Antifa terrorists bash Unshackled journalist after Southern, Molyneux event in Brisbane


Individualism might be great at getting your room clean but when you get jumped by a pack of masked Antifa terrorists in a park at night, the collectivists are going to win. Every time.

Even if they are gender-confused, cat-obsessed, degenerate toad chicks.

After attending the Free Speech event with Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux on Sunday evening, citizen journalist for The Unshackled Martin Hartwig decided to track down the Antifa terrorists who had been wailing and gnashing their teeth outside the event.

Big mistake.

Just as Lauren showed that Lakemba mosque in Sydney is a sharia zone, Martin showed that Musgrave Park in West End is an AIDS zone.

Martin did it though by receiving a broken eye socket, broken hand, multiple traumas and being urinated on. That’s right. After kicking him in the head while he was on the ground, the vermin pissed on him. According to Martin, the ringleader of the attackers was a female.

toad chick
Anyone with information on toad chick’s identity should contact West End police on 07 3840 9100

Martin has since been released from hospital and is recuperating at home. It will be a while, however, before he can return to work; something Antifa terrorists wouldn’t ever have to worry about.

Unshackled Martin Hartwig
Martin has contributed to fellow free speech outfit, The Unshackled

If you’re expecting that these political terrorists will be questioned by police, charged and convicted for their vicious crimes, think again. That never happens. The reason these Antifa scum act the way they do is because they know they are protected by sympathetic judiciary and police who share their far left, globohomo ideology.

Antifa can even physically attack a mainstream conservative with impunity in the current year.

Police later told Bolt they could not identify his attackers. Sure.

Anyone who spends five minutes investigating knows exactly who these people are. They’re not rocket scientists, after all. They post all over social media inciting violence against evil Nazis, i.e. people who own things.

The violence perpetrated against Martin in South Brisbane on Sunday was the result of a concerted incitement campaign by Antifa bloggers whose job is to whip a mentally unstable mob into a frenzy and intimidate free-thinkers.

Antifa Brisbane Incitement


Antifa Brisbane threats

The people who run these pages and write the blogs are usually academics and fake news journalists at outlets like The Guardian, the Fairfax Channel 9 outlets and Their ABC. It is not hard to find evidence of this. When former Brisbane Antifa member Shayne Hunter came out opposing the group, Media Watch was quick to jump to their defence.

They’re not even subtle about it. It is a network of fringe activists, academics and commie journalists who co-ordinate to intimidate, smear and physically assault anyone who stands up to the tyranny of neo-Marxist political correctness.

slackbastard incitement


Tofu Tom
What tofu can do to a man. #TofuTom



And they use the extremely corrupt builders unions to recruit footsoldiers for their political violence.

Union Thugs

All with the support of a sympathetic state bureaucracy and political class. That’s what we’re up against. That’s why events like Southern and Molyneux’s Free Speech tour are so important, and provoke such a crazed response from the deep state’s pet political terrorists. If everyday people start to see that saying 2 + 2 = 4 in public won’t lead to financial and personal ruin, they’ll start doing it. And then the whole edifice of mind control which has been erected in the West by people who hate us begins to fall apart.

In the final analysis, this is all about power. Those who have it in our society today know that it rests upon the public accepting their ideological control grid. As people begin to think for themselves more and more, the prestige of groups like Antifa will disappear even further. And that’s why they lash out.

And that’s why hyper-indvidualist clean penisism is a good place to start, but it’s not enough. We must stand, and stand together. Collectively.

This is Sparta!

  • Alex

    Has the average IQ of Australia’s young dropped so far? I’m sure my dog is smarter than these idiots.

    • John Sheppard

      Not just the young unfortunately. Most of the “adults” I know would support the shutting down of Lauren and Stefan. It is very depressing to see intelligent people display such stupidity.

      I am in my mid-30’s and have been a conservative thinker/voter my whole life. I have never understood how people on the left can come to the conclusions they reach, and support such totalitarianism when we have historical evidence full of it always ending in bloodshed.

      • 9x19parabellum

        Because fee fees and free stuff. The irrational mentality as a result of years of feminist and gynocentric education and television.

    • Daniel Watts

      Like the quote goes- ‘Think about how stupid the average person is- and then realise they’re smarter than half the population.’

