2019 – The year of the powder keg


I’m not one for making predictions for the coming year as it’s not a particular strength of mine. I’ll probably get most things wrong and if I manage to get a few correct then that would probably be down to dumb luck more than anything. What I do find interesting is looking back at the year that has just passed. It’s so easy to take for granted things that just 12 months ago were unknown, unthinkable, or just plain crazy.

2018 was the year of the awakening for normies. The reason for this is that it was also the year that the prog left pushed as far as they were able to, not due to any limitations of permission but more from a want of energy and resources on their part. The progs acted with impunity not only because they are able to but because when things turn against them it will happen fast. One must make hay and all that.

I had thought that the culmination of their degeneracy was the celebration of a 10 year old boy dancing for money at a gay strip club. But The Z Man has unearthed the real chilling peak of 2018 leftist ideological hatred.

This story from the New York Times was bouncing around among dissidents over the holidays. It tells of a black women who got her feelings hurt on Twitter a couple of years ago. The people in charge used her sadness to force one of the people making her sad to confess to imaginary crimes and agree to spend 200 hours in a reeducation camp. Additionally, the black girl will monitor his behavior and determine if he is sufficiently submissive to her, before he is released from custody.”

Following the link I discovered this little gem:

“As part of the settlement, Mr. McCarty agreed to assist Ms. Dumpson in her legal efforts against his two co-defendants, Mr. Anglin and Brian Andrew Ade.

“Mr. McCarty must also apologize to Ms. Dumpson in writing and on video. She may use his video for “civil rights advocacy, outreach and educational activities,” the settlement states.”

“He agreed to undergo anti-hate training and at least a year of counseling, complete four academic courses on race and gender issues and do 200 hours of community service related to racial justice. Ms. Dumpson’s legal team will monitor his compliance and can inflict monetary penalties if he does not comply.”

The progs brought enough pressure to bare that the defendant went turncoat against his co-accused. That pressure was not simply legal; it was also social. The defendant is an outcast, dutifully and triumphantly exposed in the mainstream media where all of his sins were laid bare.

But the accuser’s legal team are not just enabled moralizers; they are arbitrators of virtue, able not only to dictate what is and what is not permissible, but also to summarily impose financial penalties if they themselves do not find the accused compliant.

In other words, judge, jury, and executioners. The prog left’s literal wet dream.

The left are overplaying their hand because their lack of standards and self control allow no other conceivable path. They will only stop when they are destroyed. Quietly, normies are waking up to this. The spontaneous yellow vest protests are the other side of the 2018 lucky coin.

With this as a backdrop we then find ourselves the fortunate recipients of the wisdom of Angela Merkel as she makes a rousing end of year speech where she announced that nations no longer have a right to individual sovereignty.

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a very troubling speech yesterday to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin where she said, “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty” and that the will of the people on issues like immigration and border security doesn’t matter.”

What is it with the Germans and their compulsive addiction to eliminating the ability of neighboring states to govern themselves? Didn’t we fight a couple of major wars with these clowns over this issue? If normies were uncertain that the EU project at its core is the Germans’ third attempt at a collective European political umbrella, now let there be no doubt.

French grandmother-botherer and sometimes President Emmanuel Macron said much the same thing on Remembrance Day when he declared that “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason.” And if you can get your head around that double self-canceling negative absurdity then I doff my hat to you.

The fact that the French working class proceeded to tear apart the country not long after those words were spoken seems to have somewhat eluded the great globalist cabal. One can picture Macron’s geriatric wife leaning out a window and declaring that the Frenchmen rioting over not being able to afford the price of gasoline should simply all go and purchase an e-car. The modern iteration of letting them all eat their cake.

Where all of this is leading is a dramatic replay of The Spanish Civil War but on a global scale. These graphics care of Roissy underpin the great political divide of the last 40 years that is reaching a peak from which conflict may well be inevitable.

Notice that the prog left has moved much further and faster than the right in comparison. But the right is catching up. The boundaries are being starkly outlined and what any serious student of modern history knows is that the two sides in the Spanish conflict absolutely hated one another.

“By 1935, left-right opinion had become so polarized that there was practically no middle ground left. Both sides came to distrust democracy because it was the means by which their enemies might take power. And, as one Nationalist interviewed in the documentary puts it, people on the left and right just flat out hated each other. The whole country was a powder keg.

“By the 1936 campaign, the centrist parties had practically disappeared.”

Maybe I will make a prediction for 2019:

The year of the powder keg.

This article was originally published at https://pushingrubberdownhill.com/, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

  • Yol Mak

    We can count on the French working class when we need a revolution. Can we count on the Aussies?…

    • Bumpstock

      Can we really? After all 66% of these idiots voted for Macron. Are the Yellow Vests the 33% that voted for LePen? I doubt it.

      I’m not holding my breath for anything here. Australians are too doped up with moronic football, TV, alcohol and perverse sex to want anything else.

      • Yol Mak

        Voting is not compulsory in France. Voter turnout at the last French election was way below 50% of the eligible voters. Wikipedia states that their current government was voted in by only 26% of the eligible voters…

        More and more people become aware that both sides of politics (left +right) AND the mass media are controlled by the same cabal of billionaires. These awakened people don’t vote any longer and see protests, strikes and ultimately revolution as the only solution to get rid of these tyrants.

