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Regular readers and dedicated posters at The XYZ will have noted that on Friday, The XYZ’s commitment to free speech abruptly ended. The decision and the the action taken was mine and mine alone. The line for me came when I saw two contributors engaged in what had degenerated from rugged debate into open civil war.

Both contributors have been subsequently banned from the comments section, although they are free to continue to submit articles.

What followed was an orgy of deletions of comments on my part, for the sole reason that I could do so, and one further user was banned, for the same reason. There was no need to delete any of the comments I deleted, but once that line was crossed, I concluded that in keeping with my earlier statement of principles on a video interview that you either support free speech or you don’t, one does not need a rhyme or reason to delete.

This short period of comment deletions is now over. I am not going to insult anybody’s intelligence by making a promise that it will never happen again, or to reaffirm The’s XYZ’s commitment to free speech. What trust is broken cannot be mended. However in order to restore some semblance of normalcy, and to give an idea of where I am coming from and what motivated my actions on Friday, I am instituting one rule and extending one olive branch.

First the rule:

No (((echoes))). Use of (((echoes))) will result in an on the spot, permanent ban. Although discussion of the JQ on XYZ threads is allowed and generally encouraged, you must make an argument. Let’s call it the Molyjew. For example, “(((Milo)))” is not an argument, and will get you banned. “Milo is a Jew, and his ethnicity biases his arguments in the following ways…” is an argument, and will lead to fruitful discussion.

(Many of the comments I deleted on Friday had nothing to do with this rule.  As stated, they were deleted for the sole reason that they could be deleted.  They will not be going back up.)

The olive branch:

Until now, I have been as useful as tits on a bull when people have emailed The XYZ to ask why their comment has been deleted. Not knowing how the Disqus system worked, the best I could do was to suggest they repost it, or offer to repost it for them. In having to work out how to delete comments and ban users, I have discovered where all the flagged comments go. So, given that in future if your comment has been deleted and you have not broken said rule regarding the bracket people, it is more than likely that someone at Disqus has done so. If this occurs, email us, and we will have a look at the comment, and it is more than likely that we will put it back up.

In light of this change, if anybody decides that they will no longer read The XYZ, contribute financially to it or be associated with it because of this change, your decision is principled, is respected by me, and I thank you for your contributions to The XYZ.

I for one will continue to focus my attention on destroying the regressive left.

David Hiscox.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    This was a big breach of trust, but I decided I will give the XYZ a second chance for the following reasons:
    1. I hate the left

    2. There are not many other platform representing us (the right)

    3. I believe XYZ has been threatened by an external entity which led to this decision
    4. Although I have commented with the (((echo))) before, other commenters with this meme could scare away blue pilled normies. They are the ones who need this sort of site the most.

  • Micaiah

    What is the (((echo)))??

    • Noachideous

      It means this …….
      3 Parentheses ….. 3 P …. 3 16 … by +x 3 16 ….. 19 ….. 48 … 1948.
      Thatz wot it meanz…… and it is very…..very …… mean…..

      • Micaiah

        Is that a joke? It sounds extremely convoluted.

        • Noachideous

          It is a symbol with similar design imperatives to the 6 13 mitzvoth.

          That symbol , the 613, probably finds its source in the number 42. 42 is the senary interpretation of 26, the gematria of GOD … in the English Language…EL.

          There are 26 elements in the QB.

          Thus by 42 58 ….. is discovered 6 13 ….. In each case the numbers sum to 10 or 100 …. There are ten fingers on the Human hand, although Judaism does not regard the goyim as Human and a temporal consequence of the creation only.

          These are facts verifiable in the scribblings that comprise the rabbinicle record.

          Then by +x 42 58 …. 6 13 ….. 8 40 ….. 1948 …..

          1948 is not a prophecy, it was a plan, WW2 is historically remembered in the shape of a temple menorah with ’42 as the central candle holder and three either side.

          There are 67 words in the balfour declaration for reasons of symbolism and knowing.

