All my favourite white nationalists are brown


Well, maybe not all of them. Jesse Lee Peterson is up there though, and he’s racist af.

As I’ve stated repeatedly on these pages, I’m not motivated primarily by racial concerns. It’s my view that beliefs trump genetics on the individual level, and that the fight for Western civilisation is ultimately a spiritual struggle of good vs evil. You could even say it’s related to the final showdown of good vs evil on Earth and in heaven, and tied in to the eschatology of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Ultimately, I’m a Christian civilisationist, not a white nationalist.


And it’s a very important but.

When you’re being attacked, you don’t get to pick the fight you want. You have to defend yourself. And the undeniable reality is that, since the mid-60’s, every single white, formerly Christian nation in the world has been subjected to demographic warfare. Despite what the lying media says, this isn’t some fringe RWNJ conspiracy theory. It’s just a fact, and it’s a very important fact.

The reason this…

became this…

Map of Europe c.800AD

is because the people who made up the Graeco-Roman world got demographically replaced by our ancestors, whom they called barbarians. Those barbarians became fearless Christian soldiers who held off the barbarous Arabs and Turks for one and a half millennia, until the mid-60s when our governments stopped fighting against them and instead started fighting against anyone who didn’t want them here. Which is why we now have terrorism and street gangs.

By the way, you should check out what became of the Khazar kingdom. Fascinating stuff.

The process of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire took about 300 years, from the death of Marcus Aurelius in 180AD to the defeat of Romulus Augustulus by the barbarian king Odoacer in 476AD. Our process of collapse has been hastened and compressed, due to factors which are dangerous to mention. We’re going to finish ourselves off in about a century.

We’re doing it voluntarily though due to the ideological mind control spread through our education system. What these indoctrinated minions of the globohomo diversity utopia don’t realise, however, is that this nation isn’t ours to give away. A nation is held in common by an ethnic group through an intergenerational compact: our forefathers struggled to build and then bled to defend this best of all nations called Australia, trusting that we would hold it in stewardship for the following generations. We don’t get to decide to give it away for free to an alien and hostile world. Doing so is a form of collective treason that our ancestors would have punished with utmost violence.

Pointing out the murder of our civilisation has been made pretty much illegal today, and the normie media won’t go anywhere near it, of course. It’s therefore been up to more reliable outlets like XYZ and The Unshackled, and it’s been a debate which Senator Anning’s political insurgency has brought to the fore.

Given that the nationalist/populist right in Australia (i.e. real Aussies) have been deceived and gaslit and browbeaten so hard by the elites for so long, I could understand where Adam Piggott was coming from in calling out Senator Anning for his choice of candidates. We have every right to expect betrayal; even Pauline ‘we’re gonna be swamped by Asians ya bastards’ Hanson is now a complete civnat cuck for the establishment; a foil for the Greens to keep the proles believing that politics matters and is an expression of the will of the people.

Only time will tell if Senator Anning will live up to his words so far. That’s the thing with kings – you don’t know what king you’re going to get until you place the crown, and then it’s often too late to do anything about it.

Blackthorn Jack had a different take than Adam this week, and it’s one that I think is more likely to achieve what we want than chasing after racial purity. I know many white nationalists will call me a race-mixing cuck LARPer before purity-spiralling out of existence in a black sun supernova of Aryan whiteness, but whatever. It be what it be.

The reality is, our enemies are not non-whites. The mass importation over time of gazillions of Allah Snackbar-Australians, brown knife gang-Australians and yellow apartment-Australians is what will make our country balkanise and disappear, but the people who have come here are not our foes. Well, not most of them.

The people we must fight are the anti-white minions of globohomoism. Some of these people are brainwashed. Some are just opportunists. Some are phony sell-outs in the fake right pretending to fight for nationalism when they are only interested in serving their masters and lining their pockets.

Some are white. Some are brown. Some are yellow. But all of them have one thing in common – they serve the agenda of white demographic replacement. Those are our enemies. They’re the people we need to fight.

Just as the enemies of white, Christian civilisation come from many backgrounds and races, so too do its defenders, and while mass, non-white immigration must cease and there are many people who need to go back, this does not mean that our struggle is whites vs everyone else. That way of thinking is childish, suits our enemies perfectly by making our movement unpalatable and will inevitably lead to our defeat. It ensures that the globohomo elite will get their 35 million fake Australians by 2050, as planned.

We must fight the anti-white traitors and enemies with implacable will, knowing that there are many non-whites here and abroad who know the value of Western civilisation and want it preserved. The litmus test for friend or foe should not be race. It should be whether they support the white, Christian nation of Australia, and the continued demographic majority of the people who founded, built and defended it.

If so, grab a coldie mate.

If not, well…

We don’t need a war of subjugation and extermination. We are in a war of white demographic replacement already. We don’t need to spill blood. We just need to wake up, face reality and shake off the spiritual shackles which have been placed on our minds and end white genocide.

We don’t need violence. We simply need a rollback of legislation brought in to justify white demographic replacement, which is a matter of social engineering and political will. And it will happen automatically once the spells which have been cast on the minds of men and women in the West since World War II are dispelled.

The sins of the world have been placed onto white, Christian men by racial enemies who took control of the means of information over the last century. We have been bewitched to hate ourselves, and we have been convinced to kill ourselves.

We don’t need to kill anyone. We just need to stop killing ourselves.

The truth will set us free. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are ruled by a caste of self-righteous lying conformists kept in line by a radical vanguard of Western Marxist fanatics who will use the power of the state ruthlessly to destroy all opposition to our destruction.

They are literally virtue-signalling us into oblivion.

They want to cut your head off, Dick. We need to rescue you lunatics from yourselves before you get us all killed.

We might also need to save the based Aborigines from Dick’s neo-White Man’s Burden.

Liberal candidate Jacinta Price has unleashed an extraordinary attack on Greens leader Richard Di ­Natale, declaring he…

Posted by The Australian on Wednesday, 8 May 2019

If we keep going down the road of infinity brown people or we’re racist, we’ll end up with Israeli-style apartheid, pandemic gang violence and universal social alienation. God gave us a continent, along with a few natives to share it with. We need to come up with a just and sustainable solution for that problem, and that will become straightforward once the racial Marxists have been gassed convinced that Captain Cook Did Nothing Wrong.

But if we keep letting these diversity cult lunatics drive the agenda, we’ll end up with Gazas, slums and Singapore-style Chinese enclaves dividing up what was once held in common by all of us, and for all of us.

No thanks. We just want milk that tastes like real milk again.

And to do that, we need to drive the orc hordes from Gondor and put the fear of God back into men’s hearts.

I think that’s something that Wing Ling, Rakesh and Takahiro can agree with us about. They left Mordor for a reason. They wanted their kids to have a chance at life in Gondor, too. That’s something we can all enjoy together.

In moderation.

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