Astrophysicists link volcanic eruptions and Grand Solar Minimum


Originally published May 23, 2018.

The eruption of Mt Kilauea in Hawaii has provided some stunning imagery for news reports. What is left out, however, is that the Kilauea eruption is part of a global trend of increased volcanic eruptions, and a harbinger of more to come.

Volcanic eruptions car window

Also omitted from news reports on the eruption is an explanation of the cause. According to a team of Japanese astrophysicists though, the cause is not a mystery. They demonstrated conclusively in 2011 that explosive volcanic eruptions are triggered by cosmic rays.

Volcanic eruptions caused by cosmic rays

Cosmic rays are high-energy radiation which originates from outside our galaxy. They travel in streams from intergalactic sources, like rivers through the cosmos fueled by supernovae. The uptick in volcanic activity we are witnessing globally is being driven by higher rates of these cosmic rays hitting the planet.

The increase in cosmic rays which the Earth is experiencing right now, moreover, is being caused by a period of diminished solar output our solar system entered in 2017. This decline in solar output can be measured by counting sunspots, and is know as a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM).

That we have entered a GSM as of last year is not controversial. It’s mainstream news.

Forbes article GSM

Cycle 24 sunspot number prediction 2015

What is disputed and suppressed by mainstream academia, media and government agencies, however, is the severity of the GSM we have entered and what it means for climate, food production and social stability in the coming years.

Increased levels of cosmic rays do not only cause more volcanic eruptions. They lead to a cascade of consequences which have profound implications for life on this planet and civilisation as we have known it.

During solar maxima, when the sunspot count is high, a stronger magnetic field and solar wind prevent a greater amount of cosmic rays from entering Earth’s magnetosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and lithosphere.

Cosmic rays during grand solar maxima
Cosmic rays blocked during solar maxima. Credit:

During a GSM, however, this protective function of solar wind and the solar magnetosphere declines. This leads to increased levels of cosmic rays hitting the Earth, and is the major factor driving climatic changes during a GSM.

Cosmic rays during grand solar minima
Cosmic rays increase during solar maxima. Credit:

As well as causing greater volcanic activity and atmospheric ash levels, cosmic rays also increase cloud cover around the planet generally. This was demonstrated by a team of space scientists led by Professor Henrik Svensmark at the Technical University of Denmark. Professor Svensmark’s team demonstrated in 2017 that cosmic rays influence Earth’s cloud cover and climate.

Cosmic rays cloud formation

As cosmic rays increase during a Grand Solar Minimum, they create an extra cloud layer between 5-6km above sea level.

Low cloud formation during GSM
Credit: Adapt 2030 YouTube channel

All of this contributes to further cooling of the planet, crop losses and associated catastrophes. This is demonstrated in Roy W. Spencer’s book The Great Global Warming Blunder. Spencer is a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama and was formerly a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA.

From the book:

The most obvious way for warming to be caused naturally is for small, natural fluctuations in the circulation patterns of the atmosphere and ocean to result in a 1% or 2% decrease in global cloud cover. Clouds are the Earth’s sunshade, and if cloud cover changes for any reason, you have global warming — or global cooling.

These effects on cloud formation and climate as well as volcanoes and earthquakes are most pronounced during the transition periods into and out of the GSM, such as the period from now into the 2030s.

Solar activity chart

The complexity of this climate mechanism has been misunderstood by many researchers into Grand Solar Minima. Global cooling was thought by many to be direct result of the decline in solar irradiance, rather than a result of a complex set of dynamic factors involving Earth’s magnetosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and lithosphere.

The decline in energy output from the sun has a marginal impact upon global cooling during a GSM. The most dangerous impact upon Earth’s climate during a transition into a GSM is not the decline in solar output; it is the cooling effect of a layer of volcanic ash in the atmosphere due to the increased volcanic eruptions caused by cosmic rays. This has happened repeatedly throughout history. The last time it happened was 1816, the Year Without a Summer. This year of famine around the world was caused the eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815.

Year Without a Summer

Studies have been carried out which indicate that the current rate of decline in solar activity is the fastest in 9,300 years. This indicates that the current GSM could be the most intense since civilisation began 6,000 years ago. There is every reason to believe that the current GSM, called the Eddy Minimum after American astronomer John A. Eddy, will be the most catastrophic in human history. It will most certainly cause profound changes to our way of life, driven primarily by a much increased difficulty in attaining the quality of food we are accustomed to.

There are researchers and scientists investigating what is ahead. A particularly helpful source of information is the Adapt 2030 YouTube channel. Despite the danger for those not prepared, the GSM represents an opportunity for humans to rediscover ways of life and types of community which can provide more meaning and fulfillment for all of us. The transition to that world, however, will be brutal.

