ABC News: Trump supporters are ‘weeds’, Obama is ‘America’s gardener’


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After Trump’s election in 2016, the left went mad. Often quite literally.

We even made a name for it: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

After the ‘blue wave’ was stopped short by the red wall in the midterms, however, they aren’t going mad. They’re getting mad.

A tsunami of degenerates who have never faced a real fight in their lives are deciding they’re ready for war. And wine Auntie ABC is right there to egg them on.

From the piece:

On Tuesday, the voters who elected Barack Obama woke up from their 24-month nightmare. At polling places across the country, they regained their equilibrium, and showed that the country that originally put Mr Obama in office was still there.

I know this is an op-ed, Auntie, but strewth. Russian wartime propaganda was more subtle than this.

Democrats took back control of the US House from Mr Trump’s Republican Party, all but assuring that the President’s business dealings will be exposed when the new Congress takes effect in January.

But not Obama’s I’m guessing. When the the Obamas entered the White House, they had a net worth of about 1 million. When they left, it was 40 million. The globalist media know that this could become a problem, so they got out ahead of the story and wrote it up in puff pieces recently. That’s how we know.

I wonder what ‘business dealings’ Barry Soetoro had going on to make $5 million per year while he was supposed to be carrying out the ‘grave duty of public service’ these leftists always go on about?

I’m also guessing that wine Auntie won’t be wondering about that. She’ll be too busy gardening with a glass of shiraz in her hand.

You can draw a gardening analogy in what has happened in the United States.

Often, American gardeners will be distracted by spectacular flowering weeds, like purple salvia, or an aromatic herb such as mint that will show up in their carefully tended beds.

Given summer sunshine and copious rain, these visiting plants can spread across the borders and look temporarily impressive, just as Mr Trump provided unexpected flair on the political scene during the 2016 campaign.

But his rhetoric has proven to be like those weeds, which have to be eradicated lest they put down deep roots and choke off healthy plants, the kind that gardeners hope will keep going for years on end.

In this election, Mr Obama served as the weed killer to start to expel Mr Trump, before his divisiveness became too permanent on the American scene.

Are you fucking kidding me ABC? You’re a PUBLIC broadcaster, funded by our taxes. At least half the country is conservative; all of it if you nuke Melbourne and bring Sydney into line. And you’re calling people who like Trump’s policies weeds?

This is the type of dehumanising language the left love to say we use about them, as though we’re gearing up for another Kristallnacht any time soon. It’s utterly unacceptable, particularly from a taxpayer-funded news site.

We’d expect better from Junkee.

Actually, scratch that. Junkee is AIDS. That’s why no-one reads it.

Not content with calling for our extermination in the text of the piece, the ABC chose Obama’s controversial official portrait to decorate the page. The one with Bathhouse Barry disappearing into the greenery. The one painted by Kehinde Wiley, who became known for painting pictures of black women decapitating white women.

And they wonder why we’re getting angry.

Actually, they don’t wonder. They’re provoking us. There are oligarchs behind the scenes who want the race war. They are engineering the chaos. They believe it will be necessary to bring down the West in order to bring about their dreamed-of global government. But I digress.

If calling us weeds which need eradication was not bad enough, the ABC then went full FAKE NEWS.

Mr Obama, for his part, seemed to find Mr Trump both amusing and a threat to the civility that many Americans prize. Rather than go toe-to-toe with Mr Trump, he stressed the characteristics that his supporters often embraced.

Ideas such as inclusiveness, respectful debate and a careful use of public funds to benefit the country, rather than line politicians’ pockets.

This is too much. Barry Soetoro allowed his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to leak national secrets to foreign governments through the use of a private email server in her bathroom, all so she could do shady deals selling access and favours through the Clinton Foundation and line her own pockets.

The bitch literally sold the state secrets, intellectual capital and geopolitical advantage of America to foreign powers. And when Hillary lost, the donations to the Clinton Foundation dried up overnight.

If the charity was for all the little brown orphans of the world, why would governments and oligarchs around the world suddenly stop caring about them when Trump got into office?

Our own swamp creatures were well in on the corruption. The Australian government donated a total of $130 million to the Clinton Foundation over the 10 years to 2016, starting with Alexander Downer in 2006 and culminating in Julia Gillard in 2013. As always when looking into corruption, we need only follow the money and ask ourselves Cicero’s illuminating question: Cui bono? Who benefits?

That would be Julia Gillard.

Maybe it’s also why Downer leaked information on Donald Trump which eventually became the basis for the fake Russiagate investigation and Mueller probe.

I’m guessing Alex is soiling his fishnets over that. How the lying media will spin it all will be worth watching.

This epic piece of political propaganda published by ABC News was written by American Micheline Maynard. Here’s Micheline.

More like the Micheline man, amirite?

As you might have guessed, she’s a food writer. She’s a girl who loves her ice cream.

She should stick to food, and leave politics to the big boys.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Obama = failure.

  • fimbulwinter

    The question begs, why is it so difficult for the dopey Melbourne masses to switch off the damn TV?

    • thegentlemantroll

      The coming power outages might be a good thing. It’s a shame it had to get to that but still…

      • fimbulwinter

        Didnt think of such a plus side to the destructive agenda 21

    • Bucky Redux

      Melbourne will only have one TV channel soon: CCTV.
      Now that Victoria has sold out to the godless Chicoms.

      • fimbulwinter

        It won’t be used be used to catch violent criminals only thought criminals.

        • Bucky Redux

          Comrade ! You are close to committing thought crime !
          Double unplusgood. Thinkpol enforcers will be watching you via your telescreen.
          Be careful, lest you become an unperson.

