A Ryan Rant – Episode 112 – Millions Through Mordecai’s Meat Grinder


As “the homeland of the Jewish people” moves to further the ‘legal’ scope of the habitual maiming and murdering of Palestinians, the kosher moonbat media are taking aim at the White Nationalist rebels deploying Haman tier humour towards the Hasbara whores seeking global goyim death.

Whilst the public discourse is still squarely fixated on the Chinese as the source of the disease, thanks in no small part to the ramblings of Black Cube’s big headed bullbaiting bruiser, the strategy is to transform largely White populated areas, into a total polluted cesspit pile-on of decadence, disorder and death.

It’s important to remind yourself of this pivotal fact as the parameters of the pandemic seek to break down what immunity we have left to the kosher meat-grinder of Mordecai.

Questioning why millions of bones can’t be processed through a cremulator fast enough is anti-Semitic, don’t you know.

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