Australian Press Council chairman calls communist “outstanding Australian” because he has to


GetUp! are a communist front organisation for Labor and the Greens which hilariously tried to pass itself off as an independent organisation, before it became apparent that it only advocated for communist and SJW policy positions, was stacked with Labor and Greens apparatchiks, and infiltrated the Liberal Party.

Everybody knows that.

So an article in The Australian a few days ago on the continuing turbulence caused by a GetUp! trojan at the Australian Press Council, Carla McGrath, appeared a no-brainer:

“The appointment of a left-wing activist to the Australian Press Council last year “threw into question the independence” of the newspaper watchdog, its new chairman says.

Press Council chairman ­Neville Stevens told the Melbourne Press Club yesterday that Carla McGrath, a GetUp! director, was an “outstanding Australian” but her appointment to the council had become an issue.

Mr Stevens’s predecessor, David Weisbrot, resigned last year because of the furore over Ms McGrath’s appointment to the Press Council despite her position at GetUp!, an activist group with strong links to the Labor Party and the Greens.

“Public members need to not only reflect the community, they must also be independent and be seen as independent,” Mr Stevens said. “The appointment of Carla McGrath to the council in the middle of last year and the re­action to that appointment threw into question the independence of the council.”

As a result of Ms McGrath’s appointment, The Australian ­refuses to accept any council ­adjudications or decisions ­invol­ving Ms McGrath.”

Communist blogs Mumbrella, Crikey and the Guardian all have pieces on The Australian’s stance. I haven’t bothered to read any of them. Neither should you. This is March Through The Institutions 101 on the part of the left, and The Australian is right not to play along.

But did you catch that odd turn of phrase? It is repeated, so there is obviously something to it:

“While there is no question that Carla is an outstanding Australian, the issue revolves around whether her position as deputy chair of GetUp! is compatible with her role as a council member,” Mr Stevens said.

Carla McGrath is not “an outstanding Australian”. She is a member of GetUp! and a communist. Naturally, nothing in the article explains why a man making such a principled stand would feel the need to say something nice about an enemy of the people.

As usual, Google fills in the blanks where real Australian journalists fear to tread. Carla is not ugly, although not great:

Carla McGrath. From Twitter.

And she is a member of so many acronym-organisations you wonder if she ever does any real work. Things start to click when you see her calmly explain why white people need to be exterminated for daring to hop in a boat:

Yep, definitely a communist. And then it all becomes clear:

“Carla is a proud Indigenous Australian woman whose family comes from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.”

I am a proud straight white male whose family comes from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Guess that makes Carla an indigenous Australian female supremacist.

Neville Stevens should not refer to a communist as an “outstanding Australian”. Instead he should have said the following:

Carla McGrath is a member of GetUp! and is thus a communist and a traitor to her country. She can get stuffed.

  • LadyMoonlight

    That was a long 2 minutes and 41 seconds I will never get back!

    • I’ll have to save that one for a response video I reckon.

    • Ron Mortimer

      Silly you, we here didn’t bother lol and have an extra 2 minutes and 41 seconds of enjoyable life.

      • LadyMoonlight

        Gimme half…please. Come on now, you know sharing is caring.

      • W. Hunter

        You chose wisely.

    • W. Hunter

      She is a female Stan Grant….happy to benefit greatly from a Whitey society, at the same time, ironically trying to destroy it.
      Carla = typical of garden variety leftards.

  • Make a complaint directly to the Press Council here:

    Whenever the Left poke their ugly faces out we need to make as big a stink as possible.

  • Jai_Normosone

    The last sentence was beautiful 🙂

  • W. Hunter

    My God, what a shrieking harpy: that “proud Indigenous Australian woman whose family comes from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.”
    ( Mc Grath = clearly an Indigenous name )

    I paused the video frequently to examine her staring, vacuous bulbous eyes.
    There is no true intellect behind them, just raving lunatic machinery ticking and whirling away.

    She spoke of “pain suffering and trauma”……which I have suffered bigly, by viewing her frothy mouthed communist agitprop rant.

    Carla, please go back to the Torres Strait and feed yourself to the sharks, if they’ll have you.

  • sheikyermami

    GetUp is a Soros front & the Press Council is a bunch of communist shits. They used to be squeamish about it, but now its all out in the open.

  • Personally I think its owner should put a bag on its head.