ABC, SBS hysterical over Trump calling out Christine Ford for lying

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Every year 1.05 billion dollars of your tax money goes to fund the ABC.

I could have written 1 billion, but 0.05 billion is 50 million, and that’s a lot.

A billion dollars is really a lot. A billion dollars can buy 23,333 brand new Holden Commodore VXRs. Or 27,000,000 packs of Winnie Blue 30’s. Or 140,000,000 long-necks of VB.

Basically, you could keep a whole lotta blokes very happy for a very long time with 1.05 billion dollars. And instead, the government steals it from us to pay for shit like this.

I’d rather take the Commodores.

The creeping globohomoist anti-bloke hate we’re seeing openly spew from the SBS and ABC these days has been there for a long time, but it was subtle. Movies which portrayed men as flaky and subservient and powerful wimminz as all-conquering and wise. TV series which showed kids outsmarting their flat-footed, lame dads. Kids’ programming which mandated that all animations had to portray a collection of different animal species co-operating for Big Sister-approved eco-challenges. The omission of news stories which didn’t fit the narrative that white men are bad and that the future is a mulatto genderfluid plumber who does cagefighting in zhe’s spare time.

Now, the subtlety is gone. The open cultural revolution which began in earnest with the election of Trump has now entered full Bolshevik territory with the farcical testimony of Professor Christine Blasey Ford at the Kavanaugh hearings last week. And it’s becoming increasingly obvious even to mildly left-wing normies that these radical identity communists care nothing for political dialogue anymore. It’s a war.

It’s a cliche that the first casualty of war is the truth. But it’s a cliche because it’s true.

She lied. The bitch lied. She sat there with her ridiculous glasses, childish mannerisms and little-girl voice and with her forked tongue she lied through her damn teeth. Everything about the way that woman behaved showed that she was lying. Here’s a moment-by-moment analysis by a body language expert showing as much.

What is most infuriating, however, and alarming, is that the leftists don’t care. They know. They know she and the other accusers of Judge Brett Kavanaugh are opportunistic liars, and it makes them support those women more. Many conservatives and normies are shocked at this. I’m not, because I’ve known for a very long time that, as well-meaning as some of them might be, leftists are people of the lie.

There are evil people on the right and in the political centre, sure, but the left is different. The left is the force for revolution, for inversion, for chaos. They look on a world that has wounded them, treated them unjustly and not given them what they deserve. They see a world that is unfair. And that, at its most basic and most primal, is the mentality of Satan.

Satan’s primary motivation is to be worshipped as God, and we know that just prior to the return of Christ he will be, for a short time. The neo-Marxists destroying America are willing footsoldiers in that diabolical plan, although it will destroy them just as much as him, in the end.

These people, despite most of them not knowing it, are of their father the devil, a murderer from the beginning, not standing in the truth, with no truth in him (cf John 8:44). This is why they hate Christians so savagely. It’s why they always lie, they always project, they always redirect, they always play the man and not the ball. They can’t help it, and for as long as they remain in that cult of aggrieved victimhood, they will continue to do so.

The left call white men racist because they hate white men. They call successful businessmen greedy because they are greedy. They call conservatives who call them out ‘conspiracy theorists’, because their worldview is grounded in ridiculous conspiracy theories like patriarchy, white privilege and heteronormativity. They call Christians fanatics because they are fanatical. They smear traditionalists as secret perverts, because they are perverted. They dismiss every argument put forward by conservatives as due to subconscious bias because all their thinking is based upon predetermined biases. They cry out in pain as they strike us.

Pocahontas lies.

Demented Nancy Pelosi lies.

Crazy James Brown woman lies.

Smug watermelon chick lies.

That scary-eyed lactating Kiwi PM lies.

All these people do is lie.

I’m glad centrists and normiecons are now seeing the true nature of the left. Bring it on. This will create the reaction from the right that we need in order to restore order. I don’t believe it will lead to a regime like we saw in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s; we don’t have a generation of veterans and a society which has been through the Great Depression. Yet. But we will see leaders emerge who will crush the head of the leftist snake and put these people back in their place. And it will be glorious.

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Before then, however, the left will move beyond lies. Their dreams of a post-Christian, post-white, post-male diversitopia are falling apart. The people don’t want their toxic cult of victimhood anymore. Soon no-one will listen to their lies.

And then, if the pattern of history is correct, they’ll resort to murder. And they won’t be able to stop themselves.

  • thegentlemantroll

    I beleive there has been something akin to a Great Depression over the last decade. But the upper-middle class normies haven’t seen it and deny it. The 2008 GFC should have been the 1929 parallel. In 1929 the rich lost a lot of money and began killing themselves in despair. In 2008 the rich used the rest of us to bail themselves out at our expense.

