How the alt-left elite destroy people and suppress dissent


For fifty years now there has been a double standard in Australian politics. Globalist speech from the left has been condoned and amplified while nationalist speech from the right has been suppressed. While faux-right conservatives have stuck to the left’s talking points on topics like fake marriage, any true right figure who has emerged has been publicly vilified and hounded.

This has destroyed many lives of people who were saying nothing more than what their forefathers believed to be normal views. They threw Pauline in jail for saying 20 years ago that we would be swamped by Asians. Was she wrong? Or just politically incorrect?

Arthur Calwell based photo
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

How is it that, in the space of such a short time, the political views of the leader of the Australian Labor Party will now get you publicly excoriated and your life destroyed?

What happened is that a network of international socialists has spread throughout the Australian establishment, incubated to hate white, Christian civilisation in our toxic, alt-left universities. We have been taken over from within by a cabal of neo-Marxist degenerates who are hell-bent on destroying our civilisation.

This network of neo-Marxists, all of whom drank deep at the dark wells of postmodernism, deconstructionism and critical theory at university, coordinates to confect an appearance of consensus on key issues to the public. Their opinions, presented to the public as emerging from a sage meeting of superior minds from the media, academe and the political class, are unassailable. This is how they rule.

Anyone who takes on this cabal and the lies which they hide behind is brutally attacked. This is what has happened to me over the last few months.

Now, to be clear, I find the whole thing quite laughable. I’m not crying victim here. I knew what I was getting myself in for when I undertook to expose cultural Marxism, neoliberalism, neoconservatism and globalism to my countrymen. What it does do though is help us understand how this alt-left network operates to set nationalists up for public vilification and digital, verbal and even physical attack.

My run-in with the Antifa thugs in Australia’s alt-left establishment began when I got a gig writing for the Spectator Australia. This triggered Jeff Sparrow, a prominent alt-left figure and founder of Socialist Alternative with known links to Antifa, to write a hit piece on Rowan Dean in Overland literary journal asking why he publishes an ‘anti-Semite’ like me. He’d received a tip-off via Richard Cooke, editor of angry woman’s aptly-named rag The Monthly. The Spectator pulled my pieces. Score 1 to Antifa.

Overland bills itself as ‘Australia’s only radical literary magazine’. No, you mean ‘communist’, and there are plenty of those. It is also a ‘not-for-profit organisation’. That’s a phrase you see a lot when you begin looking into how shadowy globalist interests, including men like George Soros, operate to control the public discourse, culture and politics of nations for their own benefit. Now I’m not claiming that Soros funds Overland, although he might. He probably doesn’t need to though. Our government does.

Overland Journal funders
Taxpayer-funded far left hate speech.Screenshot from website.

In response, I published a piece exposing the links of Jeff Sparrow and his brother Rob, an academic who writes fake research about raping robots, to violent alt-left thugs Antifa. It seems kingpins Rob and Jeff have quite the glass jaws, as it really rustled their jimmies to encounter someone who could push back.

Sparrows et al. hit back with a puerile and over-written piece gloating about my liquidation by The Spectator. I don’t think Jeff wrote that one. He at least can punctuate. By all accounts Andy Fleming, the nom de plume of the writer at slackbastard, is a composite of degenerates rather than one single writer. A Bolshevik Frankenstein, if you will. More on that another time.

I thought this little digital dust-up was over, but alas. Narcissists can never just let things go.

Four days ago the Sparrow Frankenstein over at slackbastard doxxed me. Given how much greater XYZ traffic is than the traffic they get, I won’t provide a link. You can find it if you like. Not many other people did. It got one comment.

Kids today call that an ‘effortpost’, Rob.

The theme was the same, although this time written in such a way as to damage me personally. It hasn’t worked, at least not yet.

The other purpose of doxxing is to encourage some unhinged transgender undergraduates to destroy my property, attack me physically or harass family, friends and associates. Lucky I, like Andrew, box.

