Australians are addicted to Ponzi


The Victorian state election in Australia last weekend shocked the political class on all sides right across the nation. The incumbent Labor government which hailed itself as “the most progressive government in the nation” had suffered a string of disastrous missteps culminating in the Bourke street terror attack just a few weeks before. A half dozen of Labor’s sitting members are even under police investigation for potential election crimes committed the last time round.

In the state that they have done so much to destroy they won such a massive majority that they hardly know what to do with all of the seats they’ve gained.

Many reasons for this electoral whitewash have been bandied around. The Liberal party in this latest state election stood for nothing. They had no coherent policy. In fact, they changed their policies depending upon which seat they were attempting to win. This sort of feckless electoral whoring was too much even for the dim sparks of Melbourne.

It doesn’t help that the opposition Liberal party isn’t even remotely conservative any more. Why vote for Labor-lite when you can just vote Labor? The Liberal party now stands for nothing, hollowed out and destroyed by the left-wing elements that have steadily taken over the once conservative party. This has culminated today with the news that Federal Liberal MP Julia Banks has quit the party to sit on the crossbench as an independent. Banks is a hard core lefty and virtue signaler and she is massively upset that her best buddy Turnbull recently got the much needed boot.

Frankly, how anyone can stand for election in a conservative party while brandishing their left-wing credentials is simply beyond me. But these core problems in the Liberal party are mere symptoms of a greater malaise, and it is this reason why Labor enjoyed such a tremendous victory.

Victoria is the new Indian state of Australia with Melbourne as its epicenter. If you don’t believe me then go there and catch any suburban train. The incoming Indian white replacement arrivals go to Melbourne while Sydney gets the Chinese equivalent. Mixed in with these are the Middle Eastern and African replacements who certainly punch above their weight in the “scare the shit out of the Anglos” division.

This steady and unrelenting stream of arrivals has helped these two cities to enjoy a property boom that is to all intents and purpose ludicrous. Melbourne and Sydney real estate has doubled in value since 2012 at a time when the world’s economies were generally in the shithouse. But things are not well in the Australian property market. This year property values have dropped off ever so slightly. Cooler heads would observe that this is just a much needed and very small correction to what are already enormous gains. But it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Liberal party. What won it for Labor? This won it:

Now, they plan to plunge us further into debt to fund the infrastructure for the people who are going to replace us:

“His second term Labor government is promising to deliver more road and rail and plans to borrow $25 billion for it, doubling net debt to 12 per cent of gross state product.

“Before the election, he said his first order of business once re-elected would be to kickstart work on Monday on Melbourne’s $15.8 billion North East Link toll road.”

The new infrastructure plans for Melbourne are huge. They will need to be. Melbourne is one of the two main dumping grounds for the hundreds of thousands of people who come to Australia every year.

Melbornians are addicted to the Ponzi scheme and thus they have voted for poz. All the locals want to know is that the great immigration replacement scheme will continue unabated so that they may continue to enjoy the unearned fruits of massively inflated property values. I mean, if they didn’t have this new and wonderful wealth, what would they have to boast about while enjoying a latte in sunny Brighton?

Brighton, the most hard-core Liberal base in the city came very close to electing a candidate that Labor had fielded as a throwaway joke, a 19 year old kid fresh out of high school.

“For more than 150 years the seat of Brighton has not been touched by Labor hands. The electorate was considered so safe, Labor was willing to run as a token candidate a 19-year-old university student who didn’t hold a driver’s licence and two months ago wasn’t even a member of the party.

“Declan Martin probably won’t win the seat but he has given the Liberals the scare of the century.”

Labor promised massive infrastructure and that is code word for “continue to bring in the hordes” which keeps the property Ponzi scheme going, maybe, who knows. It’s the only thing that Australians, particularly those in the eastern major cities have right now. If that goes then the entire economy comes crashing down.

Australians aren’t stupid. They know on which side their bread is buttered. Take a few more years of your house going up in value, sell it and move somewhere overseas, and then drink white wine on the beach while lamenting how Australia has fallen to the foreign devils.

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  • thegentlemantroll

    Oohhh free money actualeeeeee! Can we buy the house for cheaper actualeeeee?

  • Taipan
  • fimbulwinter

    Let’s start a go fund me campaign to buy some Russian nukes to flatten Melbourne.

    • Bumpstock

      I would prefer a land invasion – convert them all to Russian Orthodoxy.

      • fimbulwinter

        That would be absolutely wonderful!

  • Bucky Redux

    A bit late I know, but Happy Diwali to the 3,000,000 new Indian immigrants in Melbourne so far ths year. I really love MultiKulti Melbourne, but I still think there are too many Whities.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Should we take bets on when the sewerage will start to back up?

      • Bucky Redux

        Most Indians take a dump in the street, so it will get washed into the Yarra and just make it browner.

        • fimbulwinter

          They should fill it in with cement and get the gooks to build appartments.

          • Bucky Redux

            Not a bad idea !

        • thegentlemantroll

          At the moment it feels like they’re taking a dump on my country

          • Bucky Redux

            The pajeets want Australia to smell like their homeland….

    • fimbulwinter

      And an early Happy Chanukah to the lovely residents of Caulfield and Balaclava.

  • entropy

    Ruin your own country to make some easy money off property then abandon that sinking ship to your children. For bonus points, complain about Millennials.

    Classic Boomer play.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      The worst generation by a loooooong way.

      • thegentlemantroll

        Yeah I’ve never been a big fan. Check out federal parliament now, all the globalist libs and feminist libs more interested in virtue-signalling than actually governing the country and shaping the future. Next election will be a federal labor landslide. Batten down, dark times ahead, keep a list handy of who did this to tell any next of kin who survive the apocalypse to come so they can tell your story.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Time for a White Australian exodus to Tasmania, secede, implement Starship Troopers Timocracy (for Whites only) and laugh as the country falls to famine and warfare.

    Reconquer and kick out the foreigners.

    You heard this plan here first.

    • Bumpstock

      Have to immolate all the leftist scum already there, though.

    • Jamie Blank

      Tasmania is worse than Melbourne. We’d be better off dropping a line of cluster bombs on the southern side of the nsw/Vic border, similar to the Israel/Lebanon border.

      • fimbulwinter

        The Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs are the epicenter. 10 mega tonne thermonuclear ordinance should be sufficient.

    • fimbulwinter

      New Rhodesia

    • fimbulwinter

      Also no homosexuals

      • Bucky Redux

        That’s all of the ABC taken care of…..