10-Point Cultural Nationalist Manifesto


We need something to stand for, so this is my proposal for a Nationalism that every single person on the planet can get around. This is not something that excludes any one ethnic group or race.

God set down natural and moral laws at the dawn of time and we need to follow them, as he built them into the fabric of existence.

We evolved based on these laws but only in the last 100 years have global communists warped societies to their will in order to deny us our birthrights.

Rights emanate from the individual, but as social creatures in a political world we also evolved a natural political unit:

The nation, built upon families.

This is the 10-Point manifesto for what we have termed “cultural nationalism” – a Nationalism built on the universal moral laws of non-aggression, liberty and our natural familial ties.

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  • Andrew Thompson

    Sounds like a bunch of utopian bullshit to me

  • Bootstrapper

    Your best post, yet!

  • Noachideous

    What happened in Germany was a reflexive, unitary wartime response to what was going on in the previous decades post WW1 that resulted in a decidedly kosher ….. Weimar Germany …. The entire nation was necessarily militarised in a stoic fighting block against those who have publicly admitted that by way of deception …. or words … thou shalt do war.

    It would have eventually waned to a more relaxed Germanic racial expression.

    It all happened for reasons that required a scapegoat for a sequence of wars by design in which the blood of others was required to pay for that which was required to be made undead in NIneTeen Forty Eight.

    Those in possession of that which is paid for by others are universally regarded as thieves.


    Germany is and remains a scapegoat of convenience…. by design.. As recorded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag … AngloSaxon are to be labelled by words …. the next Nahtzees….. by design.

    You can all watch that happening ….. right now.

    The gematria of WORD is 23 15 18 4 or 60 for EL … 5 12 … The gematria of WORDS is thus 60 sum 19 for 79. The world is created by Words, even deception…. for some.

    There are 7 holders on the temple menorah and 9 on the Hannukah… for 79.

  • Noachideous

    Ever watched the NeverEnding Story.? Had the book too, yet never got around to reading it and can’t find it anymore. We blame the number 38s as with everything.

    Author Ende was not pleased with the film for for reasons yet to be determined.

    The forces attempting to eradicate the Races are easily the same ones as those described in allegory as the Nothing. Those who demand Whitey people step into the grave that is MultiCulturalism describe “change” as inevitable and attempt to smear those resistant and distrustful of its direction as somehow fearful, puerile, immature. unedjumacated and conspiratorial.

    There will be Nothing left of YT people if like lemmings and ScaredWeirdLittleGoys fearful of being called Nasty pejoratives, the choice is made to accelerate rather than reverse the long march into these graves that have been prepared by others.

    There will be Nothing left to suggest that YT people ever existed. It is by design….. as a religious imperative.

    The Author of the channel linked appears to admit to a self-diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder….


  • Jai_Normosone

    “Multiculturalism is Racism”….

    Matty, My thoughts on this video is that anyone who hasn’t watched any of your other videos to know what kind of bloke you are, would draw an assumed conclusion from this that you are a supreme racist that is using deflection to hide your own bigotry.
    Of course, these would be the same people who would completely miss the point of what someone is trying to say and make said conclusion without asking questions of themselves and of you to find out what you meant and if the statement has relevance that they had not considered.

    For me, the statement at the top really did start me thinking and, in the reality of things, is bang on the money. It is only in the fairy-tale world that the Communists and genuine Fascists (ie: Antifa and co.) that they believe that multiculturalism is a good thing that can work, ala: Star Trek.

    While a Star Trek future is just a make-believe scenario, the fact that there is no Islam there makes it a possible reality that one can truly look forward to.