Are Blair Cottrell and the United Patriots Front (UPF) really Nazis?


Originally published January 22, 2018.

There are few individuals who have been slandered by the media more than Chairman of the United Patriots Front, Blair Cottrell.

He’s been slammed as an “extremist”, a “racist”, a “neo-Nazi” and more.

Matty’s Modern Life has done the research the media refused to do in order to answer the accusations and ask the question: are Blair Cottrell and the United Patriots Front really Nazi’s as the media claim? If not, what are they?

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  • Ryan Fletcher

    I don’t see UPF as being counter-intuitive to White interests, and I wouldn’t exactly be put off if they started liquidating jewish tranny paedophile sub-human ANTIFA garbage…

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Good video. Blair Cotrell and UPF have my 100% support (except their energy policy, Aus should go nuclear). Nazi is just another leftie buzzword because they’re too afraid to say Patriot and want to cover for real socialists.

  • Shoshanna Silcove

    Blair Cottrell and the United Patriots Front (UPF) really anti-Semitic Jew hating racists!

    • Maryanne


      • James Sibelius

        Why? Um do you listen/read what he has said in the past?

    • Caitlin⚡️⚡️1488

      You call everyone anti semitic……

  • Karen Dwyer

    I visited you over at Minds … and no transcripts there, either….

    If you end up posting one, please let me know.


      There you go, thanks for reminding me.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Wow, that was quick! Thanks.

      • Karen Dwyer

        That was very well put together, Matty.

        (Not sure he’s all that wholesome, but an interesting character, and interesting response from the MSM. They clearly have no problem with rep’s from ANTIFA and from unions, so same background but different side of politics, and they’d be painting him as a loveable rogue of the Ned Kelly flavour (- Socialists fawn over him even though he has been dead for quite some time now…)

        And I really enjoy the stage directions. For example, “Not that they would admit being afraid but we all know what happens when you corner a scared pussy. – Show a picture of a scared cat with an ABC hat on – Meow sound”

        It was reading “Meow sound” that cracked me up laughing. I could just picture it.

        And also “Some sound effects (Most are made by me):” (What can I say, I’m one of those people who stay – after the Hoi polloi stampede out – to read all the credits.)

        • Haha… yeah, as I’m writing up the scripts I get ideas and need to jot them down so I don’t forget.

  • Full Transcript and Sources here:

  • Noachideous

    Watch this video Folks. It is government propaganda that accuses in advance, any White person who refuses auto-genocide …….. as a “NAZI”.

    It is a Ploy. These productions require a significant support crew to write, cast and produce.

    Who are these people ? that put this together… You do not know. Think of them standing around the set, doing multiple takes so as best to deceive you.

    An effective Con Artiste not only has to be at least as plausible as the sincere speaker. In order for you to purchase and internalise his deception over the honest Man, he needs to be even more appealing to your insecurities, and an effective counter to your objections.

    He is a Master Merchant.

    So Don’t be a Sucker.

  • Caitlin⚡️⚡️1488

    Good reading, Matty, thanks.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Blair Cottrell is a true patriot.
    This is the real danger for Australia.

  • James Sibelius

    Some slick propaganda can paint anyone in any way possible. You can put lipstick on a pig….

  • James Sibelius

    National Socialism is NOT Socialism it’s an alternative name for Nationalism. Nazis like Blair and Trump are now were Nationalists.