Australian No Go Zone: Lauren Southern proves Lakemba is conquered land


TradTHOT or Not, Lauren Southern has come to Australia to do Australian journalists’ jobs for them. In a video which to date has 300,000 views, Southern visits Lakemba in Sydney’s west, which is known for its dense Muslim population.

She is kicked off the streets by a very high ranking police officer within minutes of filming:

Southern’s notoriety has clearly preceded her; the Muslims filmed clearly know who she is and she states that people were looking at her and calling out in Arabic from across the street.

The media promptly showed up and started filming her and her crew. The look on the blond MSMThot’s face, lips parsed, as she filmed Southern with her smart phone says it all:

‘Get out of my country, pretty foreign invader!’

It is also yet another example of a growing trend in journalism – people filming each other filming each other. This video from The Unshackled last Friday night in Melbourne is a great example:

It is very bizarre. I have decided to call this phenomenon “Dox-Porn”.

Moving forward, things came to a head when Inspector Rick Agius flat out told Lauren Southern not to go to Lakemba Mosque. He stated that she would be committing a breach of the peace if she did so. In response to a query from Southern if she would be allowed to do interviews in the street outside the mosque, Agius responded “Nah you’re not welcome in there.”

The exchange is difficult to watch, as the apparently embarrassed police officer seemed to not fully believe the words he was saying. When Southern argued her case he used qualifiers such as “may” and used the weird justification “because I’m asking you not to”.

Southern made the clear and obvious point that it is the reaction of the Islamic locals to her presence that could have caused a breach of the peace. To put this more bluntly, the police feared that the so called “Muslim-Australians” were going to react violently against Lauren Southern.

This is a continuation of the official policy in Australia of punishing anybody who speaks out publicly against the diversity industry or the Cultural Marxist orthodoxy. They are held responsible, legally or financially, for the violence or threatened violence against them by far-left or “diverse” thugs who oppose their exercise of “free speech”. Thus the victim is made perpetrator, and the violent far-left or “diverse” thugs maintain the status quo by violent proxy.

As usual, the complicit MSM have tried to pass this off as another Lauren Southern “video fail” but it is clear to anybody who watches the video what is actually going on. Her assessment that “As far as I’m concerned you have Sharia Law here,” and that “ conquered land.”

As we have stated previously, we have allowed foreign people and a foreign culture into our own land.  These foreigners have changed the demographics of cearly defined geographic regions in Australia, and when one of our near cousins attempts to challenge this new reality, she is gruffly informed that she is “not welcome”.

This is nothing short of an invasion.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Appeasing Cuck Inspector Rick Agius did not just fear muslim violence but the mountain of paperwork to follow and holding a press conference to reassure us that there is no islamic terror threat and it was an isolated mental illness incident.

    If you are a police officer and reading this, grow a pair and start defending your countrymen

    If you are a muslim and you are reading this, get out of my country, go blow your self up in your own shithole country and when you’re lining up for your 72 virgins tell your precious prophet to suck a white uncircumcised dick.

  • sadsak

    That pussnuts policeman should be horsewhipped for his weak tratorous behavour. What right has he to say to a free citizen, or visitor where they may go or not?
    Let me out of here.

    • Majco

      White male privilege 😉

  • Harry Stottle

    What fragile peace we have in Lakemba. The locals clearly have power over the police in a way I’ve never seen before.
    Any day soon we may find out that there are grooming gangs operating freely in areas like this, but nothing has yet been done in order to keep the peace. Who would be surprised after witnessing such subservient behavior from a senior police officer?

    • Indeed.

      A logical criticism of the situation would be that Lauren got exactly what she wanted, as unless she had 15 armed security men there was no way any of her coterie would have escaped without significant damage.

      Yet….the police proving Lauren’s point that the Queen’s writ does not extend to Lakemba is still the police proving Lauren’s point.

  • Addelad

    When the body has a diseased part, you cut it out. Nuke Sydney.

  • Warty2

    Undermanned (in both senses of the word) the police are just a tad frightened of having to enforce the ‘law and order’ that would seem to be the most important part of their work.
    The two main political parties are laying the groundwork for a conservative backlash, when a hint of intelligence and a bit of spine could have allowed a little harmony to prevail.
    Immigration is too high, any fool could tell you that, and the SJW shown in the second video clip (above) have difficulty stringing two sentences together, have difficulty differentiating between canines and humans and prefer violence over sensible argument. Little wonder young American Democrat males are leaving the party in droves. Little wonder Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Slovaks and Austria are fuelling a nationalist resurgence in Europe.
    Our day will come, perhaps in five to ten years time, but no one can put up with this BS indefinitely.

  • Fickbowt

    Just one problem. She went to Lakemba (ignoring the police advisory) – and NOTHING EXTRAORDINARY HAPPENED. See:

  • Bronson

    Well she did say in the cab that Australia was not as bad as Europe.

    However the overall concern of Ms Southern and most all commentators is
    that it is not Muslims who are the problem but Islam, and even more than Islam per se the problem is the authorities’ deference to it, and to Sharia which is part and parcel of

    The senior NSW police officer asking her not to go to the area and telling her it would be illegal if she did was a good example of this submission.

    The cops are in a state of intimidated by Muslims and for understandable reasons. Muslims, unlike other crims, do not respect the cops. Why should they be expected to when to Muslims, in the old country, the cops are corrupt and just an instrument used by the ruling clan to hang onto power?

    Muslims have gone out of their way over the years to show the cops that they and their families are vulnerable to violent retribution in their own homes. No wonder they beg people like Ms Southern to not stir up the hornet’s nest.

    • John Sheppard

      I like how he makes the statement that he is safe to walk those streets. Yes officer, that is because you have capitulated to them, and they know it.

  • You have to hand it to Lauren, she knows how to peel the curtain back.

    It’s been done before, of course. I think there was a story on Pickering’s page with similar police cowardice on display. That lady journalist didn’t have a security detail, though.

    One day several years ago when out electioneering I met a retired NSW cop who shared my view that the invaders should be…er…deported. The swarthy crims he had met were risible at Australians for being stupid enough to let them into the country. We deserved what they gave us (rape/violent crime) for being such lambs.

    Now we have a pm who invites these hideous throwbacks into the lodge for dinner. At our expense.

    Work harder, goyim. Pay your taxes. Oh, and shut up.

  • LadyMoonlight

    In the future, it is people like Lauren Southern, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tommy Robinson and Robert Spencer who will be recognised as the heroes they are. Now, they are ridiculed and called names, but in time to come (a long time I fear), they will be hailed as people of common sense and foresight. They saw what is happening to our societies, they spoke out at much risk to themselves and their careers and showed amazing courage to do so.

  • killer3000ad

    “Breach of peace” seems to be the catch all phrase to basically restrict an individual’s rights. Just the other day a young conservative in Melbourne was standing around observing the African Marxist protest against channel 7 when he detained by police for breach of peace.

  • killer3000ad

    “Breach of peace” seems to be the go to excuse they are using to detain anyone they want. Just look what happened to The Young Conservative in Melbourne.

  • John Sheppard

    This falls in nicely with the saying “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

    As a result, I can confidently say that white males do not rule over anything. Muslims on the other hand…