9 year old Australian girl refuses to stand for National Anthem


Big news in Australia this week was some snot-nosed brat refusing to stand for the National Anthem at her school, which rightly disciplined her but then faced the wrath of the SJW hordes on social media. The precocious prodigy is 9 years old, and her reason for disrespecting the National Anthem was rather advanced for someone of her age.

“The reason why I don’t sing it or stand is because Advance Australia Fair means advance White Australia,” Harper told Brisbane’s The Courier-Mail. “When it says we are young it completely ignores the fact that indigenous culture was here for over 50,000 years before colonisation.”

What an extraordinary thing for a 9 year old girl to say. If I think back to what I was saying at the same age it was probably about which model army figure set I wanted for my birthday, (German mountain troop infantry!)

Here is a photo of the young lass:

SJWs … they make ’em young.

Now granted that she has a face which I am sure every young boy in her class just wants to punch. But still, I can’t see her coming up with this sort of nonsense all on her own. And seeing as the school disciplined her for her actions, where then does the fault for such indoctrination reside?

Well, here’s a photo of her parents:

Don’t you just love her father posing for an official press photo of this nature without wearing any shoes with his jeans? It’s just so woke I consider myself asleep in comparison!

It should also come as no surprise to hear that her self-satisfied parents fully standby and support their daughter’s actions. Which is entirely understandable seeing as I have no doubt whatsoever that they’re the ones responsible for filling her young head with such nonsense.

I am also quite certain that Australian aborigines must be so gratified to hear that a 9 year old white girl is taking up their cause for them. I’m sure that they won’t feel patronized at all by such grandstanding on their behalf.

This is virtue signaling on her parent’s part at their child’s expense. It’s one thing to be a hypocritical shit-lib all on your own, but to brainwash and degrade your own child on a national level has to be a real step forward in the SJW world. And when you think about the ever-in-flux SJW hierarchy, bleeding heart white dipshits such as these sit right at the bottom level. Perhaps their only real chance to raise their SJW market value was such a display of proxy wokeness through their own child.

What the kid will go through at school when the cameras are turned off is another matter entirely. Her classmates won’t forget her behavior, and neither should they. She will suffer real consequences for the obscene solipsistic behavior of her parents. She is the one that will have to go to school every day while mummy and daddy return blissfully to their own lives, smarmy and content in the knowledge that they are as woke as straight white folk can be.

Even now I can imagine her parents scrutinizing their own genealogy with great enthusiasm as they desperately search for any far-flung ancestor that had the great foresight to muck about in bed with an aborigine. The ultimate bestowal of virtue signaling wokeness will be if they can proudly present their white freckle-faced daughter as being of aboriginal blood. Such events are what SJW dreams are made of.

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  • fimbulwinter

    Inner city public servants who raise their noses and sneer at the regular people from their big solar powered tax payer funded Range Rover. Is anyone with me in this urge to punch the crap out of these sanctimonious twats?

    • Ron Mortimer

      I am with you in wanting to punch the shit out of these sanctimonious twats.

  • Maryanne

    What a horrible brat of a child. The school even offered to allow her to leave the room if she was so offended but no, that wasn’t good enough. What’s the bet some of her dopier classmates start copying her to get some of that media coverage?

    • Ralphy

      And others will put a big ‘T’ for target on her back and bully her to within an inch of her life. Mum and Dad, both “educated to within an inch of their lives” will confusedly wonder why? So perplexing? Child abuse for mine from the parents but……wait for it…….a number of our very own politicians are lining up to agree with her! Shhheeezzzaaarrrssss!

  • Gary Slenders

    I must congratulate the parents. I have children and they never pay attention to anything I say. If they decide not to stand up for the national anthem, it is because they are too lazy to.

  • entropy

    Australia is young. There was no Aboriginal nation to recognise, just primitive, stone-age tribes that were erased in most other parts of the world by extermination.

    This precocious twerp has her white forefathers to thank for having a life expectancy beyond 30 and the right to grow old as an unloved feminist rather than being abducted and raped in accordance with the ‘culture’ she ignorantly postures about.

    • Dan Flynn

      ‘It is sometimes said that Indigenous people did not own land and just wandered around. This myth has come about because Indigenous people did not mark out their lands in ways that were obvious to Europeans. There were no fences or barriers as in the traditional European way of marking land ownership and so the Europeans concluded that no one owned the land.

      Indigenous people divided the land up into traditional lands using geographic boundaries such as rivers, lakes and mountains. The knowledge about boundaries was passed down by the Elders to the younger people. There were no books and so the elders would pass on the knowledge by talking with the younger people and children, and through songs, dance, art and storytelling’.


      • The Expanding Man

        There is strong evidence that the earliest discovered human remains in Australia, Mungo Man, was not ethnically Aboriginal.

        Looks like the first inhabitants displaced the first, first inhabitants. I’m sure a nice treaty was signed and sovereignty respected.

        Also, Aboriginal settlement in Australia came in two distinct waves, separated by about 25,000 years. The second wave of Aboriginal Migration displaced the first wave down to a few remote areas in the South West of Australia and Tasmania.

        • Dan Flynn

          I’d say we can’t comment on how Mungo man and the Aborigines got along. Record keeping was a lot better from 1788 onward…

          • The Expanding Man

            No. It doesn’t suit the narrative, does it?

          • Jamie Blank

            Apparently they were all killed off by the aborigines. Evidenced by their non exstence.

          • Mattys Modern Life

            Actually it’s pretty easy to see how they “got along” seeing as one doesn’t exist anymore.

