An Open Letter to the Left: Stop Being Duped by Neocon Globalists


Dear all of the left people,

One of the many things that frequently perplexes the right about you is how effortlessly you are brought to heel, and even trained as unthinking attack dogs by the very class of people who should, by all rights, be your mortal enemy. I’ll be the first to admit that many of the architects lurking behind the scenes who tried to blockade Brexit, who tried to stump Trump, and who are destabilising the Middle East and by default Europe, are not your old school leftist pinkos, but in fact the worst kind of power-hungry opportunists from our side of the political spectrum. They are Neocons who peddle a friendly, yet quite insidious brand of cuckservatism. But it beggars belief that you of all people, who should be rallying against the agenda of these Neocon Globalists, don’t seem to realise firstly that those whose bidding you do seemingly without question are about as conservative as it possibly gets in the worst imaginable way, and secondly that you are being effortlessly exploited as shock troops and cannon fodder for what is undoubtedly very much a Neocon agenda, merely by virtue that it is concealed beneath a superficial paper-thin veneer of hollow and meaningless progressive sentiment.

Take Brexit, for instance. An exploited underclass rose up and decided that they’d like to take their country and their future back from a cabal of international financial interests. Sounds fairly straightforward, doesn’t it? The kind of movement that left media would usually frame as ‘a popular uprising’. The kind of movement that any of you wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt should be totally down with. But a funny thing happened. Globalists framed the English placing their own interests ahead of those of Brussels’ and genuine one percenters (the only ones who really stand to lose from Brexit) as xenophobic and racist, and voilà: the very class of people whom you would loathe in any ordinary social situation had an instant army of mercenary Leftist media and Gen Y S.J.W.s to blindly do their bidding, flying in the face of all of your own principles – in particular, concern for the most disadvantaged members of society who were only ever going to benefit from Brexit.

You guys virtually became Stepford Wives of genuine blue chip Tories overnight. You spoke gushingly about trickle-down economics, the stock market, economic growth, capitalism, and other free market factors that progressives usually find abhorrent. In short, you put an economy before ordinary people. This should be a cardinal sin for any genuine leftist. As blasphemous as a Muslim doodling Mohammad on a napkin.

And all because you were thrown a few virtue signalling scraps by a bunch of bona fide ‘old white men’ who courted all of you like fly fishermen tempting hungry trout in a babbling brook. Fortunately sanity just squeaked by in this instance, though whether Brexit is allowed to come to pass remains to be seen.

Then there’s Donald Trump. About the only legitimate ideological concern we heard about the guy in the midst of all the hysteria during the primaries came from those who were worried that he wasn’t conservative enough. A completely valid point if you’re living in the Hamptons with a large share portfolio and an eagerness to keep the blacks of the projects at arm’s length, and your Mexican serfs plentiful and poorly paid. And therein lies the crux of how insane the rallying against his Presidency is for the left. In many regards, Trump can be seen as a true progressive, or at least what progressivism used to be before it was hijacked by Cultural Marxism.

Bernie sanders photo
Photo by Phil Roeder

It isn’t an accident that when Bernie Sanders was scuttled by a corrupt DNC, that more of his true believers (normal, usually apolitical people who were drawn to his rhetoric) gravitated toward Donald J. Trump rather than Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, and especially Hillary Clinton. None of you will ever admit it, but Sanders and Trump shared more common ground on concerns about the plight of the American worker than any of the other candidates. And employment and the economy was the #1 issue that mobilised voters. Bernie was as mad as a two-bob watch, but I’d argue that if he’d had the ticker to run as an independent, his support was so great that he would have fractured the Trump vote by 15-20% and easily delivered the White House to Clinton (if the Democrats including Sanders had even a shred of humility, self-awareness, or decency, they would have realised that early in the piece, and global warming would be offset with a nuclear winter right about now).

On trade, Donald Trump is anything but conservative, as conservatism has been defined in recent decades. He is more centrist or classic liberal. Tariffs, protectionism, job creation, looking out for local industry. If your beloved unions were legitimately concerned about blue-collar workers instead of just being a shady and corrupt Marxist entity, they’d be screaming his name from the rooftops. But strangely they aren’t. And neither are you. He seems to be all about low income earners – something that the left used to be about until they found cooler and more marginalised (though usually only in your minds) groups.

Trump terrifies the conservative establishment. He keeps them up at night. He threatens to knock down their house of cards and provide not equality without personal accountability which leads to the horrors of Socialism, but a more even playing field. All that the average person has ever asked for. How do they demonise something so utterly reasonable when they need to mobilise useful idiots like yourselves as shock troops to protect the status quo? Reasoned arguments won’t cut it, because there’s no legitimate argument as to why you should systematically try to dismantle a movement threatening to ‘Make America Great Again’.