    • David Hiscox

      Will make an exception here, as it is in the form of a question, but no more exceptions after this. The echoes are meant to identify people or organisations who are Jewish. The implication of their use is that Jews and Jewish organisations hide their true identity in order to fit in with society, while giving preferential treatment to other Jews or furthering a “Jewish agenda.” It is an interesting concept, but the way it is used has led to intellectual laziness.

      • Micaiah

        Not trying to break rules here, I just haven’t come across this before, and I want to make sure I understand what exactly is being banned here – so when someone puts the brackets around a word like (((this))), that is what you call an echo?

        • David Hiscox

          Yes, that is an echo. I appreciate your quest for clarification.

      • Shimon Ben Gurion

        Why does this site support anti semitism ?
        You should be reported.

        • Shabbos Shekels

          You going to shut it down, Shlomo? Quick, call Jonathan Greenblatt!

  • Repeal fake marriage

    I think that was a wise decision David. The comments being posted were detracting from the credibility of our XYZ. I am not offended by the argument over the Jewish question but the way it was being handled in the comments section was with unreasoned invective, not rational debate with evidence. Our XYZ is growing and I would love it to become a credible anti leftist sledge hammer.

    • Addelad

      You have saved me the trouble of saying exactly that. You have summarised all significant issues succinctly.

    • entropy

      Their ABC observed that comments were detracting from the credibility of its ideological leftist propaganda, so it banned them all. Had it not done so, I doubt XYZ would exist.

      What, exactly, is the rule here? ‘Islamophobia’ good, ‘anti-Semitism’ bad? We accept racist memes about this 2.6% of our population but not about this 0.4%?

      What’s next? Ban anti-feminist articles for fear of offending women?

      There are ways of dealing with spammers and trolls without abandoning free speech altogether.

      • Repeal fake marriage

        The links between Islam and murderous terrorism is clearly traceable back to the Koran and Muslim intent. I am not yet convinced about the Jewish ‘menace’. I still need that smoking gun. Not just irrational hearsay.

        • Cate.

          Seek and ye shall find. I promise you.

        • entropy

          I don’t disagree, I’m just wondering what the rules are.

          • Shimon Ben Gurion

            The rules are purely made up by the “Editor”, on the fly.

          • entropy

            Regrettably, that seems to be the case.

        • Shabbos Shekels

          Open Society Foundations
          World Bank
          Bank of International Settlements
          Hate Speech Laws
          trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
          Operation Talpiot
          Dutch East India Company
          Kennedy Assassination
          Vietnam War
          World Zionist Congress
          Jewish Defence League

          The fucking list is endless!

      • All roads lead to Breitbart. The only edginess soon to be allowed will be that of Pamela Geller, Faith Goldy etc.

        Just as Cory’s conservatives looked promising right up until the unneeded declaration of love for Tel Aviv….

        Better sites, and men, have held out longer than this.

        This website doesn’t need to be the Stormer, but it also doesn’t need to be Breitbart. That said, it’s not my website so jingle the shekel can wherever you want.

  • Micaiah

    This is exactly how I would probably run a government in the highly unlikely event that I ever got to.

    “Hey, I just deported a bunch of folks to Antarctica. It might happen again. Deal with it.”

    • Shimon Ben Gurion

      Jews were deported, yes, it can and will happen again.
      This site will be part of its creation, a new genocide, by allowing the Nazi’s to flourish here.

  • Scotrates

    I think you’ve made the right decision David. A couple of commentators had degenerated some of the comments sections into an irrational and very inmature hate-fest. These inflammatory comments added nothing of value to the discussion and almost certainly would drive away regular folk from getting an otherwise superb education on the dangers of the cultural Marxists. At times I wasn’t sure whether they were simply trolls, subversive agents of the left, or a kind of inadvertent ‘Lenin’s useful idiots’.

  • entropy

    First they came for the Nazis…

    • Addelad

      What a cheap and simplistic shot that is. While I am not going to bother saying anything else about your motives in saying what you did, it is extremely stupid to ignore the potential for this site to be destroyed by allegations of hate-filled anti-Semitism. That is a potent and cogent point.