      • entropy

        I never said they didn’t claim ownership of land, just that there was no Aboriginal nation. Judging by your map there were over a hundred major tribes, all of whom warred with each other and invaded each other, offering the conquered no sympathy or apology.

        Then they were conquered by those who became Australians, and now expect sympathy and apologies.

        • Jai_Normosone

          Sounds like the rules for Rugby League.
          “I am a man! I am tough! I will run over you! Oh-no… I dropped the ball! I want five more goes with it!” (while stamping feet)

        • Dan Flynn

          Well, it’s a question of perspective. You either accept that there are other ways to define ‘nation’ or you don’t.
          Looking at the world though a European colonialist perspective, I can understand why you don’t see Aboriginal nationhood as being valid.

          I know you think I’m delusional but I see the world quite differently. I choose to acknowledge what Indigenous Australians are saying. I believe they know themselves and their culture better than we do.

          • entropy

            Aboriginal tribes had no unified government or shared territory. Nations don’t exist in states of perpetual civil war. There was no Aboriginal nation but Aborigines push that myth for political reasons.

            Also, I reject your argument from authority fallacy. By that logic, Nazis know themselves better than you and Hitler was a great guy. We should absolutely question the rhetoric of identity groups when they claim we owe them something.

            My take is that leftists look down on Aborigines and enjoy playing the white saviour. Black fellas are perfectly capable of integrating into modern society and being productive Australians rather than racial victims suckling at the left’s welfare teat.

          • Dan Flynn

            We’ll respectfully disagree about Aboriginal nations.

            I’d say your dead right that successive Coalition and Labor governments look down on indigenous Australians and do in fact like to be the ‘white savior’.
            However, this is far from the truth with the kind of leftists I hang out with. [I don’t say the following to prove my Aboriginal credentials, it’s just to prove to you that your view of leftists is fairly skewed towards run-of-the-mill SJWs and Antifa]

            My sons go to a school where they learn the local Indigenous language (of which there are hundreds) and they learn about Australian history as it actually happened and they have great respect for Aboriginal culture. Lots of Aboriginal kids attend the school and, to my boys, they are just normal kids and ideas like ‘white savior’ simply do not exist among kids, parents and teachers.

            There are so many ‘leftists’ who do not subscribe to the latest identity politics outrage but are committed to true social justice and want to challenge the colonial/settler vision of Australia. This does not mean they hate Australia, but they do want to think critically about how this nation was formed.

            Having said that I totally agree that Indigenous Australian are more than capable of being productive citizens and I support anything that helps make that happen.

          • entropy

            What’s true social justice? Returning Britain to the Celts? Treating everyone equally or giving some people special treatment based on identity or ethnicity? Bringing Aborigines into the modern world or letting them live in the stone age and die before they 30?

            Settlement or conquest makes little difference. Conquest was accepted international law until the mid 20th Century, long after Australia was founded. At least Australians didn’t genocide the earlier inhabitants like the Aborigines did.

            It’s hard to respect the left’s view of justice when they struggle with something as simple as consistency. The best way to elevate Aborigines is to stop the ‘sit down money’ of racial welfare and treat them like Australians instead of victims.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        Was that before or after they killed every single Papuan descendant?

        Aborigines didn’t divide the land through knowledge passed down by elders, they divided it by who killed who and who was stronger.

        Take the noble savage rubbish out of your ginger.

    • Dan Flynn
      • Jamie Blank

        None of those family groups were using items such as the wheel, let alone engaging in advanced civilised concepts like nationhood. Let’s face it, they were barely beyond the stone age.

        • Jai_Normosone

          It’s like an advert on the A-B-Kommunist-C where some dipshit says that Aborigines have been studying space for centuries.
          More like: “Hey brudda! What those little things up there? They help me see me flagon!”

      • Harry Stottle

        They went from Arnhem Land to liquor land.

  • The Expanding Man

    She should reject any form of government assistance for the rest of her life. It’s blood money, isn’t it?

  • Taipan

    Good on that bare foot cuck for raising his wife’s sorry life partner’s daughter!

  • Razorback

    As I understand it the brats parents are white south Africans and the dickhead dad is a psychologist

    • Jonathan

      God, left wing South Africans who are over here really rile me up. Surely now South Africa is everything they dreamed a country should be now Marxist, run by blacks and where whites are a persecuted minority. Surely it’s paradise there now post Apartheid. But on the inside, they know they’re going to get murdered sooner or later, so they come here……..and start trying to turn Australia into ANC South Africa.

      It rile’s me up even more that we have white ant scum like this from South Africa whilst decent white Boer farming folk are being genocided by the black government and we can’t get them here expediently.

      • fimbulwinter

        A lot of the leftie parasites will be taking advantage of our sympathy toward the boer farmers.

    • Ah. If that’s the case then they’re probably kikes.

      Stinking rats sunk SA and came here to do the same.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    A real parent teaches their kids to say things like “feminism is cancer” and “hey good looking, wanna make me a sandwich?”

  • Andrew Thompson

    “She will suffer real consequences”

    no she fucking won’t lmao

    Even in the small town Primary School and Small inland city high school I went to, no one gave a shit about standing for the anthem

    People were just annoyed they had assembly to begin with

  • Jonathan

    Let’s see all the media sympathy if children of right wingers start telling their children not to participate in Acknowledgement of Country or, Sorry Day or NAIDOC weeks activities?

  • Are you sure the parents are white?

    The father (or as it prefers to be known, Hairier Parent) looks very iffy….

  • A deplorable NNYer

    Sounds like she needs a spanking to within an inch of her life!