A new conservative party for Australia?


The demise of Tony Abbott as PM, and the particularly vicious way it executed earlier this week has left scores of conservative supporters of the Liberal party hurt and angry.

Many Liberal Party members and pundits alike are concerned that a Turnbull led government will be ‘Labor-lite’, given Turnbull’s well known support for gay marriage, climate change orthodoxy, the ABC, and a softer stance on Islam.

Immediately following Turnbull’s ascendancy, social media lit up with comments from those asserting that they will now no longer vote for the Liberal Party while Malcolm Turnbull has the top job, with others saying that after what happened to Tony Abbott, they will not vote for the Liberal Party again.

While these sentiments may be expressing a temporary emotional reaction, does the ousting of Tony Abbott make room for a new conservative party in Australia?

Some, including Andrew Bolt believe so.image

A new conservative party, potentially headed by Senator Cory Bernardi could give voice to the 44 in the Liberal Party who voted in opposition to Malcolm Turnbull taking the prime ministership.

Of course, if this was to happen, it could potentially lead to a large split within the Liberal Party itself.

Whether or not a new conservative party is born from the Liberal Party, commentators including Larry Pickering have observed that there is the room for one to emerge, and several have come up on the horizon.

Most notably, the ‘Liberty Alliance’ has been recently registered in Australia, and is backed by the outspoken Dutch MP Geert Wilders. The part is especially concerned about the rise of militant Islam, and is finding considerable and growing support in Europe. The Liberty Alliance states in its manifesto that the party stands for “individual liberty, small government, Western values built on Judeo-Christian and humanistic foundations, social fairness and an integrated multi-ethnic society”.

Whatever the case, I agree with Larry Pickering that there certainly appears to be room within the electorate for a conservative party option. Whether it will result from a split in the Liberal Party, or will involve the rise of a new political party such as the Liberty Alliance, only time, and the next election will tell.

Click here – Liberty Alliance Manifesto

If you haven’t already, you can vote in the latest XYZ Viewer Poll, which asks the question:

“How will the sacking of Tony Abbott, and his replacement with Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister by the Liberal Party, affect your vote?”

How will the sacking of Tony Abbott, and his replacement with Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister by the Liberal Party, affect your vote?

  • I will never vote Liberal with that socialist Turncoat as Prime Minister. (55%, 575 Votes)
  • I will vote Liberal because I support the team, but with a heavy heart, and wary of Turnbull. (24%, 248 Votes)
  • I hate the Liberal Party and everything it stands for. This makes no difference at all, f--- Turnbull. (8%, 80 Votes)
  • I will vote for a conservative/Liberal leaning party which more closely reflects my values, but give my first preference to the Liberal Party to ensure that Labor or the Greens do not win. (5%, 53 Votes)
  • As a "small l" Liberal voter, I could not be happier. (4%, 43 Votes)
  • Democracy is haram. All hail the Islamic State! (2%, 25 Votes)
  • I would not have voted for an Abbott led Liberal Party. I think Malcolm Turnbull is great, and love seeing him on Q&A. Now that he is PM, the Liberal Party has my vote. (2%, 23 Votes)
  • I admire many of Malcolm Turnbull's qualities, but will still not vote for the LNP, as there are left wing alternatives which more closely match my principles. (0%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,052

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  • chucky

    I’ve been saying for years that due to the negative connotations attached to the word “liberal” since the internet ensured our news is truly global, the Liberal Party of Australia desperately needs rebranding. Turncoat’s mutiny has indicated that may no longer be necessary, so what now?

    Simple! A brand new Australian political party that truly encapsulates genuine logic, fairness and common sense, while avoiding all semblance of nanny-statism, petty political correctness and pandering to vocal minorities.

    So what do we name it?

    • Shane Pedler

      I’d name it Australian Liberty Alliance.

      • Karen Liddel

        Exactly… the only conservative group with the fiscal and intellectual nouse to stop the rot.

        There manifesto says it all…

  • Garry Porter

    not happy with the ousting of Abbott and I’m glad to see there’s a lot of people who feel the same. As a conservative voter, I have voted for 33years and every time it has been liberal. For the first time in my life I have never felt so uneasy about how our great country of Australia, our way of life, the true blue Aussie is becoming extinct. A great man of integrity who proudly stood up for those very values this week was cowardly stabbed in the back. And we are supposed to trust this bloke to uphold these values? Me personally, I’m watching very closely between now and next election, and if there’s a better alternative that’s going to stand up for these values, you will have my vote. Don’t worry Tony, even Jesus Christ was betrayed by a so called friend. But good will come out of it

    • Michael Swan

      Interesting! Jesus is still remembered. I can’t remember if it was his mate Peter or Judas. I think both were involved.

    • Michael Rogers

      Australian Constitutional Congress

  • leejones

    Hail to the Islamic state? xyz AS BAD AS ABC

  • Woebegone

    The time has come for a new socially conservative party. I was always frustrated by having to choose between an economically conservative/socially conservative party and a socially progressive party that couldn’t run a cake stall. What we need is a party that will appeal to the masses who want their jobs and working conditions to be safe, who want an economically responsible government, but who are alarmed and dispirited by the social engineering going on. People who believe multiculturalism was always a bad, and worse, a stupid idea. People who resent having to be careful what they say at work for fear of sanction.

  • I reckon there could be room for a new conservative party.

    Let’s see what happens at the next election.

  • Grace Messer


  • There is no need for a new party. There already is a party dedicated to putting the power into the hands of the people to have a say in government through Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR). http://www.restoreaustralia.org.au/mission-statement-preamble/

  • Karen Liddel

    I have been saying for some time that Corey Bernardi would get shafted within his own party. His exceptional work against Safe Schools and championing against Halal certification aligns him directly with the only conservative party with the fiscal and intellectual nouse to stop the rot… namely the Australian Liberty Alliance. I’m sure behind the scenes Debbie, Kirralie and co have been trying to get him on board since day dot… I just don’t think they were/are high profile just quite enough yet for him (albeit they are stealing former Lib voters daily).

    I will be voting ALA without a doubt… but my only concern is that with the Liberals losing so many of their conservatives Labor are going to be a shoe-in… and even one term under Labor and the damage would be almost irreversible. It’s the old better the devil you know for another term whilst a minor like the ALA evolves into a power-player…