A Ryan Rant – Episode 94 – Jones vs Jab


I’d like to start this episode off by suggesting people check out this video produced by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell available on YouTube and kurzgesagt.org/ in order to gain a better understanding about how vaccines work and their ratio of risks.

Firstly I’ll admit that Alex Jones is an entertaining pundit and purveyor of opinion who keeps me bemused while I’m working night shifts.

That being said, I’m genuinely left with a bad taste in my mouth whenever I hear Jones rail against vaccines, even if he is propagating it alongside reports about grade-schools teaching kids “how to drink blood”.

The premise to Jones’ anti-vaxx theory is that it is a “race-specific bio-weapon” designed to be deployed as a tool for mass planetary depopulation. I challenge anyone who regularly listens to InfoWars broadcasts to find me an episode where Jones and his surrogates don’t bring this talking point up.

As an early covert to the Trump train in June of 2015, I’d highlighted in December of that year my objections to Trump’s Wakefield tier assertion that vaccines cause autism, namely after he did the 1 to 1 InfoWars interview with Jones.

Trump has drastically reconsidered his public statements concerning the efficacy of vaccines since becoming President of the United States, namely because he realises that the veracity of Jones’ views pertaining to vaccines is about as accurate as his reportage regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in 2012.

As a slick supplement salesman with a knack for disseminating exaggerated tropes about formaldehyde, mercury, aluminium and lead going into vaccines for the benefit of the homeopath and naturopath lobbies, it’s interesting how the alt-health sector encourages psychological dependence upon habitual paranoia of allopathic medicine, in order to fuel their fervour for fad “treatments” which usually attract higher consultancy and treatment fees, while simultaneously having little to no rebates or recognition pertaining to finances and employment.

This is one of the primary reasons that lead me to agree with various other pundits that something doesn’t add up about InfoWars.

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