Adam Giles did nothing wrong! Feat. Blair Cottrell Sky News Interview


Journalist and Former Australian Politician Adam Giles recently interviewed Australian Patriot Blair Cottrell, and Sky News put his show into “recess” (otherwise known as the media naughty corner) as a result.

It wasn’t because of anything Cottrell said but because he was interviewed in the first place, and a far-Left mob on Twitter decided that just couldn’t happen.

Giles did nothing more than his job and was punished for it, and as such Sky News destroyed their own credibility as an objective news organisation.

Sky are more than happy to have ACTU socialist activist Sally McMannus on for interviews – why not Blair Cottrell? This is actually very telling.

Adam Giles did nothing wrong!

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  • Daniel Watts

    Nazi’s (Socialists) burned books. Hands up- who likes Nazis? They don’t have to burn a book they just remove them. The modern day equivalent is this kind of censorship.

  • Warty2

    I quite agree with all you have said about Blair Cottrell on the unwitting scapegoat (Adam Giles) show, and I subscribe to Sky.
    As for Andrew Bolt, well he is your definitive CINO, a neo conservative. Cucks are hit and miss guys, in that sometimes you nod your head in emphatic agreement, and other times shake it in despair. I couldn’t believe it when he vigorously defended slippery Sam Dastyari after Blair and mates revved him up. Tone? Moral indignation, the same tone when he calls Blair a thug. Bolt has his own brand of virtue signalling.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Nazis have cats?
    Fuck… I must be a Nazi then…. :/
    When do I get the blonde hair and the 6″4′ stature to go with it? 😀