Anne Frank used as dog whistle against Trump immigration policy


Donald Trump had a yuge win last week when the US Supreme Court upheld his Muslim ban, and he responded to leftists tears about children separated from their parents when they crossed illegally into the United States, by reuniting these families in prison.

In Europe, the combined efforts of Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in saying no to migrant invaders has sent Angela Merkel’s Chancellorship into a death spiral.

The globalists are worried, so they are bringing out the big guns:

From “Anne Frank’s family tried in vain to emigrate to the US and Cuba new evidence shows” at the ABC:

“New research suggests the family of Anne Frank attempted to emigrate to the US, and later to Cuba, but their efforts were tragically thwarted by America’s restrictive immigration policy and the outbreak of World War II.

They only just discovered this. Really.

“The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum says documents indicate Anne’s father Otto tried twice to collect the papers needed to obtain visas for the United States. He later also appears to have applied for a visa to Cuba.

“However, the Frank family’s escape efforts were all in vain and they eventually went into hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam on July 6, 1942 — exactly 76 years ago on this day.

“‘I am forced to look out for emigration and as far as I can see USA is the only country we could go to,’ Otto Frank wrote in English to a friend in the US in 1941.

“His efforts to get the family out of the Netherlands to the US likely started as early as 1938 — a turbulent year in which Nazi Germany annexed Austria and part of Czechoslovakia into the Third Reich.”

The headline makes the message of the article clear – let immigrants in or it will be another holocaust. The first paragraph states that it was “America’s restrictive immigration policy” which “thwarted” the Franks’ escape.

Later paragraphs make the case for mass migration:

“With hundreds of thousands of people seeking refuge in the US each year by the time war broke out in 1939, Washington was issuing fewer than 30,000 annual visas.

The processing of a visa application also lasted several years and included a huge amount of paper work, affidavits from relatives or friends in the US.

Even with all these demands fulfilled, applicants could still be turned down.”

Open the floodgates to your country and loosen restrictions, or all the people of the Third World will die.

Interestingly, this fact is buried toward the end:

“While the Franks were not explicitly denied visas by the American consulate, ‘their efforts were thwarted by American bureaucracy, war and time’, the historians wrote.”

We get fed a lot of information disguised as news and entertainment which promotes the idea that it is our responsibility in the West to accommodate the rest of the world. The movie Elysium made the case that “free” universal health care in the West should be made available to every individual on the planet.

These views are reflected in the newly elected Democratic congressional nominee for New York, the fake American Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wants to give everybody free stuff and open borders, and the newly-elected communist President of Mexico who has become just the latest leader of a nation to argue that the United States belongs to the whole world, and everybody should have the right to enter and enjoy its benefits.

Back to the movies, Christianity is also hijacked by those who should know better.

“I thought we all were children of God.” That one is aimed right at the feelz. I had thought that the recent remake of Beauty and the Beast with Hermione Grainger was just an SJW retelling, but the determination to undermine the host culture to supposedly make things easier for the “outsider” has been a running theme in Hollywood for quite some time.

Then there is the line trotted out by “Christian” liberals that we should accept refugees because Jesus, Mary and Joseph were once refugees when they fled to Egypt. They were indeed refugees.

Who. Went. Back.

Underpinning all of this is the narrative of the holocaust. The narrative is that nationalist Europeans started World War Two and killed six million Jews, therefore European nationalism is evil and must be suppressed at all costs. It follows that to avoid another holocaust, European countries and colonies should accept infinite immigrants and refugees from the rest of the world until Europeans are completely diluted and replaced.

In fact, the European ethnic nationalist countries of Europe fought against National Socialist Germany, and were conned into defending the Communist Soviet Union against the National Socialists with whom it had originally started the war. Furthermore, Germany itself suffered the equivalent of three holocausts in World War Two.

The narrative of the holocaust has been completely perverted to serve the interests of the globalists. We should push back against its use as a narrative to push open borders, and we should defend our rightful nationalist aspirations against emotionally manipulative assaults.

  • Razorback

    there is a holocaust going on alright and it’s the holocaust of entire nations by the black muslime plague

  • Paul Thompson

    What’s Leftists omit, is the fact that there was little sympathy anywhere for Jewish people in the years prior to and during the war. It was only with the defeat of the Nazis and the discovery of their extermination camps, that public opinion (was) shifted and Jews became the archetypical “victim” group. And they’ve been playing the Victim Card ever since.

  • Noachideous

    However, the Frank family’s escape efforts were all in vain and they
    eventually went into hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam on July 6, 1942
    — exactly 76 years ago on this day.

    Examine the numerological symbolism….. On 6 7 42 …. exactly 76 years ago…… Another media lie ?

    There are 67 words in the Balfour Declaration. ….. 7×6 amounts to 42…. Sum of 7 and 6 is 13 … 42 sum 13 amount to 55 … The gematria of SATAN amounts to 19 1 20 1 14 …. or 55, the centennial complement of 45…. The sum of all numbers in the 3×3 number square is 45, knows as “Saturn’s magic square.

    By +x of 42 58 is discovered …. 1948.

    What does it all mean ? Not sure exactly….. but believe none of it and feel shamed by none of it.

    Some one , a genocidal Judas Goat, most kikely of the kosher kind, is having a lend of Whitey with all of this ….. again …. with the slaughter house in mind.

    If Saturn, Chronos, Father Time is the allegorical Father of Veritas or Truth, then what of the complement ?