          • fimbulwinter

            Oh No! I better acknowledge my internalized racism and white privilege. My deepest apologies O (((supreme overlords))) I promise I’ll be a good goy!

  • thegentlemantroll

    It’s always funny how the left manage to turn everything into the opposite of what’s mentioned on the packaging:
    -the Australian Broadcast Corporation turns into an anti-Australian propaganda outfit that hires Americans
    -Australian politicians try to financially influence American politics
    -the churches start espousing atheism, gay immorality and Islam
    -the greens -self described environmentalists – are inner-city dwelling elitists with little interaction with or understanding of nature.
    -labor – the working class party – destroy jobs

    • Mattys Modern Life

      The Left always lie, the Left always project.

      • thegentlemantroll

        And if you identify a leftist by visual or speech clues, you can pretty much tell what they are going to do once placed in a certain institution – invert the definitions

        • Jai_Normosone

          It’s easy to tell a Leftist…
          Have a situation where:
          – A hard decision is required, or
          – A decision is required that will benefit the majority of people, or
          – An event that requires actual courage and bravery, or
          – Truth is required…
          Then you will find the left either making use of their $300 running shoes, or, as a minimum, making the National French Museum of Military Victories look like an expansive collection of integrity.

    • fimbulwinter

      We really do live in upside down times.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Let’s not forget the latest thing of Indonesia telling Australia what we can and cannot do with our Embassy in Israel. All this while continuing to hold out their hand for more cash – and, for some stupid fucking reason, it gets given to them!

    • A deplorable NNYer

      Most churches espouse atheism, gay immorality, and Islam. The Orthodox church is still a true Christian Church. A lot of Christians are converting to Orthodox Christianity.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Look at that scrunched up face! Wow, she was hit hard by the feminist ugly stick.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Yes she has been hitting the abc biscuit jars with some fury

    • Bucky Redux

      My cat has an arsehole that is more attractive than that muppet.

    • Jai_Normosone

      If “feminist ugly stick” is an alternate meaning for “cock”, then, YES!
      Interesting that he maintains a beautiful speaking voice (no denying that) and not a hint of a lisp at all from having his palette and teeth messed up by you-know-what.
      Maybe he stuck to other followers of the Cult of the Paedophile? You have to be a bit weeny to follow such an ideology of hate.

  • entropy

    Obama doesn’t kill weeds, he smokes them.

    • Bucky Redux
      • fimbulwinter

        How adorable! How did a Muslim poofter become president.

        • Bucky Redux

          long story, mate, a long story

          • Jai_Normosone

            Bloody long story….
            I hope it comes out one day but I doubt that it ever will.

            Can you imagine what would have played out had Donald Trump spent over $2,000,000 hiding every certificate, school result, school admission, high school yearbook, plus producing a ridiculously bad forgery of a birth certificate while the knowledge of him entering college on a scholarship for foreign students is documented AND using a social security number for a state where he had never lived at all?

          • Bucky Redux

            Hopefully Obongo will be called out when FISA is released.
            Heads will roll in Australia too.

          • fimbulwinter

            I’m eager to see loony lefties in Australia squeal and scream when bull shitten and his labor ilk are convicted for their fraud, embezzlement and sexual assaults. I wanna see boiling water poured over that sick slimy unionist pedo!

          • Bucky Redux

            Yes !
            I want to see Julia Gillard imprisoned for giving the Clinton Foundation millions in taxpayer $$$$$$.
            Pay for Play, she got some plum jobs from Hillary for her “donations”.

          • fimbulwinter

            I love the smell of Fabian socialist barbeque in the morning!

          • Bucky Redux

            I read today that Malcolm Turnbull is now employed by the Clinton Foundation.
            Might explain why he rushed off to New York after being dethroned, to lick the balls of his Overlords.

          • fimbulwinter

            Moishe Turnbull has one thing on his mind – Shekels. He must pay for his treason!

      • thegentlemantroll

        Hahaha! Oh Soetero…

  • Bucky Redux

    All the foul choking gas is starting to rise from The Swamp, now that it’s been stirred and agitated.
    Corruption is seeping to the top and the reek and stench is awful.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Think I’ll paint me a picture of some white dude swinging the decapitated head of some black ass nigger…

    What do you mean, ‘That’s racist?’

    Oh really? A black woman swinging a white decapitated head is art/cultural enrichment?

    I am a bad man. I humbly apologise. Profusely.

    • Bucky Redux

      All is forgiven, you bad evil patriarchal racist colonialist misogynist straight white male !

      • Jai_Normosone

        It can’t be *that* fucked… You need the later edition of it, called: “The mongrel cunt of a thing is totally fucking fucked, mate. Better to set fire to it and claim the insurance.”

        • Bucky Redux

          That’s the title of the second edition.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Actually, it’s not “racist”.
      “Racist” derives from “racism” which is a system or a methodology for treating a people of another culture or colour or creed as inferior.
      What you (and I) have is “prejudice” and “bigotry” if the swinging head of the black fella is shown without context or any of the reasoning behind it (aka: agenda by the media and the limp-dicks) (*oops* I forgot about the Wellie-Top women….)

      Every single goddamn person on this planet is bigoted in some way against some other person – and to deny that just makes their words … worthless.

  • The Hon. Alexander Downer, A.C.

    Son of a knight and grandson of two knights. Australia’s foreign minister from 1996-2007.

    Immediately after leaving public office he went to work for the Chinese Government to agitate for Huawei.

    Every member of Cabinet since Menzies should be shot and their descendants stripped of all material wealth.