Apparently Milo is going to save Australia

From Ann and Milo Live.

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I’ve returned from a week away from home to the news that apparently Milo is going to save Australia. Seriously.

Apparently Milo has joined forces with the perennially single Ann Coulter for a whirlwind tour to tell us all how to save Australia. Sorry, teach us all. They’re going to learn us.

Ann and Milo will teach you how to save Australia.

For some reason these two are under the impression that Australia is the last remaining bastion for free speech or something. I shit you not:

“Australians thought they were safe from the bonkers feminists of the American culture wars and the wacky social justice warriors who want to hand Western civilization over to Muslims and race-baiters. They were just saving you for last!”

Someone needs to take them on a tour of Cabramatta and see the glorious inner-Sydney Muslim sights. That’s as long as the police allow them to walk down the street, seeing it being Muslim territory and all.

Where exactly does Milo think Australia is in terms of susceptibility to prog-left lunacy?

“Australians have proven themselves remarkably resilient to political correctness, safe spaces, left-wing theatrics, feminist temper tantrums and the various forms of bad behavior associated with the vandals and idiots of the Left. At least… until now. It’s 2018, and without you even noticing, the cultural Left has started to take over your schools, your TV stations and your politics.”

If this is his attitude then I can only predict that an evening spent listening to him will offer more information regarding his collection of shoes and hair-care products than anything remotely accurate as regards to the dominance of the far left in Australia’s culture.

Australia and Australians have not proven themselves remarkably resilient at all. The left’s takeover of our culture began over 60 years ago, and in the last 20 years it has accelerated far beyond the mass immigration that has plagued us at the same time. Many of us have indeed noticed, in fact we have spent years noticing, and warning.

Australia is not only in thrall to the prog-left, in some respects it leads the world in succumbing to the madness. Consider the fact that Australian universities are at the forefront of aggressively rejecting the very idea of promoting Western Civilization as a point of study and celebration. No other universities in the world have so comprehensively rejected so much money for such a mundane bequest.

Australia is not only at the tippie-toe forefront of the prog-left takeover, we don’t even enjoy the benefits of a Donald Trump, or Viktor Orban, or Matteo Salvini to at least give some hope of partially leading us out of the Socialist-Marxist wilderness to where we are headed.

Instead we get “America’s leading conservative icons”, which is a bit rich considering that Milo is British. It’s also a bit rich when you read Milo’s self-promotion fluff. How can a flamboyantly gay man who married a black man in a travesty and mockery of the holy sanctimony of marriage and who leads a life of sodomy be a conservative icon?

From Ann and Milo Live.

Well, the answer is that he can’t. By your deeds alone, not your words. Show me your actions, brother, and then I’ll decide how seriously to take you. If Milo is as he claims to be a conservative icon then it only goes to show how utterly meaningless the term has become and how low it has sunk. That supposed conservatives will come in droves to hear him patter on about his own fabulousness, convinced that they are hearing words of wisdom on how to save their country, makes it only all the more pathetic.

It turns out that they are offering VIP experiences as well. Is it just me or does this whole thing scream just about the money? It’s pretty low to set yourselves up as saviors and know-it-alls about a country of which you have no demonstrable clue at all and then to then charge pots of money for the experience. Snake-oil doesn’t get much snakier than this.

But wait, there’s more. Milo is writing a book about Australia titled, Australia, you’re my only hope. There is no link to this planned book, but how wonderfully convenient for his tour and how wonderfully comforting for us lowly Australians that the great gay conservative icon himself is bothering to pen a tome that will inform us all of how we can save our country from the 60 year leftist infestation and their coordinated mass immigration that is on its way to fracture Australia into future warring factions.

I’m sure that it will be just fabulous.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Oxymoron = gay conservative.

    • Addelad

      Only if there is an implication that homosexuality is 100% incompatible with all and every conservative value. Clearly that is nonsense and sexual preference is but one of many attributes of what makes somebody conservative. I agree that the LGBTI crap is social Marxism, but that movement’s so-called values should not be applied to all homosexuals.

  • Bronson

    I thought Mr Piggott had relocated to Holland (where he was teaching survival skills to North Sea oil workers e.g. escaping from submerging crashed helicopters), a very important role indeed capitalising on his years of experience being a pilot of rubber boats running rapids for adventure tourists and testifying to his athletic skills in the water and ability to manage stress in such environments. Maybe he is back in Melbourne but a minor point of being based in either locations to be corrected is that Cabramatta is in the outer south western area of Sydney best known for Vietnamese than Muslims. Seeing as he mentions inner Sydney

    I suspect he is thinking of Lakemba and yes coming into Sydney one time when the Airport Tunnel was at a standstill due to a prang at the Airport end I diverted through that area and it was like a middle eastern streetscape.

    But overall the article is a pointer to what Vox Day, whom Mr Piggott takes inspiration from, says about Milo and Ms Coulter etc and that is that they are permitted to operate by the authorities as part of an approved opposition as it were, comprising people from protected groups who are tolerated so as to give the appearance of free discussion albeit still being targeted by Antifa and charged protection money by the cops beholden to the grovelling pollies.

  • Addelad

    Coulter is a significant commentator and somebody worth listening to; her state of marriage, or lack thereof, is of zero interest to me. The rest of this rant is sad. Sure Milo is a shameless self-promoter, but I prefer to listen to what he has to say than to simply bat him away with toxic diatribes purely on the basis of his sexual predilections.

  • fimbulwinter

    Everywhere a rock star tours has the “best crowd”. Milo is no different.

  • clemilf

    It is entertaining to see the Lefties attack Milo as he has the Race/Gay cards up his sleeve to baffle the Leftards who quickly contradict themselves with their epithets… I agree, an unusual choice for “Conservatice” but his slide on my namsake Clementine as “Unfuckable” is pure genius.

  • Minging

    We have fast caught up to the rest of the regressive West… but take it from this ex-Brit… we are now but a few years away from, like the UK and most of Europe, being totally beyond repair. I’d suggest that’s more his point. Anne Coulter is a legend and Fraser Anning (and others) will be alongside them. Bring it on.