Indoor farming

  • Sam Vimes

    I recall about a decade ago first encountering research into the impact of the sun’s solar minimums, the Maunder Minimum etc and the latest research that David cites here, all of which to me appears impeccably researched and extremely plausible to my untrained brain; yet STILL the “97%” insists that CO2 plays a greater role in climate than a massive gaseous ball of nuclear reactions. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that the GSM may indeed have a catastrophic effect on the earth, or the fact that it’ll only increase the amount of man-made insanity I’ll have to put up with on the way as the eco-loonies blame it on Trump, coal, Brexit, racism, or too much meat.

    • I think they created the global warming myth so that the climatic changes would increase their power rather than make people become self-sufficient. If the climate doesn’t change, they’ll be quickly discredited. This way, they can leverage the crop failures, storms, etc to increase global governance. That’s my theory.

      I also think they’re a bunch of cold-blooded Luciferian lunatics who want depopulation. So there’s that.

      • Sam Vimes

        David, you speak my language. I’m trying to err on the side of optimism lately, a la The Rational Optimist approach of Matt Ridley, but I’m finding my optimism overwhelmed by the sheer weight of corruption and dishonesty perpetrated by globalists. I have no faith at this stage in the ability of mankind to rekindle an enlightenment age, I’m 90% sure that your sentiments are more likely.

        • Decentralisation is the trend, my friend. I’m ok with that. A sovereign life in a self-sufficient, archaeofuturist village is a better option than postmodern, decadent wage slavery imo

          Bring on the dark age 😉

          • Sam Vimes

            Decentralised bucolism a la ‘Tales from River Cottage’ is indeed one of my life goals, sadly I can foresee Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ rearing it’s ugly head first. We’re only ever 5 days away from Fury Road at the best of times!!

          • Craig

            Bring on Ragnarok.

            It is evil what people behind the curtains are doing, with climate change propaganda and mass immigration. They know.

            Otherwise they wouldn’t be preparing for anarchy.

          • ] W. Hunter [
        • ] W. Hunter [

          Sam, I have the feeling that world corruption is far worse than we will ever know, or imagine.
          I can understand why some people just want to live in blue pilled denial and just block it all out.
          All you can do is ensure your own personal integrity and faith remain intact.

      • ] W. Hunter [

        The Paris climate accord is a giant sham/slush fund gravy train for the Luciferians you mentioned.
        Anything connected to the UN is suspect, always will be.

      • Jai_Normosone

        There is definitely something in your theory. People cannot control people if those-who-seek-power are confronted with others who are not reliant upon them.

    • nor_he

      It’s only 97% because if they said 98% it wouldn’t be as convincing.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Science is patriarchy and therefore not true. I f–king love science only when it agrees with my fee feelz. In all seriousness it will take a great devastation with mass casualties to wake up a lot of plebs and even then there will be bunch (mainly liberal retards) who will still be in denial. Climate change aka global warming aka cow farts is a hoax. Unleaded Fuel in Melbourne is now $1.60/L. tell me with a straight face it’s not a lie when the state gets a cut of 80c/$.

  • ] W. Hunter [

    Doom porn !
    We’re all gonna die !
    Just when Bill Gates was swanning around the world proclaiming loudly that humanity will be wiped out by the super flu or smallpox. Not so !
    Now we are going to be snuffed out by a solar minimum ?

    Is this before or after the magnetic poles backflip, alien invasion, WW3 nuclear winter, Nibiru collision, giant killer tsumami, or after the second coming of Jesus ?
    (bless the Lord)

    • Craig

      During a solar minimum we have less food, so less nutrients equates to a weakened immune system, so all these bugs that have been suppressed by antibiotics and immunization get a real good chance to proliferate and mutate.

      Pending which way you look at it, certain lifestyles will be predisposed to be at high risk, such as the homosexual population, and those with a low disgust threshold, so insane Liberals, like the ones who go on trips as saviors for the white mans burden.

      There’s always an up side.

      • ] W. Hunter [

        We should get hold of some entry tickets to the DUMB facilities the Elites have constructed as their safe bolt holes.
        I don’t want to be above ground when the hungry homosexual zombies emerge from Ragnarok.

