Australian nationalism on the beach

Photo sourced from Nationalist Uprising.

The beach is symbolic of Australia. The vast majority of our population is clustered on the coast. It is where we go on holidays, and tourists to Australia, drawn via the siren calls of Tourism Australia publicity drives, invariably visit Bondi or Cottesloe, or both.

From an historical perspective it is often stated that Australia came of age on the beaches of Gallipoli. For many of those brave men the beach was the last look they had of their home country. Australia has the unique status of being the only nation in the world that is also a continent. It has enjoyed that privilege for most of its existence without much introspection. The assumption is that it will always be so but the tumultuous nature of human history would suggest otherwise. There is an extreme fragility inherent in any civilization and culture. The breaking point looms closer when comfortable assumptions are made.

A little over ten years ago an event occurred on a beach in Australia. Called the Cronulla race riots after the beach in question, it was retrospectively labeled as a clash between immigrants and racist Australians. The supposed racists were white and their sin was to not only notice what was happening to their country but to actively attempt to do something about it.

On Saturday another event took place on the foreshore of St Kilda beach in Melbourne. Unlike the Cronulla riots which were organic and spontaneous in nature, this was an organised political gathering to protest the government’s failed multiculturalism policy and the associated crime and terror. St Kilda beach was chosen due to the numerous crime waves and attacks by gangs of South Sudanese immigrants that have been perpetrated there. The criminal activity has been noteworthy for the almost complete lack of any coherent police presence and response.

The response to the event from the media and the political elite has been characteristically coordinated in nature. The protestors were labeled as “far-right” or “Neo-Nazis” while the far-left counter demonstrators enjoyed their self chosen moniker of “anti-racists”.

Much has been made of a few individuals in the crowd making what were described as Nazi salutes. A Jewish aged-care center in nearby Caulfield was adorned with a swastika leading up to the event. Such convenient episodes enable individuals such as politicians Josh Frydenburg to make a point about their Jewishness.

Josh Frydenberg, the nation’s most prominent Jewish MP, said the Nazi salutes at the St Kilda rally yesterday were “abhorrent” and said the Nazi and fascist views of protestors had no place in modern Australia.

“What was particularly repugnant and abhorrent was the use of the Nazi salute,” he said.

“Australians died fighting fascism and Nazism. And those views should be confined to the dustbin of history. They have no place in Australia today.”

How wonderful it is to be lectured to on the subject of a conflict in which my grandparents fought by a politician who identifies as Jewish and not Australian. If only the Nazis could be confined to the dustbin of history, but alas such a wish is unlikely to happen since the prog left continues to label anyone as such without the slightest provocation. To the globalists a nationalist is by default a Nazi; only a Nazi would seek to maintain an independent state based on such an unpalatable precondition as cultural and racial identity. By that logic then it follows that any state seeking to maintain its own identity must by default be comprised of Nazis. Let Frydenberg take that idea to Israel and see how popular it is.

Such trolling for partisan political advantage is somewhat typical of Australian politics in general, but it is also nonsensical due to the fact that a democratic society such as Australia which forces its citizens to vote thus supposedly counts all of its constituents views as representative, “neo-nazi” or not. The inciting violence refrain is particularly ironic since the protestors had gathered to protest immigrant violence. But lies and projection is what the left do best.

Our great conservative prime minister had this to say on an event which saw 500 people present on the side of the protestors and a bare handful from their opposition:

Intolerance does not make Australia stronger but importing hordes of violent thugs who refuse to assimilate into Australian society somehow does. Black is white and up is down in the brave new world that is Australia.

As for Australia being the most successful migrant country in the world, how exactly are we supposed to define success? Is it the number of recently installed diversity bollards in the Melbourne CBD?

New bollards and an eight-metre long fence will be built around Melbourne’s Flinders Street station as part of new security upgrades designed to stop vehicle-driven attacks on pedestrians.

The metre-high (sic) fence, along with permanent bollards along the nearby Princes Bridge, will provide protection to pedestrians “particularly from hostile vehicle attack and terrorist attack in our city”, Police minister Lisa Neville said.

They will replace existing temporary barriers put there, and in other sites across the CBD, in the wake of the 2017 Bourke Street rampage where the driver of a stolen car killed six pedestrians.

The announcement of the new works was made the day before the political protest at St Kilda beach.

But back to Scott Morrison’s little tweet. Much is made by Australian conservative politicians and political commentators that Australia has tough immigration policies because we stopped a few thousand people illegally entering the country by sea. But what is conveniently forgotten is that we let in hundreds of thousands of permanent arrivals every year from incompatible cultures and nations. Australian citizenship may as well be given away on the box of a packet of Cornflakes. All anyone needs to do is to turn up, and the darker your pigment tone the better.

Australia was not a migrant country. We were a British colony founded on the stock of Britishers. It is only in the last 50 years that we have progressively opened the doors to more and more immigrants who do not share our cultural ideals and attitudes and who now make no attempt to assimilate into our nation. Why bother when not only do they not have to but they are actively encouraged by the government not to. A cursory glance at any government help page and the hundreds of languages in which information and help is offered tells you all you need to know.

