Anning reintroduces immigration bill: Muslim ban now a moderate position


This. Is. Awesome.

From the Australian:

“The government’s hopes of steering legislation through the senate in the final sitting weeks of the year face a further challenge, after Queensland senator Fraser Anning threatened to vote against government bills after his White Australia plebiscite was once again sunk.

“Although there is little on the government’s agenda that is controversial, the government has listed several superannuation reforms for debate this week, which were first announced last year and in May’s federal budget.”

Whatever. Few of you will ever get your hands on your super. You think a heavily indebted government, desperate to pay interest on its latest infrastructure-for-Sudanese-brain-surgeon-loans, is going to leave a big pile of money just lying around?

Here is Senator Fraser Anning’s press release in full, minus the Australian’s globalist spin:

As stated, this is awesome. The XYZ is now basically directing events inside the Federal Parliament. From October 19, 2018:

“But they can’t keep us out of Canberra forever. The shenanigans this week in the Australian parliament are just the beginning. They represent an historic moment, when white Australia reminded its rulers that we still live and we demand that our voice be heard.

“Canberra has barely had a glimpse of the Overton Window. To the patriots still left in Canberra I say double down, escalate, increase the volume, and reintroduce this Bill every week until they relent.”

It’s called The XYZ Effect, baby.

Just a bunch of guys.

But here is the biggest reason that this is awesome:

“Mr Anning had attempted to list his immigration bill for debate over the next two sitting weeks, but was prevented from doing so after the senate blocked the introduction of the bill.

“In October, the government, Labor, Greens and some of the crossbench took the unusual step of refusing a first reading of Mr Anning’s proposed plebiscite on ending non-white immigration to Australia.”

“Some of that crossbench” includes Pauline Hanson. Twice. The Pauline Hanson who has repeatedly called for a ban on Muslim immigration.

Thus the famously anti-immigration parliamentarian who has compared Islam to a disease won’t touch a bill aiming to give Australians a say on whether or not we should restrict non-European immigration.

Do you know what this means?

Calling for the banning of Islam in Australia is now middle of the road. It is mainstream. Moderate. Sensible. Normal. It’s Okay to want to ban Islam.

The latest Newspoll has One Nation at around 8%:

From the Australian.

The Overton Window has moved a long way in the few short years The XYZ has been running, and it will only move further right.

You’re welcome.

  • Bucky Redux

    Thanks XYZ !

  • fimbulwinter

    Based Fraser Anning!

  • Ryan

    Based Fraser Anning with based XYZ correspondents David Hiscox and Matty!

    • Repeal fake marriage

      The mighty cartoons of Ryan and the lethal, extreme poetry of The Imperator of the Externally Worn Undergarments have been an anti communist force to be reckoned with thanks to XYZ.

      • Ryan

        Cheers mate!

    • Bucky Redux

      And based Ryan ! Please continue the Good Fight.

      • Ryan

        Cheers mate, will do!

  • Taipan

    The reality is that we won’t see real change until enough White men are inoculated against the Marxist mental disease.

    • thegentlemantroll

      History teaches us this usually means you have to live through it first

      • Mattys Modern Life

        We are.

  • thegentlemantroll

    I see this man has schooled himself on the fine art of trolling

  • Ashby has turned Pauline into Pamela Geller.

    • Ryan

      If Pauline went back to getting her talking points from the Australian League of Rights you’d be seeing better results in my opinion.

      • Taipan

        Jeremy Lee was right!

  • MichaelJohnson

    I don’t understand Pauline – she’s currently doing some great trolling in the senate:

    Pauline Hanson’s motion asking the Senate to acknowledge “the terrible impact immigration would have” on a remote tribe called the Sentinelese was promptly shut down.

    “The case of the isolated people of the North Sentinel Island has highlighted a fact that many people in this place are reluctant to admit – that immigration can have a devastating effect on a people’s culture and way of life,” Ms Hanson said.

    “I for one will not be condemning the Sentinelese as racist for keeping their borders closed. Nor will I condemn them for their lack of diversity.

    “All peoples should have a right to decide their own fate and I’m disappointed the Senate refused to join me in acknowledging this.”

    In response, Greens Senator Nick McKim said it was “rankly hypocritical for Senator Hanson to pretend to be sticking up for people like the North Sentinelese people.” He said her motion was in fact an attempt “to exploit the North Sentinelese people for her own base political purposes”.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Imagine if everyone who is now scared to speak out decided they were no longer afraid?

    It would be like you said: “there is no Overton window.”

    They can’t shut us up and even if Anning loses his seat someone else will replace him and will be even more overt and uncensored in their views.

    • James

      I suspect the reason there’s so much desperation from the left at the moment is more are waking up. May be too late though. They’ll shut down all dissent then it’ll be who survives the abyss.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    In the Victorian State Election last Saturday the stupid plebs down there cared more about the plight of animals that getting stabbed in the face by a Muslim!

    Animal Justice 47,490

    Australian Liberty Alliance 811

    • thegentlemantroll

      We really are staring into the abyss now. I don’t think even the French are as thick

      • Jai_Normosone

        The French Museum of Military Victories is quite expansive in comparison to The Australian Government Code of Ethics or The Grand Victorian Statute of Not having Your Head Up Your Arse.

      • Bucky Redux

        At least the French civilians have the balls to rise up.

  • shlomo goldstein financial

    Fraser Anning is very racist! Vote labor and remember the 6 million!

    • Jai_Normosone

      The 6 million? Jews? In the gas chambers?
      I don’t need reminding because I choose to not forget history and then have the same thing happen again.
      The problem is that it WILL happen again – whether it be Jews put there by the greatest fans of Mein Kampf (Islam) or it be white men put there by every other race who has inherited what the white man has created and somehow think they can expand on and maintain it.

      • shlomo goldstein financial

        The later option seems more likely at this stage.

    • James

      No Fraser’s the opposite of a NAZI.

      But keep up the nonsensical attempts to slur. It displays the silliness of the socialist support base.

      • shlomo goldstein financial

        Oy vey! To imply that a white goy .. er um cattle… er um man isn’t a Nazi is very anti-Semitic and homophobic! Come on its the current year we need more tollerance and open borders!

        • Repeal fake marriage

          It is 2015 after all…

    • Bucky Redux

      Only 6 million, isn’t it 600000 million ?

      • shlomo goldstein financial

        Remember the 6million, no wait the 6 gorrilian!

  • Noachideous

    In the interests of transparency, and in order to accurately assess consent ….

    If some form of referendum as it relates to the Australian Government’s bias in favor of the White Genocide Project becomes a certainty …… then it is reasonable to expect that the Australian Broadcasting Commission will set up 2 broadcast channels where either side of the argument can speak ……. and broadcast that speech …. minus the interference and meddling of bureaucratically ensconced, religiously motivated … Elitist Prigs. .