ANU labels promotion of Western Civilisation “aggressive”


There are two options to counter the left’s century long march through the institutions in order to save Western civilisation from Marxists’ degenerate intent. Option A is for conservatives to start the hard process of weedling our way into the institutions with the intention of achieving an incremental shift back in favour of Western civilisation.

Socialist economics may crash Western civilisation well before this goal is achieved and bring with it a much needed, and much more abrupt adjustment. Or if the decline proves more gradual, there may not be, in 100 years time, any pure-blooded Westerners, ie, white people, left for whom to save the civilisation bequeathed to them by our ancestors.

Option B involves a coordinated helicopter night assault by patriots against every major institution of so-called “higher learning” in the West, utilising a combination of high explosive and napalm to obliterate the facilities. The next night, the helicopters would return to drop millions of tonnes of salt.


Conservatives in Australia are still working on Option A, and they are facing the predictable push back from universities:

“Australian National University’s incoming history department head Professor Frank Bongiorno has defended the institution’s handling of failed negotiations with the Ramsay Centre, pointing the finger at its director, former prime minister Tony Abbott, and his “aggressive” commentary about the centre’s intentions.”

The Ramsay Centre is a conservative foundation established to use the fruits of the late Paul Ramsay’s labour to provide scholarships for young minds to “help shape future generations of Australian leaders who were well versed in “the best that’s been thought and said”, and to establish degrees in Western Civilisation at Australian universities.

So the ANU has said no to a degree in Western Civilisation.

What was the “aggressive” commentary by Tony Abbott?

“Paul was one of those rare businessmen who had almost no enemies. He once told me that this was because a deal that the other person would never care to repeat, however profitable it might have been for him, wasn’t worth the cost in bad blood. For Paul, the most important asset anyone could have was his character and the quality that mattered above all others was loyalty.”

Oh no, wait, here we go:

“A decent and sensitive man, Paul wasn’t oblivious to the deficiencies, the failures and the blind spots of our civilisation; but he was convinced that, on balance, it had been far more good than bad. To the question: “What has Western civilisation ever done for us?” he would have ventured: not so much, perhaps, save for the rule of law, representative democracy, freedom of speech, of conscience and religion, liberal pluralism, the prosperity born of market capitalism, the capability born of scientific rigour, and the cultivation born of endless intellectual and artistic curiosity. “The golden age,” he liked to say, “is before us, not behind us.”

“The key to understanding the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation is that it’s not merely about Western civilisation but in favour of it. The fact that it is “for” the cultural inheritance of countries such as ours, rather than just interested in it, makes it distinctive. The fact that respect for our heritage has largely been absent for at least a generation in our premier teaching and academic institutions makes the Ramsay Centre not just timely but necessary. This is an important national project. It’s not every day, after all, that such a big endowment is dedicated in perpetuity to raising the tone of our civic conversation.”

The usual conservative acknowledgement that Western civilisation has had its good and bad, but the overall balance is overwhelmingly positive, check. A focus on values and liberal democracy, rather than the people, blood and soil from which those values sprung, check. A mild reproach to universities for their left-wing bias, check.

A dog-whistle to fire up the gas chambers this is not.

But this is “aggressive” and “radically conservative” according to the radical Marxists who run the ANU.

The Australian has detailed how the ANU has happily received funding from Middle Eastern governments, and the student unions have clearly exerted a little bias of their own.

The XYZ would like to know who funded the study into the bleeding obvious which concluded that children’s literature reinforces the traditional roles of the two sexes. We pointed out that there is nothing wrong in the slightest with this finding, but it was the researchers’ underlying assumption that there is something wrong with the traditional role of the two sexes which revealed their true intentions: To subvert Western civilisation by attacking one of its key pillars – the traditional family.

Thus, the news that a course designed explicitly to be for Western civilisation has been knocked back should come as no surprise. The left are entrenched in the higher education system and they are keenly sensitive toward any attempt to undermine their control or challenge their narrative. What may appear subtle and reasonable is to them a blindingly obvious attempt to preserve Western civilisation, which they are dedicated to destroying.

You know what that means?

