A Ryan Rant – Episode 106 – Eternal Inversion By The Perpetual “Victims”


A video put out last month by a U.S. based Jewish group entitled “Judea Declares War on White Nationalists”, opens with the statement that “We believe in a future for this country, where everyone is free and safe.” It goes on to say “Our people have survived genocide and fascism, deportation and slavery.”

The comments on this video have been almost entirely critical towards the narrative being disseminated by this Jewish organisation. In my opinion these comments reflect the realities regarding the Rabbinical record of how Jews view gentiles, as some people would say Jewishness is downright exterminationist towards the non-Jew.

This is by no means some obscure fringe sentiment within the Jewish community. Hence why the notion of Christians rediscovering their traditional convictions towards the Jews, has been enough to motivate Jews to zealously self-inflict harm upon themselves and cry wolf, about how Christians rule the world despite the fact that the entire American kleptocratic kritarch system sycophantically prostrates itself before Jewish interests to the detriment of White Christians.

Now far be it to me suggest this is merely Jews on the moonbat and neo-liberal end of the spectrum that are inverting truth for the profiting of Jewish Supremacy. Prominent populist pro-Trump pundits who receive backdoor financing from certain State Department Special Activities Centers to engage in pro-Israel apologetics, are now having to get the Anti-Defamation League to target them more explicitly just to seemingly appear as allies of gentiles who’re countering Jewish power.

Whilst it is unfortunate that the Jews seemingly lack the ability to break with their cognitive dissonance and reflect upon the rabid aberrant behaviours, it is important that people don’t sacrifice their standards to placate to the pernicious mental illness of these perpetual “victims”.

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