        • Bumpstock
          • Jai_Normosone

            The Encyclopaedia of French Military Victories looks to be a multi-volume compendium when put beside the ALP Code of Ethics.

        • Bumpstock

          They had a perfectly good candidate in Le Pen. It’s not like they did not have a good choice, I would prefer her over Trump. The fact they did not vote for Front Nationale proved they are cheese eating surrender monkies.

          • thegentlemantroll

            IMO they fell for the classic “third way” switcheroo. That is: present a “modern” candidate who claims to break with the old dichotomic political system which yields “the same old politics” and charts what they claim is a bright centrist third way. Usually these people are just another version of the bourgeois left in disguise. It’s a perilous siren’s call. Macron is a modern example, remember he served in a socialist party government. Nick Xenophon and Kevin Rudd are classic Australian cases. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were also once sold to the public as above-the-fray third-wayers. And how could I forget Barack Obama.

      • Bucky Redux

        Sad but true, Aussies lack an ability to translate their deep anger into effective action. Too comfortable, too afraid of stepping outside the NPC bubble. Too mortgaged, too enslaved to the Banksters…….too everything.
        It’s no accident.
        The future belongs to the young people. You must rise up !

        • Mattys Modern Life

          Wait until we get some serious economic pain here and you will see people waking up. Housing is still on the slide and Chinese are divesting fast (while buying agriculture, this should be illegal).

          Gen Z are on the right a long way.

          • Jamie Blank

            Shut down coal and the country will grind to a halt. That’ll wake a few people up.

          • Bumpstock

            Only when people start losing their bread and circuses and other comforts they might.

          • Jamie Blank

            End coal and all that shit will end with it. There won’t be enough money in the system to keep the government open.

        • Bumpstock

          “The future belongs to the young people”

          We are truly fucked then. Anyone had the pleasure of working with a typical millennial?

          • Repeal fake marriage

            There are many good young people out there who are tired of the contemporary narrative. Many. Whole classrooms full.

      • sadsak

        Thats the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Short answer: NO!
      I am born & bred Aussie and it thoroughly disgusts me how slack and idle a great proportion of the people tend to be when it comes to standing up for the rights of the average person.

      There is no end of favouritism and laws being applied inconsistently depending on who you are and where you hail from. Just look at Bill Shorten and the rape accusation against him… Julia Gillard and the corruption that she engaged in… Nothing! Tony Abbott punches a wall near a woman 40 years ago and he’s now said to be in support of domestic violence.

      Go to court and you get some dipshit Beak saying that ignorance of the law is no excuse but gives a pass to corrupt mates who claim “… to not be aware of how the law applies in certain situations….”

      Favouritism for politicians who steal money from the public purse and just pay it back. A public servant below director level or someone in a private firm does it – they go to jail!

      This country is full of cocksuckers who are full of bravado when it comes to a BBQ and a few beers as they tell their ‘peers’ how tough they are and how they won’t take shit from anyone — and they’re the same type of moron who’ll just bend over and take it when someone in government rides over the top of them.

      I heard a mate say many years ago that a few politicians in Australia need to be executed before they start to listen. Maybe he’s not so wrong after all….?

  • Minging

    Piggot is definitely one of the better writers on XYZ… but when you start using the term ‘normies’ you’re at risk of sounding like a pompus, morally-superior twat much like the left.

  • Harry Stottle

    The difference between us and the French is the nature of our protest. What more ammunition could we give the left, than to give the nazi salute in St Kilda yesterday?
    Whoever you are, you destroyed any good you might have achieved. The very real problem of African gangs and immigration in general will get worse now that they have nazis to blame.
    I know the globalist left control the narrative, but the French have shown that the only way to win is to not play.

    • Bucky Redux

      Nazi salutes, etc……
      Don’t discount the presence of agent provocateurs amongst the crowds.
      It’s what Antifa would do. ( and the cops too, possibly )

      • Harry Stottle

        You’re absolutely right, but a true yellow vest style revolution won’t happen until sufficient numbers of Aussies feel the pinch. Until then, it has to be peaceful and dignified.

        • Bumpstock

          Rum Rebellion – a rebellion really only over the cessation of piss to the Rum Corps. Eureka, well, everyone on left and right has a claim with some justification, you can pull that one either way, though I do think the right need to reclaim it as one of the outcomes led to the Immigration Restriction Act at Federation. Apart from the licenses, the diggers were fed up with the infestation of Chinese.

          • thegentlemantroll

            The one thing everyone can do is be very particular about who they transact business with. We still have the power of consumer protest and should utilise it. Boycotts don’t sound like much but the left has used them very effectively to push the cultural needle their way. We need to shift it back. By the same token, if you are looking to purchase a good or service then look to see who the company or individual is who’ll be receiving your money. Favour the patriotic Australian wherever you can and avoid rewarding SJW marketing.

      • Jamie Blank

        They were my thoughts too. Maybe they need a punch in the head to find out which side they’re on.

