cultural Marxist propaganda; not even Star Wars is sacred.

It took me years to de-program from the relativist drivel I was “taught” at university, and Western classical music has suffered nearly one hundred years of tuneless nonsense devised by socialists who considered melody and harmony to be bourgeoisie trifles.

My favourite soft drink is Fanta. When I was a kid, it was the sweetest drink I had ever tasted. But it tastes different now. Because of stupid f—ing regulations brought in by control-freak idiot bureaucrats. I know, because when I go to other countries, it tastes different, and better. I even consider loading up with Fanta, rather than wine, for the haul home.

So maybe that last one was a little less universal, but many of the good readers of The XYZ know what I’m talking about. We all have something which we used to love, which has been spoiled by leftist infiltration. So it feels really, really nice, in a deep, schadenfreude kind of way, to see how upset they all get when a rich entrepreneur who has no regard for politically-correct feelings wins the White House, or a red-headed bogan who just can’t take it any more makes it back to Parliament after the lefties all thought they had banished that demon for good.

Nice climate change racket you have going there.. It would be a shame if someone were to… come along.. and, dismantle it…

Nice irrelevant government department that lets you tell people what to do you have there.. It would be a shame if someone were to, say, defund it and ignore you..

It is in this spirit that we present to you this XYZ Viewer Poll.

Happy New Year.

It’s your XYZ.

What was your favourite political moment of 2016?

  • Watching lefties crack it because 2016 was horrible for them for all the same reasons it was awesome for you (41%, 294 Votes)
  • Trump (37%, 269 Votes)
  • The rise of One Nation (9%, 63 Votes)
  • Brexit (8%, 57 Votes)
  • Turnbull's bloody nose at the Aussie election (4%, 32 Votes)
  • The death of Fidel Castro (1%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 722

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  • Deplorable Steve B

    I love the ignominious defeat coming the the way of the left. And I love it more because it will break everything they hold dear…

    • Trog

      David’s piece encapsulates it all for me. It’s just so reassuring to hear others voice these sentiments. It cheers me.

      • David Hiscox

        Happy to help. They have had it a long time coming.

  • Gregoryno6

    Where’s the ‘All of the above’ option?
    Since you insist – Trump. Not only for the victory which all the ‘experts’ were certain was impossible, but for their repeated attempts to foul his victory only to land themselves in the poo face first over and over.
    And he isn’t even officially President yet!

  • Deporablebungeye

    Lefties will increasingly get the “Deplorable flue” as we rise up like a pestilence over all these turds. Can’t wait to see all at “their ABC” sook their way through another miserable year for them. XYZ rules!