Actual Viewer Poll: Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legalised?


If there is anything Brexit, Trump and Hanson have shown us, it is that polls matter.

Now, the time has come to ask the question, and so The XYZ is going to ask it.

Should same-sex marriage be legalised?

  • No (88%, 2,472 Votes)
  • Yes (12%, 352 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,824

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Please keep in mind that we will not refrain from yet another headline pronouncing “95% of Australians believe…”

Go for your lives, Australia, and please let us know what you really think in the comments.

It’s your XYZ.

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David Hiscox
David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.
  • OneFatOzGuy

    I’d want a guarantee that polygamy won’t be next before I’d consider it.

    I’ll never get that, so I can’t endorse one more step down the slippery slope.

    • athousandmonkeys

      But if polygamy and incest etc. aren’t also legalised the left’s entire claim of “marriage equality” is a LIE.

  • Antifa-ggot

    No to perverts. They stand on the shoulders of giants and glare down in contempt at all that is good and want to destroy it, too wantonly ignorant to realise that they also will perish.

  • Gab Dir

    It’s not illegal for gays to be “married” in this country. No one will be thrown into jail for getting “married”. Gays can register their union and have a civil ceremony now. All the rights of married couples and de facto couples are already extended to gay “couples” in this country.

    • athousandmonkeys

      The fact is, “marriage equality” already exists in Australia.

      Australian homosexuals have exactly the same right as Australian heterosexuals to legally ‘marry’ a consenting adult of the opposite sex, as is the legal definition of ‘marriage’.

      • Gab Dir

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        • Sir Cumference

          DIY Gab. Click on your account and edit settings.

    • sadsak

      They just want to drive in the blue car, whilst the red car they have at the moment is the same make , model, and age. .absurd

      • Gab Dir


  • Royston Wilding

    If I thought that a “yes” vote would shut them up and this would be the end of it, I’d be enthusiastically campaigning for it. However the experience in other countries seems to be that this is just another step in the leftist social-engineering experiment.

    Still I don’t see why this is so important it requires a referendum or pooftacite, whereas the PM can send us to war without even a debate in Parliament.

  • taki

    Australia has become very outdated conservative & divided. Stop the Earth, I want to get out (before Kim Jong-un clears the confusion).
    If justice perishes, human life on Earth has lost its meaning- I.Kant :/

  • Antifa-ggot

    Hetero marriage benefits the advancement of society. Fag marriage benefits a selfish ‘entitlement’.

  • Sheena

    Is this place run by americans? I’ve never heard an Australian prattle on about the greatness of classical liberalism.

    • ElvenPegasister

      That’s because most Australians would rather keep quiet until they get to the polling booth.

      • Sheena

        So there are Australians that lick the arsehole of the yanks and poms, and are desperate to emulate them. Good to know.

        “Westerner” Sweet, Alex Joneseque rhetoric batman.

    • entropy

      Are you Chinese?

      I’ve never heard a Westerner with half a brain refer to classical liberalism as ‘prattle’.

  • Vote “No” for the safety of children.

  • Bryan Drew

    If gay marriage gets in the media will have nothing to do and will probably start de-demonising paedophiles. In my thinking they are just another subset of sexual perverts who can’t help themselves either. Why should they get left off the LBGTIQ acronym. Vote NO to keep the media busy promoting gay marriage, which they are currently doing a splendid job.

  • Manny

    What the fuck happened? From 88% to 38%. It must have been a typo, or maybe XYZ polled the Vatican by mistake.