    The last decade has been a sham economy, especially in a place like Australia. Look around you and see how many people are engaged in real-productive jobs as opposed to fake pseudo jobs that just exploit the productive people.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Don’t forget that the 1929 “Great” Depression was made worse by policies of the then-Democratic government.
      There was a similar depression on the books 9-10 years before when the Republicans were in power and they used methods based on Capitalism to resolve – and it lasted a very short time with such prosperity that it contributed to what people know as “The Roaring 20’s”
      This, of course, happened before the Republicans started their gradual move to the left such that they are near indistinguishable now.

  • Sam Vimes

    So many truths in this – US commentator Dan Bongino has been saying it best over the past few months, something like – New Rules, forget niceness and politeness, forget compromise, forget middle ground. These people are evil and from now on we win. New Rules are in effect – all that matters is that we win, because to lose to this mob means the end of everything we hold dear.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Very true, there is a Republican holdout named Jeff Flake who is trying the compromise route and he is getting roasted for it, whereas other previous “flakes” like Lindsey Graham are coming around

      • Bucky Redux

        Jeff Flake is a RINO Swamp creature.

        He is a DemocRAT underneath his slimy scaly skin.

        Retiring soon….. no coincidence. Corruption.

        Flake is Republican rep. for Arizona.

        Arizona is a key gateway state for the vast illegal trafficking of children/drugs from Mexico and beyond.

        Lots of Republicans/Democrats are retiring, or not running for re election as they either cannot stand the Trump administration, or in many cases, they have done a deal to roll over and spill their guts about the Swamp.

        Get out, or go to Gitmo is their choice. Singing like birds.

        I really hate to link to CNN, but here is some info:

  • Jai_Normosone

    I clicked on the link to the article in The Guardian.
    Some limp-dick, panty-waisted, subservient white-male-hating, white male wrote this opinion piece.
    I see the sub-heading of A swaggering machismo. A sense of male entitlement. But the instincts of the supreme court nominee stretch far beyond the partisan battles of Washington” and that is as far as I am bothered to read.
    I would learn far more worthy material and be far better entertained by visiting a public toilet and reading the “… crap upon these walls” (if you know the rhyme).

    • Bucky Redux

      “limp-dick, panty-waisted, subservient white-male-hating,”

      *describes most MSM “Journalists” and all ABC/SBS Newsreaders………

      • Jai_Normosone

        No argument there.

  • Taipan
  • Bucky Redux

    The US now bears some striking similarities to the 1930’s Weimar Republic.

    Christine Blasey Ford is a stinking MK Ultra lying swamp troll.
    She has deep links, familial and otherwise to the very dirty parts of the CIA.
    The body language video of her that Mr Hilton has posted is very revealing.

    Hopefully she will end up in jail for her vile part in the conspiracies to prevent Kavanaugh from becoming a SC Justice.

    We are living in extraordinary times.

  • Harry Stottle

    The one thing these lefties never speak about is who will take the place of white men when they become a racial minority in the west and a diminished power in the world; wherever there’s a vacuum there’s always something waiting to fill it.
    Is it not obvious that it will be the frighteningly oppressive Chinese or the Stone Age Islamists? I don’t think these silly western women have a clue what they’re in for.

  • Bucky Redux
  • Tony

    You are right, it is a war, and the left have been in the trenches for several years now, whilst conservatives have been dismissing their efforts as feeble. It’s not too funny now we realise that they will stop at nothing to win, and they use all their tools including: sexism, racism, homophobia, climate change denying.

    The scary this is that they have already won the battle in schools and universities, where only the very brave an inquisitive dare challenge their ideology.

    • Moses should do a piece on universities when the time is right. An actual piece, on heads of faculty and hiring and how views are excluded at the junior stage. Might be a tough one if he wants a junior lecturer position of course – perhaps an analysis of the Ramsey Centre’s dealings would be enough.

      For the schools its more a question of curriculum, but I’d be interested if there are actually commie teachers that can be identified (I know there are, having spoken to them on election day, and my children tell me things that I’m not to happy about from time to time).

  • Dan Flynn

    David, she took a polygraph and passed. Also she mentioned the abuse in 2012 to a couples therapist.
    You might want to update you bullshit detector.

    • Brad Thomas
      • Dan Flynn

        Yeah I agree polygraphs are not totally conclusive. However when you add the 2012 disclosure plus the fact that she has very little to gain (she’s received many death threats and can’t live at her home), I think it’s pretty ridiculous for David to assert so strongly that she’s lying.

  • All of those people slurring Kavanaugh were bad actors acting badly. Every one of them should be arrested for treason or sedition.

    The Circus does put, front and centre, the BS that Trump has to wait through to get things done.