Instead, your average Neocon who believes Trump not to be conservative enough effectively bogs you, and especially the more perpetually offended among you, down on inconsequential minutiae. Trump isn’t an angel, and has zero filter. It’s the key to his appeal, yet it also provides succulent scraps of virtue signalling fodder that are force fed by Neocons whom (unlike the perennially put-upon basket of deplorables) are genuine oppressors of black, brown, and Islamic people (whether through welfare dependency, indentured wage slavery, or destabilising their home countries), to the loud and vocal among you. To keep you focussed on the big tanned piñata (the irony of bringing a Trump piñata to rallies never seems to dawn on you) and the negative persona built around him, rather than on real tyrants who are whipping up discontent even as they genuinely profiteer from the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, the subjugation of women at home and abroad, and virtual indenture of millions of exploited undocumented ‘tired poor huddled masses’ from South of the border, who are unwitting cannon fodder in the never-ending conflict to erode average wages in one of the purest distillations of the free market you’re ever likely to come across, even though the entire folly is endorsed by the useful idiots on your side.

If you are reading this and are of the left persuasion, I implore you: stop being duped by these people. Just because Madeline Albright now threatens to identify as Islamic to protest against Trump’s ‘Islamophobia’, it doesn’t make her your buddy or your ally. Nor does it make her the buddy or ally of Muslims; far from it.

Just because Dick Cheney virtue-signalled a couple of times, why are you doing his bidding all of the sudden and placing this man and his agenda on a pedestal and buying into his narrative that Trump is Hitler? “Look, even Dick Cheney thinks he’s evil!” is perhaps the most idiotic statement to be seen on the Internet. You might as well take it at face value when Omar Mateen points at a gay person and brands them abhorrent. It’s the same twisted logic.

So this is an open letter to those of you on the left. Stop being duped and used as muscle by people who should be your mortal enemy. I get why their agenda is appealing to you in spite of all the contradictions. I really do. About 10% of the stuff that comes out of their mouths is exactly the sort of psuedo-theology you love to hear. Tolerance, diversity, empathy. But it comes at the expense of the latter 90% of your beliefs. That, in a nutshell, is cuckservatism. An ideology that’s only a notch below communism on the scale of insidiousness. Hardly a compelling case for going over the trenches for these people.

Believe me, many on our side are confused as well. We find about 25% of what comes out of their mouths aligned with our beliefs. More than you do. But most of us realise that isn’t good enough. Not by a long shot. We won’t forsake 75% of our values just for some mealy-mouthed lip service about trickle down economies, free trade, and austerity.

It’s the same principle on the other side of the coin. We get that 20% of what Trump says or does freaks you out. But even if you genuinely believe him to be a racist, sexist bigot, how does that justify scuttling the other 80% of what he’s trying to do, simply to curry favour with Neocon lobbyists who have caused infinitely more pain, misery, death, and destruction among brown people than the President who has yet to destabilise a country or an economy, or implement policies that exploit foreign or domestic workers?

You might take issue with the 10% of Brexit that disadvantages migrant workers from the rest of Europe. But why would you impede the other 90% that is completely aligned with traditional union values and genuine equality that you allegedly care about? One of the great ironies of Brexit and Trumpism is that a healthy chunk of the right embraced several of the most popular movements of the 21st century that by their very nature were dripping with progressive DNA, while the left vehemently opposed movements that the likes of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Billy Bragg had been singing their hearts out about since the dust bowl era.

Do not believe these people and their propaganda. They are merely using the tools forged by the regressive left to mobilise you. Racist. Bigot. Sexist. Homophobe. Make no mistake, these words are even more hollow and meaningless when they come from the lips of Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Angela Merkel, Dick Cheney, or Ian Cameron than they are from a purple-haired social justice warrior naive to the ways of the world.

More importantly, do not do their dirty work for them. By being complicit in the destabilisation of Libya, merely because it occurred under the watch of a cool black President and an empowered woman of the correct political pedigree (undeniably still Neocon Globalists, far more so than Trump will ever be), you are no better than the Vichy French. By trying to derail Donald Trump’s bid for the Whitehouse using shameless media propaganda and every other trick imaginable, you are no different to Joseph Goebbels. By campaigning for Britain to remain, you are no different to the last holdouts in Hitler’s bunker.

I hate to use tired and wildly exaggerated Nazi comparisons, but at this point it’s all you people seem to understand. Here’s another one in case those don’t sink in. If the Neocons successfully get their way after playing you all like violins, and using you to intimidate opponents and control the narrative until they have achieved their aims, in a few decades time the you may all well be lamenting that you were “only following orders…”

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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