Australia’s curse as a nation is its relative youth. We have not had enough time to broaden and deepen our cultural identity. The clash of such a youthful identity with the perils of mass immigration and multiculturalism means that we are uniquely vulnerable to the nation destroying lies of the left.

But for real Australians who despair of watching their neighborhoods being taken over, their communities collapsing, their jobs disappearing to hordes of low educated immigrants, and their own faces becoming a rarity when they board public transport into one of our megalopolises bursting at the seams, there is nowhere left to go. The St Kilda protest was a cry of frustration at the simple fact that nobody asked common Australians if they wanted these changes. The act of noticing that these changes have caused unwanted consequences brings the instantaneous accusation of racism and of being a card carrying Nazi.

A nation surrounded by water with no easy escape means that our cultural and racial identity may just live or die on the beach.

This article was originally published at, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

  • John Sheppard

    Great article Adam, but just wanted to clarify some points on the ease of immigration. For those wanting to immigrate to Australia and have no connection to the country, it seems to be easy. Just make up a sob story about being persecuted and you are good to go. Some NGO’s will probably offer you training so you know how to pretend to be a Christian for the sake of that process.

    However, if you are legit and coming across to actually assimilate, then the process is much more difficult. My partner is Vietnamese and to get her across on a visa costs 7k and takes around 13-19 months. Tourist visa was declined, so she cannot even visit. Roadblock after roadblock, however she is marrying an Australian citizen, so chances of her becoming a useful idiot for the left are pretty slim.

    On another topic, this article is great at articulating the process to communism, and it is a bit scary to think how far along the path we have come in a few short years. Granted this is focused primarily on Canada, however rings pretty true here too:

    • Jamie Blank

      “however she is marrying an Australian citizen”

      Marry her. Pop out babies.

      • John Sheppard

        Turns out that won’t help the process. If we married, the visa process would start again with a different kind of visa (partner visa instead of fiance visa) and pay another 7k and start the 13-19 month wait again.
        Having kids while waiting makes it more difficult as you then need to get citizenship for the kid if they are born before her visa is sorted.
        Have an immigration lawyer on this due to the bureaucratic web that is legal immigration.

        However if she just rocked up on a boat all would be well, and she would have plenty of welfare to get started.

  • thegentlemantroll

    And all because Amanda Vanstone had a fetish for black toyboys…

  • Mattys Modern Life

    The dumbest thing about ScoMo’s tweet is intolerance DOES make you stronger, just ask the intolerance Left who have used their own extreme intolerance to take over every Western institution.

    He’s a fool, he will lose the next election.

    The most we can hope for is a hung parliament and a cross bench controlled senate.

    Great article mate.

    • MichaelJohnson

      Intolerance made the West the powerhouse of history. It did similar for Islam in its earlier conquest and now it’s working wonders for their current year conquest.

  • entropy

    According to the PM, only the Israelis are allowed to be ‘intolerant’.

    ScoMo has had his chance. I won’t be sad to see the back of this muppet.

  • belt

    Well written Adam. Hope more Australians would realise what’s what, and what’s planned ahead for us, without our approval.

  • Bumpstock

    These beach protests need to happen more often. Flying down for the next one.

  • Maryanne

    Sort of OT. The Yellow Vests are now far more than about petrol taxes. People are joining the dots big time:

    The elites don’t like it: Professor Andreas Zick, a conflict and violence researcher, said, “There is a growing mood in the population that speaks of national identity, resistance and control that you need to take back into your own hands. This self-empowerment of the citizens worries me very much.”:


    • Mattys Modern Life

      Amazing, truly. The war will be won when that family is brought to justice. That means every single cent of their ill-gotten wealth is confiscated, the bank is dismantled and every member of the family is put on trial for treason, theft, fraud and war crimes.

  • MichaelJohnson

    Australians died fighting both Nazi Socialism and Communist Socialism – they did it so we could live free of totalitarian regimes and have a limited government that doesn’t interfere in our lives unless absolutely necessary. The left are all Socialists of one sort or another and I recommend everybody start asking all the leftists they know whether they are Nazi Socialists or Commie Socialists – do it sincerely and with calm, like you are supportive of their choice, and watch them squirm. If they say “democratic” Socialists, tell them they must mean Nazi Socialists, the kind who democratically elected Hitler, as opposed to the Commies who revolted. Be really polite (if they are just uninformed useful idiots) but keep insisting that if they support Socialism they must be either Nazis or Commies (which is true after all). Bring up the death tolls of each brand of Socialism and try to suggest the strengths of each brand through straight faced ironic statements. ie “I guess the Holodomor helped people obtain their weight goals,” or “there’s a good reason I only buy German ovens.”

  • Ken

    The media suppositories that infest our country couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended upon it. The current crop of overrated, under-talented and braindead journalists that grace the screens, airwaves and the print media have no journalistic ethics, morals or knowhow on how to report un-bias or factual news. Most of them still wet behind the ears graduates of the two minute wonder course in leftist media dribble get most of their so called facts from the web, twitter or facebook and if there was ever a internet breakdown one could only guess what crud they would cook up.