The doxxing piece is also intended to be picked up by more mainstream alt-left journalists on multiple platforms. By encouraging an intern at The Age to do a hitpiece, the Sparrow Frankenstein is hoping to put even more pressure on me and those around me.

Again though, it’s not working. Despite the extended network of far left writers, academics and politicians providing each other cover, Antifa is on the nose these days. Recent events overseas have brought unwanted public attention to the domestic terrorists who have operated with impunity in the far left. It seems they don’t make Bolsheviks like they used to.

I expect the campaign has just begun, however. The anti-nationalist network has been activated. Already the Online Hate Prevention Institute, a Jewish think-tank, has written up a blog post cheering because they banned me from their Facebook page. Really.

Note the mention there. So we have known Antifa thug slackbastard aka Andy Fleming aka the Sparrow brothers and their mates coordinating with a Jewish, Victorian Government-funded fake think tank to attack Australian nationalists for hurting their feelings?

That’s what we in the evil, anti-Semitic alt-right call a cohencidence. And people wonder why we think anti-white Jews have too much influence.

It seems the OHPI has struggled with funding since getting a bailout by the Victorian Government in early 2016. Their funding is now down 95% from two years ago. Ain’t the free market a bitch?

And dismissing someone as a ‘troll’ is intellectually lazy. If I’m a troll what does that make them? Hobbits?

The reason we in this emerging, young white nationalist movement use memetic warfare against Jewish interests is because we see them as detrimental to the sovereignty of Australia. Being nationalists, we care about that.

Personally, I’m tired of seeing Jewish and gentile Zionist neoconservatives fill the pages of our mainstream newspapers with propaganda for more Middle Eastern wars and more kowtowing to the Israeli Likudniks’ agenda for a lebensraum to the north, east and south of Israel. I’m tired of Aussie boys, and now girls thanks to the cultural Marxists, going and dying in that region for someone else’s foreign policy.

And when I see that the group of people who are carrying out this agenda despise whites and have their own derisive terms for us, it makes me want to fight back. This is why young, white men are taking up identity politics. We’re sick of being made scapegoats for historical sins we didn’t commit, and then being expected to pony up to take care of Israel’s enemies. Enough.

Bye goy
HuffPo may have changed this header but the internet never forgets. Goy, indeed.

When American blacks began pushing for their own interests, they began co-opting the terms which had been used to dehumanise them. Now no-one minds when blacks call each other ‘nigger’.

For the same reason, young white nationalists call each other ‘goy’. It’s not because we’re ‘anti-Semites’. It’s because we’re pushing back, and no group is immune from criticism, including Jews.

Either what we are saying is true or it is not. Resorting to smears and labels only makes you look less credible to a public which is already tuning out anyway.

I don’t hate Jews and I know there is no monolithic Jewish conspiracy. I have seen many Jews themselves getting tired of playing the role of eternal historical victim and pushing back. Even arch-Zionist himself, Benjamin Netanyahu, is getting resistance. From his son Yair on Twitter, no less.

yair netanyahu based photo
Nice troll, Yair. Hang on. Can hobbits be trolls?

I’m not a national socialist and I’m not a Holocaust ‘denier’. I’m just sick of it being used to prevent one group from ever being criticised. Can’t handle criticism? Try being a straight, white guy for a day. We’re fair game for everyone in the current year.

It’s no surprise that the Sparrow brothers get particularly triggered by someone like me. They’re stuck in an old paradigm, fighting off evil bogans by calling them Nazis on the pages of literary journals and magazines which no-one reads anymore.

Their audiences have dwindled to a few deranged, inner-Melbourne Gen-Xers who took too many drugs in the 90’s and don’t know how to argue or even think clearly anymore. If the left could argue, they wouldn’t need to resort to tactics like doxxing, intimidation and violence.

I expect there will be more excoriation, intimidation and threats before this little tantrum from the Sparrows is over. They’re used to getting their way. What they don’t understand though is that ideological paradigms shift, and ours has already started to.

