Alt White Knighting


Let’s face it, Aussie chicks are thots. It’s not a pleasant truth, nor is it a popular one, but it’s true. Our women have been ruined.

I don’t blame the women of Australia, and I know it wasn’t always like this. One hundred years ago, our women were the finest in the world. Although the sun here ravaged the shit out of their faces by 40, they were not only tough and determined but virtuous and morally courageous. They played the traditional roles of women brilliantly, bearing and raising young and maintaining the moral standards of society. With maternal mortality rivalling war casualty rates, that was no mean feat.

princess miley photo
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Just as masculine honour has always rested on courage in battle and defending the race, so feminine honour has always rested on chastity and perpetuating the race. Our women excelled at this until the Second World War, otherwise known as the War of Japanese Aggression.

Something happened after the war, though. That toughness turned into a form of pseudo-masculinity which is all bravado and ego without limit because women know they will never face the violent consequences of their actions that men will in this country. Men who behave that way get punched; women who behave that way become managers. The bearing of young became something they demanded to be worshipped for, and they used the power of the vote which we granted them to rob strangers so they didn’t need to please a man who kept them.

The only skillset in which postmodern women are superior to their foremothers is sexual mechanics, and that has nothing to do with being a mother.

Am I talking about all Aussie women? Of course not. There may still be a white virgin over 18 hiding in the back of a church somewhere. She’s rare as hen’s teeth though.

This destruction of women has been paralleled by the corruption of men too. Just as our daughters have been turned into harlots, our sons have been made into cowards. But today our focus is on those who didn’t get that Y chromosome. Men get picked on enough.

If you’ve encountered the ideas of the manosphere, what I’ve written above would not be new to you. It’s fairly standard talk among the men’s rights crowd. There is one group that such talk triggers beyond belief though: the alt-white.

Distinct from the alt-right and the civic nationalist alt-lite, the alt-white are those in this new rightist movement whose focus is solely on the restoration of white birthrates and the removal of non-whites from Western lands. I’m sympathetic to these goys’ views; after all, aren’t they advocating for what our dear friend ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’TM already has as its official policy? Although I’m not a white nationalist myself, I see the alt-white as allies and fellow travellers in this journey to restore the West.

Until, that is, they start working against that goal; and the response of the alt-white to criticisms of white women falls into that category.

I should acknowledge here that many will view what I’m saying here as ‘punching right’. Even worse perhaps, ‘punching white’. I understand where such criticisms come from, and it is important that we don’t fall prey to the division and infighting which has always plagued movements against leftism. We must maintain the intersectionality of the right.

That being said, when our focus on solving the mega-crisis of white genocide prevents us from also attending to problems such as moral collapse and the destruction of the family, then we have a problem. How can the existence of our people and a future for white children be secured if mum’s a thot?

Of course restoration of white demographics is urgent. Of course miscegenation is destroying white nations around the world (except the based Slavs). Yet white genocide is a symptom, not the disease. There are many different views on what the disease is, but to me it is modernity itself.

As Julius Evola argued, the materialism of modernity and its cult of equality have destroyed all that gave our lives meaning and purpose. It has led to a nihilism and self-loathing which has destroyed both our morals and our morale. This demoralisation is the root cause of our demographic self-destruction in my view. Yes, hostile foreign minorities have taken advantage of our weakness. Yet in the final analysis, we have done this to ourselves.

This is good news, because it means that only we can fix it. The counter-revolution against modernity and its evils of Marxism, materialism, degeneracy and financial enslavement must begin with us.

Restoration of Western civilisation will be impossible without a moral restoration first. If moral restoration does not precede demographic repair then we will not save Australia. Our degeneracy will merely keep accelerating in a different form.

No nation can survive moral collapse. Demographic destruction of the kind we are facing is a consequence, not a cause. It’s a symptom, not the disease. The disease is modernity: The degeneracy, emptiness and entropy which results from the materialist worldview we’ve had since the Enlightenment.

We need to return to a higher metaphysic if we are to rediscover our innate greatness. We must begin believing again in something higher than ourselves. We must rediscover female chastity and manly courage for there again to be any hope.

We must again become knights, slaying dragons to rescue princesses. Not thots.