Option B.

We could do with a little more aggression.

  • Ralphy

    Great piece! “Aggressive”, where did that come from?

    Words count and it’s like the term Nazi used for anyone even slightly right of centre. Utter B.S. of course but unfortunately parroted as acceptable and “normalised” ad nauseum.

    What grates me the wrong way is the term used, worse universally accepted, being the “elites”! They are not “elites”, rather just very ordinary, utterly spent, fools.

    Can we instead call them “effetes”. It fits much better imho.

    Definition of effete
    1 : no longer fertile,
    2 a : having lost character, vitality, or strength
    the effete monarchies … of feudal Europe,
    b : marked by weakness or decadence the effete East,
    c : soft or delicate from or as if from a pampered existence.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Option A will take 50-100 years. We’ll be extinct by then. And given all the affirmative action makes it nearly impossible to for us to get into the institutions / positions of authority. Option B is preferred by far. I’m dormant but ready just awaiting for the call to strike. Restore the West, praise Jesus, Hail victory.

    • Staalbal

      Spot on 9×19 Para. Ready for the action. Sick of Frankfort School objectives and destroying of Western Civilization. “Small chance of success, certainty of death, what are we waiting for”. Christ is our saviour.

  • Noachideous

    How do you reconcile Little Johnny BlowHard’s conflicting affiliations with the RC and an ADC that seeks to destroy Western Civilization by means of its get YT genocide project ?

    You don’t …. The BlowHard is a serial, celebrity and attention seeker who’ll do anything, even to the point of throwing his own kind ? .. under the bus for applause, public adulation and the approval of those organ grinders who own him and the tunes to which it must dance…… for a shekel …………… or 30.

    • Noachideous

      Go to the ADC mission page. You’ll find this.

      ‘Since 1979 ADC has worked to prevent, understand and counter anti-Semitism and all forms of racism.’

      Bubbles Dvir’s queer as folk ADC actually exists as an NGO whose mission is to impose judasism’s 7 noahidiotic laws on those unfortunates not born jew, and known to jews in their irreligious scribblings as ….. the “goyim”… The intent is to use government as a firewall and vector by which to achieve this.

      The goyim are not fully human according to those same scribblings and have not free agency or will.

      The jewel citizenship laws do not apply to these privileged ADC people, and there is an underhanded push to ensure that the constitution reflects this in writing and legislation.

      Examine the date 1979… It is quoted for reason of symbolism. The sum of each number amounts to 26 … the gematria of GOD, and the gematria of ADC amounts to 14 3 …. or 42. There are 26 elements in the CUBE, and the fact that the cube is worn as cranial head gear represent proof positive that THEY 58 are singularly … cHoZen….

      Recall that 26 in decimal amounts to 42 in senary, and it is by +x of 42 58 that is derived the number 1948. Make undead 1948 was the purpose of WW1 and WW2 …. at least.

      The goyim are obviously accidental anciliary Filthe and represent the rejectamenta of an incomplete creation. How could it be otherwise…… We hatessssss them all …. all of them …. Even if you’re on your knees with your shameless YT snouts parked firmly up the nearest kosher arse crack…. searching desperately for absolution and a kind word of approval or two.

  • Maryanne

    What an inspiring sentence from Paul Ramsay: ““The golden age is before us, not behind us.”

    • “Inspiring” was not the word that came to my mind. “Gullible” was, and explains who is on the board, the idea that it could achieve its goals working with those tenured within a state institution, and their response to the Bolshevik attacks.

      The Dingos discussion of this saga was quite elucidating.

  • Maryanne

    But only if we can reverse the cultural marxists’ gains. Why are they winning as they are either mentally deranged or evil?

    What sort of person born into an affluent society loathes the people who created that society of abundance? What sort of person is ashamed of his or her ancestors? What sort of person denies that there are actually two sexes – male and female?

    I could go on but you get the drift, yet these fruitcakes are running the show. Government ministers, captains of industry, university vice-chancellors and prominent church people of all sexual persuasions bow before them.


  • We’ve plenty of trees. It’s the rope I’m thinking we’ll run out of.