      Assualted San Jose Trump marchers have just been given the green light to go after the mayor and police for breach of 1st amendment rights- you know free speech and stuff.

      While in the UK, 90% of reported crime ends up with no charges being laid. Ironically, someone reporting on crime (looking at you Tommy Robinson)- finds oneself, charged, trialled, sentenced and on the inside of a cell in a matter of hours.

    • 9x19parabellum

      I’ve thought the same and mentioned it to someone, of which they replied, Melbournians are actually smart because they all have university degrees.

  • entropy

    XYZ should stop pretending it believes in free speech.

    • Jennifer is that you?

      • entropy

        Hiscox, is that you?

        Ease up, Moses, this isn’t about you. Unless you can tell us how many people XYZ has stealth banned recently.

        No doubt, as a free speech advocate, you share my concerns.

        • Mattys Modern Life

          Hiscox has banned Nazi Larping and rightly so, people are still free to make arguments.

          They come, they spam, they ruin the site.

          • entropy

            I hope you appreciate the irony of agreeing with me but justifying it ‘because Nazis’.

            Angling for a Guardian column?

          • Actual Nazi’s, as in National Socialists who were pro-National socialism.

            Also it wasn’t so much the opinions being espoused that got them banned but the spam and destruction of comment threads.

            There is no need for 100 anti-Jew memes in a single thread, spam is irritating and against the rules in pretty much every forum on the internet.

            I support the move because it means we can have grown up discussions on controversial issues (ie Hilton’s recent articles that are very interesting) without it devolving into a meme spam war.

          • entropy

            I’m sure we’ve had this conversation. Block trolls so they don’t get the attention they crave and they move on. Alternatively, have published community standards and apply them with transparency.

            Opaque, authoritarian, unaccountable moderation is anathema to free speech.

          • 9x19parabellum

            You gotta admit though that a few of them were quite funny.

        • All this time I hadn’t made that connection. If you’re being shadowbanned you should get in touch with our Executive Editor in Tel Aviv. He makes all the big decisions. Lovely guy.

          • entropy

            He doesn’t return my calls. As fond of questions as he is transparency.

            I did say stealth, not shadow. I’m not being banned. Yet. My time may come, but at least I won’t have written articles about others denying free speech on a site that doesn’t believe in it.

  • So a Matt Forney impersonator went after a group of disgusting kikelings who glory in the violent revolutions of the past, and got beaten up.

    I’m guessing he’s not very bright.

  • Minging

    Is there any footage of the attack and any other information (well a more sanitised version) that I can pass along to a few connections on Sky News Aus political channel that will have no qualms bringing this up as a story? Also there should be some sort of GoFundMe set up for the guy.

    • It will likely come out soon.

    • John Sheppard

      I had a quick look and was unable to find any other news story on this attack apart from that of the XYZ. You can bet if an ABC journalist was assaulted in such a manner covering a right-wing protest you would never hear the end of it (and rightly so, that sort of attack deserves condemnation regardless of your political affiliation).

  • James Mccavitt

    Here in Canada, feminists got together to mirror the American NOW organization, (national organization of women) they got lots of publicity, and press, and of course financial support from government. The fatal flaw was that it was run by white Liberal women. It was a flaw because eventually the argument was how white women could understand what it is to be a black woman. Election infighting, a black woman won, and then replaced by a Marxist black woman and well etc.
    You have WHITE Antifa kids fighting for the Muslems,…….eventually they will be replaced by Muslems, and you will still be paying taxes for it.


      The white morons in Antifa will be the first to be disposed of, laughingly dispatched as stupid and having outlived their roles as useless idiots.

  • James

    People believe what they read in the paper and what they see on the evening news because they read it in “the paper” and watched it on “the evening news”.
    We don’t have a Donald Trump figure calling the propaganda merchants out. Sad.

    Just short of thirty years ago opening morning of the duck season in Tassie we watched an ABC journalist arrive with her camera guy. They got out, wandered around chatting to a few individuals including myself then packed up and went. Across the water in the still air we heard what she said clear as day. “There’s nothing going on here. Let’s get out of it.”
    Got a portable tv going on 12v that evening to see the ABC news and what they showed and said was nothing at all what they saw.
    That was the moment I got red pilled with the propaganda merchants.

