Admin Assistant Waleed Aly? If Only

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Waleed is in hot water over suggesting that admin assistant positions are only good for bogans, and bogans are only good for admin assistant positions. It’s the typical faux media outrage of course, but it does speak volumes about Australian Television’s favourite peddler of globalism, divisive identity politics and miscellaneous Cultural Marxist doctrine.

Waleed’s concept of the lowliest, most thankless, unskilled job that anyone could ever have is an admin assistant. Ask any genuine blue collar worker who is destroying their body, growing old before their time, and uncertain of their future, what kind of a job might be their pie-in-the-sky dream job, and they may well describe something very much like… an admin assistant.

This statement highlights the vast, canyon-like disconnect between Waleed Aly and your average Australian, and why he has no right to pass judgement or moralise on their hopes, fears, and aspirations. Waleed dug himself further into a hole claiming that he himself is a bogan. Umm… no, Waleed. That’s what you might call cultural appropriation. Waleed’s statement offers a staggering glimpse into his worldview.

If his yardstick for the lowest rung on the employment ladder is admin assistant, how are we to expect Waleed Aly to have any practical or accurate opinions about anything happening on the plane of existence that the rest of us inhabit? If the Project host doesn’t even seem to realise that plasterers, chippies, dish pigs, process workers, and other blue collar employees with real hopes and fears are out there, and instead sees caricatures of the ilk that he’s always telling us to be wary of, how is his opinion on the world around him any more valid than a cryogenic patient who’s just been thawed out after a half a century on ice?

It’s your XYZ.

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