They’re old news, and their days of destroying nationalists are coming to an end. No-one’s listening anymore.

  • Razorback

    Well said…Australia for Australians

  • entropy

    I find it more than a little ironic that globalists seem to live in ignorance of what is happening everywhere else on the globe.

    Nationalism is still very popular all over the world but only seems to attract criticism in the successful white countries everyone wants to move to. No prizes for guessing why this is the case.

    But Jews complaining about nationalism not only takes the cake, it eats it and sues the bakery for hate crimes.

  • Antifa-ggot

    Keep fighting Moses. We need articulate defenders against the communist scourge. I hope you don’t have to call on your boxing skills but if you do, bruise their commie faces.

  • I hate the jews who pretend to be white or inhabit the West and only seek to destroy our wonderful white nations.

    I say this as someone whose ancestors include those who gave up the chosen people gig and accepted the ultimate gift of Christianity and through God’s grace became British and Australian and loved the liberty and freedom of the British Australian people.

    These murderers and wannabe murderers among us won’t be satisfied with the death of our culture. Twentieth Century History shows us that they will want all of us dead as well.

  • Caitlin1488

    Moses, doxx them back.
    You have to fight these turds with their own tactics.
    The slackbastard site is pure drivel, run by a raging nutter.

  • Noachideous

    888 246….. sum 420.
    888 666 … 24 18….. 42…. 42 58…. +x 6 13 then 8 40….. 1948….

    Molesting, fingering and feeding on the memory of those (((they))) have deceived.
    Note that 2x4x6 amounts to 48.
    So grateful for that these beneficiaries of shed goyische blood that they now actively shout down as rascist and fascist any YT individual who desires to remain part of an identifiably different racial nation as much are the African, Indians, Chinese as exemplars amongst their particular root races.

    The OHPI 48 are fully enmeshed with and are likely a subset of the Anti-Defamation Commission of the Bnai Brith. The BnaiBrith are reputed to be jewhiss Freemasonry. They be known as the Anti-Defamation League in the US.

    Numbers are important to these (((people))) so chosen above all others and the evidence is clearly in their symbolism.

    For instance…. There are 22 letters in the Heebejew alphabet and 26 in the English. Both sum to 48… Note that OHPI in gematria amount to 48 as did that of FDB 6x4x2 or FightDemBack, a doxxing dedicated affiliate of the Slack arsed ‘tards Oboler der at Monash and Melbourne universities… amongst others….

    Note for instance…. ADC and ADL…. 14 3 then 14 12….. or 14×3 and 14+12 each amounting to the number 42… The jew claims that there are 42 letters in the name of itz deity… and that dey be chozen (((let it go))) by IT…..

    If one’s ancestors reside in the underworld and represent the root of the ancestral tree, the fact that subsequent generations in this world appear or are indifferent to the predations and mockery of ones ancestors by this macabre kosher filth suggests that the trunk of the tree has been separated from the root and will thus cease to exist.

    There is more that enough about the place to demonstrate that the Poppy theatrics are a sick creation of the BnaiBrith pushed via at least…… Lillian Freiman in Canada… and Moina Michael BnaiBrith friend in the US…… because the PoPPies amount to the number 1948 and jisrael had to be made undead in 1948.

    It is right and proper that kosher, courageously caring theatricians….. Dr Hombre Ebola of the BnaiBrith affiliate OHPI and Rabbi Bubbles Dvir of the ADC be permanently banned from the Australian War Memorial…. along with their lick spittling Noahide cohorts .

    A Moina Michael PoPPie stamp was released in the US on 9 11 1948…. 9 11 may be sourced from the numbers 888 666 or 38 36…… 11 9…… just as is 1948 from the same.

    Are you getting it yet YT people….. or will you continue to let jews piss on the graves of yr ancestors, and find ongoing vampiric sustenance in )))their((( life force ?