    The hooliganism and thuggery of the left and the abrogation of duty by the police happens and can happen because the truth won’t be told by the established news outlets.
    At least today and for now we’ve got the internet and social media.
    The trick is getting the truth out calmly so the deceived can permit themselves to absorb it.

    • Daniel Watts

      Just think about the term ‘national security’ to stop transparency from governments. To this day just one snippet of footage is available of the 9/11 (11/9) attack on the Pentagon, one of the most (if not the most) secure and surveilled buildings on the earth. Yeah, media and government got credibility issues.

  • Jamie Blank

    Go to Facebook and report these terrorists pages under “credible threat of violence”.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Facebook don’t care about Leftist incitement to violence, they only care about non-Left arguments that are too strong to refute.

      • Jamie Blank

        The AI algorithms behind Facebook are trained by users who click. By clicking and reporting, you are training these algorithms. Facebook is to big to be a monolithic structured program, it’s a large collection of trained AI networks… and its very difficult to bluntly manipulate. Even if you think nothing is happening, it is. It is very important that we all report these groups. By clicking and reporting we help to remove leftist bias from Facebook. The same can be said about Google.

        • 9x19parabellum

          By all means do so, I’ve been flagging youtube videos such as queer kid stuff. But remember, Facebook’s AI algorithms are written by humans and are proprietary and closed source. Its very reasonable to assume networks are weighted towards some inputs over others or pre-programmed with unlearned state, Ie a left wing globalist bias.

          • Jamie Blank

            Nonsense. It is not reasonable to assume. The technology is relatively generic and their neural networks are trained by end users like you and me.

            A generic concrete example is that of Google’s spam filter in Gmail. The neural network to detect spam is trained everytime end users flag an email as spam. The spam filter learns from the end users.

            It is incredibly important that everyone flags antifa and other violent leftist organisations as hateful organisations. It is important to flag hateful leftist posts as hate speech. It is important to flag murderous pro-abortion posts as credible threats of violence. This is how the AI algorithms are trained.

            Evil prospers when good men do nothing. Report the evil bastards.

          • 9x19parabellum

            All flagged content is reviewed manually. Even if the AI made favorable decisions I’m sure Facebook has the power to override. Nonetheless if there are enough reported posts it will spam them and send a message even if content is not pulled.

            Too many of us are just as obsessed with social media..

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Everything is reduced to only three words: Power, money and control (Zionism).
    The establishment is scared. (The 1% of the 1% that controls and has everything).

  • Dave Satterthwaite

    ‘We must stand, and stand together. Collectively.’



    • Oh, another kike.

      • Dave Satterthwaite

        You dumb sack of shit, look at my fucking name. Also, burn in hell, Nazi swine.

        • 4 months and that was the best response you could come up with it. I guess the JIDF does have a retard division.

          All NSDAP go to heaven, btw.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Antifa have jobs – they are employed by Zionists to create as much chaos as possible. Chaos and destabilization is a prerequisite for the transition to the NWO.

  • thegentlemantroll

    This is a good lesson that anyone who wants to live a confrontational life should take some martial arts lessons somewhere along the way. And think tactically. Antifa don’t believe in fair play.

  • Noachideous

    The acronyms used by these groups appear as much by design as those used by the ADC and ADL of the BB. All advocate for the elimination of Whitey racial Nations, for the greater good.

    SB AFA JAF FDB etc can be demonstrated to point to that which was made undead in Nineteen Forty Eight by the usual methods. THEY 58 seem to know something that most don’t.

    The theatrical care and concern for the indigenous can only be interpreted as a matter of weaponised, utilitarian expediency. William Cooper at the JAF would have been completely unaware of the make undead date and the designs of others who feign to care so courageously. It may have changed his world view entirely.


    Tell me again why we just can’t Killemall(ah)? The cunt that led that attack is one terminally ugly morbidly obese pos – she should be hung drawn and quartered, but bring the BIG knife…. And make the media part of the reprisal.

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  • Jonathan

    Photos from the night provided by antifa photographer Studio 9001 aka Matthew McAlpine. Hopefully this will help with identification, though most of the cowards in ISIS like face coverings.

  • Jonathan

    Looks like Brisbane antifascist action got Zucked a couple of weeks ago. Suck it.

    They have another page up now, keep reporting.

  • Bumpstock

    Anyone have the doxx on who “Tom Tanuki” real name is and if she/it has a real life occupation?