A Queer Thing Happened to Education


Should you think that the Safe Schools Coalition program doesn’t go quite far enough to indoctrinate children into radical gender and queer theory – then this sex education material might be the thing for you.

According to former Sex Party candidate Zahra Stardust, queer women are not getting enough sex education at school – and this is a major problem. Practical education – like how to clean sex toys and the need for latex gloves to guard against STDs is apparently what is urgently needed.

To help with educating young queer women about sex, feminist cabaret group Lady Sings it Better were asked to produce something –  and this is what they came up with:


Isn’t it delightful?

No doubt soon to be screened in a secondary school near you!


Lady Sings it Better (for I Love Claude) – Closer from I Love Claude on Vimeo.