Are The Australian Greens Party really Communists?


Answering the question once and for all, are the Australian Greens communists?

Wait for the end, you will love it.

The XYZ helicopter fund continues to grow!

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    Yes, yes and yes.

  • Starr Renee Gotzen

    You forgot ‘Watermelons’! Great commentary.

  • Addelad

    The Greens are quite a lot of things that begin with “c” actually. The recent abhorrent attack on Molan proves – as if we needed further proof – what anti-Australian hard left creeps they are, along with the ABC and the rest of the usual suspects. There is a special spot in Hell for Bandt I hope, ideally where hordes of attractive young men beckon him closer and then dematerialise as he approaches.

  • McCormick McCormick

    Actual hardline Communists would probably execute them – these bourgeoisie prats would not be trusted. Given the Nazi’s environmental stance – Göring was appointed Reich Master of the Hunt in 1933 and Master of the
    German Forests in 1934. Hitler was a vegan nut job. Goring instituted reforms to the forestry laws and
    acted to protect endangered species and the way the Greens function – as a collective – with their UN authoritative anti Israeli stance and when being interviewed etc they always use the ‘Australians don’t like or Australians want us’ etc they speak with that air of unbridled authority. Plus Lee Rhiannon is an old Stalinist from way back so she would be comfortable in that authoritarian environment.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      The Muslims will eventually kill them if they don’t convert or pay the 50% Jizya.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    I thought they were/are Muslim loving, rug munching, poofters?

    • John Sheppard

      Enemy of my enemy ….

    • Karen Dwyer

      Yes, and very good they are too. 🙂

      Additionally, while an article down the page from yours was written by an overly self-centred individual, the accompanying comment by Safiya is rather satisfying…

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