A Grumpy Thought: Trudeau is killing Canada


Justin “Peoplekind” Trudeau, queen of the soyboys, supreme leader of the progressive ideals that have rendered hundreds of citizens homeless in major cities across Canada, has likened post-war Italian immigrants to iSIS supporting immigrants.

In the above video he says that every wave of immigration has improved Canada to what it is today. Many of those waves were from cultured, European societies with hard work ethics. These immigrants worked their way there and they didn’t rely on government hand outs, leeching from the county.

Muslim immigrants come from uncultured, backward, barbaric societies. They are immigrants whom, unlike soldiers from World War 2, are subverting themselves into Western countries to destroy them from the inside.

Post-war soldiers stopped fighting. Post-ISIS supporters and members have not stopped fighting. They are driven by their psychotic and murderous goals but remain dormant, using the freebie handouts from moronic governments to get a free pass into a society, solidify their poistion, and then they will attack. All the while, we bring in more hateful murderers.

Trudeau is killing Canada. He is killing Canadian livelihoods. And yet the left love him as their tear-filled poster girl.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Absolute moron. We don’t “discriminate” against Muslims because of how they dress. We do because they want us DEAD!

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Justin fagot earned election for the female vote because he has a pretty face. I study theater without finishing the race. He was a theater teacher.
    no comment.

  • Equinsu

    Honestly though, if Canadians are prepared to have the political world’s answer to Zoolander as their leader then they deserve all the suffering that’s coming to them. Built the 2nd wall, GEOTUS.

  • Addelad

    Fidel’s moronic love-child will be their PM for as long as he wants to; he is photogenic, says all the correct things and is a darling of the Leftist elite – not just in Canada. Get used to years of his hideous stupidity being treated as pearls of wisdom by the fawning msm.

  • OTRDefender
  • Some wise poster on instagram said (paraphrased with prejudice) that because modern democracy removes responsibility from consequences we are doomed to irresponsible policy. As far as I can tell, he’s right.

    Add to that the enemy within (whether communist, jewish or ethnic third columns) and we are headed for totalitarian disasters in each Western nation.

    I wonder why we aren’t doing something about it? Jewish undermining and programming can explain some of it, but I expect that there is a lot of laziness and thinking that the Soviet Union and its satellites found a way out of it, and we shall too.