        The plastering of some Jewish old farts home with antepodean resistance stickers the day before the rally is a dead give away that the lefty trolls were up to their old tricks. It’s classic lefty modus operandi. “Create the problem to solve the problem”.

        Feminazis use a similar tactic by making false reports to the police about a pervert touching them up. The alleged event takes place around the university campus. They have two separate events at timed intervals to add credibility to the story. I’ve heard stories that they’ll even employ male feminists in hoodies to touch up a random on the street, which distances allegations from the feminazi collective… of course, the collective provides an allaby for the male feminist.

        Yes, it’s incredibly likely that these were lefty trolls. Who the fuck brings a fake SS helmet to a rally?

        The other possibility is that these were trolls from the police. They may have been attempting to incite the lefties as a way to doxx any unstable lefties.

        I found the following tweet to be pretty funny.


        • Bumpstock

          I am really suspicious of Antipodean Resistance. I don’t think its website been taken down once and usually when a site like this goes up, the owner is doxxed fairly quickly. Then all the bill postering on inappropriate places, just vandalism. Its OK plastering over Marxism Conference posters with anything but these guys just seem to make a mess wherever they go. Also, even though they were just baiting the left on Saturday by doing the Roman salutes and goosewalks, this is exactly what the media wants to film and present to the NPCs as something more sinister. We have to be smarter than this.

          “Yes, it’s incredibly likely that these were lefty trolls. Who the fuck brings a fake SS helmet to a rally?The other possibility is that these were trolls from the police.” Likely.

          • Jamie Blank

            Not the best solution, more of a theoretical “what if”. Maybe Blair or Neil punching crap out of them in front of the lefties and the media, while screaming “fuck you leftist nazi” over and over. How would the fake news media spin that? Especially with 1000 phones recording it all. Even shirt fronting might blow their narrative. An on house set up might be even better, with actors and all.

          • Jai_Normosone

            “Maybe Blair or Neil punching crap out of them in front of the lefties and the media, while screaming “fuck you leftist nazi” over and over. ”

            You’re a fucking riot! 🙂
            Blair wouldn’t have time to yell anything over and over while punching anyone from the left because there’d only be two hits in it.

        • Jai_Normosone

          Isn’t that “The Fuckwit Fairy”?

    • Mattys Modern Life

      It was one guy being a fool and another guy was waving his hand as the Leftists and a photographer got him at the perfect time.

      Then the lying MSM went nuts on the “zomg nazi salute” propaganda.

      You need to stop buying into the far-Left nonsense, a hand gesture is not anywhere near as bad as the fact that the Leftards were marching under a communist banner.

      The vast majority of comments on News Ltd articles supported the anti-immigration side against the commies and the only comments supporting the commies were Leftist trolls who commented dozens of times.

      The public doesn’t give a shit about some salute, they do care about African crime and mass-immigration.

    • Jamie Blank
  • Bucky Redux

    The Fire Rises…in France at least….

    • Yol Mak

      He’s the man.
      Let’s not forget: NOT the protesters start the violence. They just want to reach the criminal billionaires and their corrupt, criminal puppets in government in order to disinherit and lock them up for life.

      The cops are the ones who start the violence, standing in the way, protecting the elites, armed with weapons manufactured by the oppressed working class!

      Would the cops not stand in the way, all criminal elites could be arrested and disinherited without violence.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        This is correct, the state is force therefore police are obliged to stand down or they are legitimate targets of retaliation.

        Just sayin’.

    • Yol Mak

      Here is the whole video. The top bloke boxer is at 44:18


      • Bucky Redux

        Thanks !

  • Mattys Modern Life

    I think the big year will be 2020 because it will be the year everyone wakes up and see’s what the Globalist Leftist Ruling Class have done to our nations.

    For some reason I think God likes Dad jokes, geddit?

    Could be 2019 though who knows?

    • Jamie Blank

      Trump will be up for re-election too. That’ll create waves in the narrative

    • fimbulwinter

      I don’t think everyone. Some people are so deeply wired into the matrix it will kill them if they tried to leave.

    • thegentlemantroll

      2020 has a nice symmetry about it. The next 6 years will be 80 years on from WW2. (80 years is roughly a full human lifespan). If you follow cyclical/seasonal theories of history then we in the west are coming due for another order-shaping cataclysm.

      • entropy

        Is that you, Noachideous?

    • Jai_Normosone

      I’d like to think so but I’d put money on it not happening.
      All we can really do for the time being is be a Prepper….. The Zombie Uprising is coming and they’re looking for the brains that they lack themselves.

  • Yol Mak

    As long as people talk about left vs right, you’re not going anywhere. You’re falling right into the trap of the elites. The elites are neither left nor right. Divide And Conquer is their game.

    The real fight is poor vs rich. Oppressed vs tyrants. Landless vs land owners. Workers vs big business.

    Yellow vests are from all walks of life. They have differences in their political views. But the one thing they all share is they are all poor + oppressed by the ultra rich.

    The real revolution has nothing to do with left and right. There won’t be a communist or a capitalist revolution It will be a revolution of the working poor.

  • Yol Mak


    It has nothing to do with left and right