        • Sam Vimes

          … starring George Clooney, Emma Watson and Oprah Winfrey? My friend, copyright that right now 😉

          • ] W. Hunter [
          • Johnpd

            Oprah is/was a member of Rockefeller’s Billionaire Good Club dedicated to solving the non-problem of global overpopulation.
            The UN Club of Rome is dedicated to the same vile & Satanic agenda.
            The Agenda is depopulation by 90% to 95%: to kill 13 out of 14 people now alive. The Agenda is deindustrialisation: hence the attacks on mans’ production of CO2, Carbon Dioxide, plant food which is demonised as “Carbon Pollution”. The Agenda is One World Totalitarian Govt, hence all the countries destroyed: Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq & the current attacks on Syria, Yemen etc.
            The Agenda is UN Agenda 21.
            The globalist plot for the 21st century.
            Click on Quotes.
            John Doran.

          • Johnpd

            & scroll down homepage to UN Agenda 21 Your Life In Their Hands
            & The Bradbury £. Both are worth reading.

          • Johnpd

            The Globalists have been selling us global warming because they know cold kills, which is what they want, the Satanists.
            His latest little book exposes who is behind the warming/climate con, & why
            A must read.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            Thanks for the tip. I’ll have a look.

          • ] W. Hunter [

            Apparently the vile Rothschild covens have extensive land holdings in Australia.
            This is to be their bolt hole whilst they wipe out most of the world population with disease/famine/nukes.
            500,000, I believe, is the magic number of slaves they plan/need to serve them in their satanic NWO paradise of baby eating and blood drinking.

          • Johnpd

            You might like William Guy Carr’s book: Pawns in the Game., exposing the Rothschilds. He was a Canadian WWII naval intelligence officer.
            Youtube & put in search box: Retired head of FBI Tells All

          • It won’t be fun when they turn on us. We’re presumably next,after South Africa.

            I was thinking for a bit all the kikes that have moved here from the Eastern Block and South Africa meant we were a jew bolt hole (and would be spared), but I no longer do. They’re here to make sure we go under.

        • Craig

          I think it would be far more fitting to give the DUMB facilities addresses to the zombie homosexuals and progs, use them as cannon fodder. Then we follow up…later in the dark…

          Sure they can take our guns, our freedom to repel oppression, they can’t take away highly poisonous plants that grow on the side of the roads like weeds, we can use the traditional owners knowledge of massive smudging sticks to fumigate there bolt holes via the ventilation shafts. Like a two for one deal, gets rid of live bodies and the spirit at the same time.

          Karmically ironic they’re building the ovens for us. :-))

          We just need gas masks to stop the pongy smell…for clean up detail.

          Then we move in.

          It’s also highly economically from a plebs point of view.

  • ] W. Hunter [

    It gets worse, as the Grand Solar Minimum gets worst. Rats or Mice will eventually infest or invade warm environments and that goes for Greenhouses as well. Once rats or mice contaminate the crops and people eat the contaminated crops and coupled with a weakened immune system. Thats how pandemics like the Black Death and Bubonic Plague starts.

    • ] W. Hunter [

      Something to look forward to….not.

  • Yeah but Al Gore said stuff…

  • Rose

    Volcanoes are actually fuelled by piezo-electrical heating of intercrustal waters and by the burning of dinosaurs and human bodies and vegetation sucked under he crust as the superheated water exploded out at the start of The Flood.
    Once the original waters had expanded out as fabtastic jets of steam and debris the voids sucked in cool seawater full of drowned organic matter.
    This matter has in turn been burning as the moon continues to flex the crust – two tides daily? – and as superheated water will burn organic matter it logically follow that periodically there is such a buildup of steam that the volcano must explode.
    Volcanoes give off mainly steam and methane – why could that be?

  • Does this mean I don’t need to panic about my inadequate super anymore?

  • Noachideous

    Looks like the cycle turns around 2021… Now if I was an EVIL 48 QBallist who planned wars for kicks and maximum Kaos , then centring for symmetry a potential WW3 at 2021 would make for a fine chronological symbol.

    Firstly … 2×21 amounts to 42, an esoteric favourite. By the centre out … then ’20 sum ’22 amounts to 42 ….. then ’19 sum ’23 amounts to 42 ……then ’18 sum ’24 amounts to 42 ….. then ’17 sum ’25 amounts to …. 42 ..and so on.

    Now if you wanted a Temple Menorah …. 2 x 13 … 26 …. GOD ……. begin any WAR 42 about ……… in 2018. If a chronological symbol in the shape of a Hanukah Menorah was desired, then 2017 would have been more appropriate.

    The WORD … EL … 5 12 amounts to 17 and this number in senary amounts to 25 …. Both of these sum to ……… 42 …..

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  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Every Amateur radio operator worth his salt will tell you, 3 days after a large solar flare there will be an earthquake!

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