    • Noachideous

      Investigate and characterise …. pilpul … in your own mind. For instance Pilpul might represent…. Manipulative shit talk heard by other not of the in crowd….. bearing no relevance or reference to the truth…. only outcomes as those outcomes relate to the other not deemed not worthy of immutable, universal Truths.

      For instance…….

    • Ariane

      Symbolism will be their downfall.

      • Noachideous

        Remember how 3 16 is of 21 and 79 ?…… then by +x of 3 and 16 for ….1948.

        Indigenous British, that is …..Whitey British of Anglo Celt Gael Nordic Pictish and Saxon racial origin paid significantly for that which was made undead in 1948………. in Blood.

        For that fact alone, we have a say in how those who claim it as theirs alone operate while living and lying amongst us…. particularly in matters of immigration …..and especially in the matter of how our Ancestral War Dead are Remembered.

    • Ariane
    • Jai_Normosone

      I am curious where this side of numerology has come from. It is a completely new concept to me.

      • Noachideous

        It is to do with the study of letters, numbers, pattern recognition, platonic solids and how the certain recurrent numbers point and give a hint to the existence of the Divine.

        The study of symbols is known as semiotics.

        It is most definitely NOT a jewhiss pseudo science, although these murderous Klowns claim it, everything else and even the entire purpose of existence and creation as theirs.

        Other’s have been into this stuff long before them. It has to be so, for that fact that Olde ‘hideous can work it out.

        Saturn’s square sums to 45, Humans have 4 sets of five digits, so it is reasonable that ancient people may have thought that the planet Saturn represents GOD 26.

        You’ll find writers who imply that the ringed planet may have once been visible with the naked eye ….. a long time ago. Haloes ? The 3×3 number square summing to 45 provides 42 and 48 and these a reputedly the ridge angles of the Great Pyramid. Any three number in a line amounts to 15

        45 if senary amounts to 29 decimal. By +x of 45 is derived 9 and 20 …29 again. 2^9 amounts to 5 12 or EL …… for 60 and 17 … Q ….. Draw a +x on the 3×3 square for 4 sets of 15 … or 60 … EL … British Flag … 26 .

        Then there’s the Cube, with its 26 elements from which the English Alphabet may be derived. ….. . When counted in six based senary, it amounts to 42.

        In two dimensions, the cube can be seen as a 6 sided hexagon and a 4 sided square … for 6 and 4 … By +x 64 you getz 10 24 ….. 34 …. By +x 34 66 you’ll get …. 1948 …. 34 can be senary for the fact that there are no numbers greater than 5 … Thus in decimal is amounts to 18 sum 4 or 22. There are 22 letters in the Heebejew alphabet.

        There is some sort of confluence at the number 1948.

        Temple Menorah … 20 13 for ….. 33 and 26 … The are 7 holders in the Temple and 9 in the Hannukah. …. for 79……..

        There’s lots more. Anything that comes to mind is posted about the place soon after we get it here.

        You don’t have to be jew to understand this… ……..

        The Matrilineal line here is Scot to the “McGubber” Clan, then Norman on my Father’s with AngloSaxon English. Middle name is DeCourcy….. Surname of Norman origin.

        See the Slack Arsed ‘Tard, and BuBBles Dvir of the BnaiBrith’s ADC for the full name.

        I advocate for the continuance of my YT kind as a viable racial nation ….. and by default……. also for others.

        The cHoZen …. let it go … advocate for collective behavior that will guarantee a Whitey suicide by way of immigration….. and a world of shameless, raceless, knob gobbling … ……noahides…..

        • Jai_Normosone

          Thank you for going into that. I thought that I was good with numbers but I will have to admit that a lot of that goes right over my head.
          Give it a year or two and it might sink in and I might understand it 🙂

  • 9x19parabellum

    And the cycle repeats. Let muh Muslim inavders in because muh hurt fee fees and muh Holocaust and muh Anne Wank and muh 6 gorrilian and stuff. Mainstream obsession with WW2 is getting really tiresome. We defeated these damn Nazis

  • Ariane

    Anne Frank ?
    They really are bringing out the “feewings” ammunition now.
    Cue the “Holocaust”……..

    Next up will be a miraculous discovery of how heroic Oskar Schindler actually tried to bring his rescued tribe to America, but was denied entry by Trumps grandpappy at the border…..

    • Repeal fake marriage

      I was reading about another miraculous discovery today that Australian aborigines built villages and farmed the land long before the ancient Egyptians. I would link to the articles but I don’t know how on my phone. It is in today’s Google news and is a laughable piece of fiction that suits what the left desperately want to believe.

      • Ariane

        There is this book about it…..
        Dark Emu.

      • Jai_Normosone

        Villages I can believe – maybe.
        Farming? Utter bullshit!
        There is absolutely no evidence that, as a whole, out of the hundreds of different tribes that were said to exist, that even a minuscule minority knew anything more about farming than maybe dropping a few old plants into the ground and letting them grow.
        This is like the horse-shit you see whenever Aboriginal culture is dragged out to show the world how accepting we are and there is the mandatory didgeridoo player. Again, there was a minuscule minority that had, made and used didges because they were only able to be made in the far north of NT (thanks to the termites). They were even able to be made in Queensland due to the fast-growing timber from the high rainfall.

  • The Expanding Man
  • Panadechi Santiago

    The Zionist Jewish conspiracies created a hitler, the second war and the holo-false for narrative control, unfortunately Zionism won and the white West is disappearing. Kalergi plan ..

  • Jai_Normosone

    I would gladly live in and around Jews because nowhere have they settled has become a shit-hole like every other illegal immigrant culture that has been allowed to propagate.

  • They’re in the attic.