ABC Propaganda and the 1960’s Ayers Rock Tea Towel – How has Australia really changed?


The ABC recently produced another piece of anti-Australian propaganda discussing an Ayers Rock tea-towel from the 1960s, and their conclusion is exactly what you’d expect.

The tea-towel is guilty of wrongthink, but there’s one thing they do get right in their video; that Australia HAS changed, only it’s not for the better as the far-Left ABC would have you believe.

If you are offended by the facts presented in this video please follow this link:

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  • entropy

    But I already clicked a link to find out about the tea towel.

    Now I have to click two more links to find out about the tea towel?

    • Bumpstock

      Life is pain.

    • Bucky Redux

      Clicks means $$$$$$$$.

  • clemilf

    didn’t was mis spelled Ok. How do these people expect to attract visitors if the rock is off limits>

  • Bucky Redux

    Who would have thought a Tea Towel could be so subversive and dangerous.
    Obviously it was a patriarchal white supremacist racist sexist homophobic piece of cloth.
    That stupid bint, Dr. Whatsitsname. She has an Honours Degree in Dumbfuckery.

    What rock (ha ha) do these lefty morons slither out from ?

    I volunteer to take her on a climb up Ayers Rock (Ulururururu) when the “First Peoples” as Bull Shitten calls them, gives this Whitey man spreading bloke permission.
    Ohhh, look girly, we’ve reached the top…..I hope she doesn’t accidentally slip and fall…………oops…..too bad.

    Fucking ABC.