      • entropy

        Behold the emboldened Zionist shill, already gagging to finger more ‘anti-Semites’ to purge.

        With six words, I made the most powerful, apt criticism that has been or will ever be made about this decision, and my only reply was the usual smears and misdirection from the resident ADL plant.

        Hiding in a bacta tank won’t heal your integrity, David.

      • Shimon Ben Gurion

        You do not speak for my people.
        You should go away, as I sense the darkness in you will lead only to evil.

      • Shimon Ben Gurion

        I sense the anti semite here is YOU, judging by your comments to me here.

        • Shabbos Shekels

          >tfw Chosenites accuse each other of not being Chosenite enough

  • Shabbos Shekels
  • LadyMoonlight

    I had contemplated emailing you, David, but that is something I don’t do to those who run sites. When I first found XYZ, I was quite excited. Now, here is a site that I can belong to because it is intelligently run, conservative and has free speech. Wonderful. However, the anti-Semitism here of late has been getting out of hand and off-sides people like myself who are conservative but not an anti-Semite. I understand free speech and people have the right to say what they wish, after all, they feel about Jews the way I feel about Muslims, so, recognising that fact, I was about to just walk away and go on a quest for another conservative site. Perhaps I will stay now as I enjoy many of the articles that are posted. XYZ risks losing credibility and many who see the blatant anti-Semitism will spread the word and make a link: conservative = anti-Semitism, the left is right, they are all Nazis, and I think that is a tragedy because the general message here needs to reach as many people as possible.

  • It’s OK to set rules that need to be followed and yeah people should make arguments.

    It’s spam and illegal activity that are a real problem, so long as people aren’t breaking the law or spamming endlessly there’s no need to moderate really.

    That’s what the block button is for and everyone has the power to block people.

    If someone wants to say really offensive things they have that right, just don’t comment 200 times with the same crap over and over and over.

    Free speech is a universal right but yelling in people’s faces and harassing them online is not.

    It’s a tough one for you Dave and I’m right behind you on this issue.

    Also, it’s important people know that comments don’t reflect the ideas and arguments of XYZ, they are merely the views of the individual commenting.

    As for the anti-semitism of a few commenters I personally find it distracting from the real issue and an ugly look.

    Jews are high in IQ and conscientiousness, that means they tend to be more successful than other ethnic groups, thus a target for indignation.

    The fact that they have a massive in-group preference just exacerbates this effect.

    As a Christian I can’t escape the fact that Jesus was a Jew and our entire culture is based on Judeo-Christian values, I couldn’t be an “anti-semite” if I tried (I also have Jewish blood but that’s another story).

    • David Hiscox

      Cheers Matty.

    • Hawk

      Well, what a cohencidence.

    • Shimon Ben Gurion

      A virtue signaller here ?

    • Shabbos Shekels

      Jesus was a Phoenician, not a Judean, the ancient Hebrews were not Jews, the Ashkenazi are Khazarians you daft twat, not Hebrews!

  • Earl Conner

    This was a smart move to make here Dave; thanks for being open about it.

    I always try to picture myself as the enemy, and in this case ask: if I wanted to take down or discredit a free speech platform, what would be the best way to do it? The obvious answer is to pay a few shill commenters to smatter it with overtly anti-semantic and racist memes, gaslight contributors and cause in-fighting.

    XYZ will live on.

  • Shimon Ben Gurion

    All credibility is lost, when you proclaim this a place free speech, then proceed to doctor and delete comments and ban users and convert it to a fiefdom.
    Hypocrisy, plain and simple.

    Shame on the Editor. Hang your head in shame.

  • George Rockwell

    So we are not allowed to put triple parentheses around the names of people belonging to a certain tribe because XYZ deems punctuation racist?

    If you read XYZ you might want to install The Coincidence Detector on your device so you’re not having the wool pulled over your eyes…


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