Are there any Australians in the Australian Parliament?


This is getting beyond a joke.

Federal Energy minister Josh Frydenberg has just been forced to deny suggestions that he could be a dual Australian-Hungarian citizen and thus ineligible to hold his seat. Apparently there is some confusion over whether his mother, born to Hungarian Jewish parents in Hungary during World War 2, passed him Hungarian citizenship.

This is after Senate President Stephen Parry was forced to stand down after suddenly “remembering” he was British. Apparently this recollection happened some time ago but Turnbull Communications Minister Mitch Fifield advised him not to communicate with anyone about it.

Let’s not forget this entire saga began in July when Scott Ludlum of the Greens finally gave in to the pressure that had been mounting on him for years and announced himself a Kiwi.

The scandal quickly snowballed to include Queensland Greens senator Larissa Waters, One Nation Queensland senator Malcolm Roberts, Nationals senator from Queensland and resources minister Matt Canavan, deputy leader of the National party Fiona Nash, oily South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, whose revelation of kiwi-hood sparked a freaking diplomatic incident with New Zealand.

Stephen Parry would have watched all of this and still did nothing.

While minor parties and independents can maybe be excused for not properly vetting their candidates or knowing the constitutional requirements of a parliamentarian by heart, the major parties have no such excuse.

While it may have come as a surprise to the internationally minded Greens members that they had to be Australian citizens at all, the Liberal Party has been a major player in Australian politics since the end of World War 2 and has spent more time in government than any other federal party. Their smaller offsiders the Nationals have been kicking about in one form or the other since the 1920s. The Labor Party is almost 120 years old and helped to federate the damn country.

There are no excuses.

These people are responsible for passing the laws of this country in accordance with, and viewed through the prism of, our Constitution.

Have any of them even read it?

You have to remember, a large proportion of both the ALP and Liberal parties are trained lawyers. To make it up the greasy pole in either of those power blocks you usually have to start building a powerbase and sucking up to the right people straight out of high school. Most of the people sitting in a major party in Parliament today have spent their entire adult lives campaigning, betraying and backstabbing just for the chance to sit their usually ample arses on the comfortable red or green seats that they now occupy.

The process must require a lot of concentration if it has distracted so many of its participants to the extent that they never even bothered to check if they were eligible for the role they had spent their every waking hour striving to achieve.

Some of the saner people in politics like Michael Kroger, Eric Abetz, Llew O’Brien and Kevin Andrews are backing a full audit of who is and isn’t actually entitled to sit in the well-funded, luxuriously padded locations they currently occupy, but more than a dozen Labor and Liberal politicians with dubious backgrounds refuse to release documents proving they were eligible to be elected.

The Labor party in particular has circled the wagons. Being a party traditionally stacked with recent immigrants it’s possible they have even more to fear than the Libs do. Bill Shorten has run away from the very idea of a full audit with his hands in the air screaming like a teenage girl with a snapped bra-strap.

Remember, not only do the rest of us pay these people, we pay them well. These are the people who get to make decisions about our lives. These are the people who get to write the laws which state what we can and can’t say. These are the people supposedly guiding the country into a bright new future of happy-innovative-agility packed full of Jobs-and-growth.

And they can’t even properly read the job description.

Want to know how pathetic that is? Derryn Hinch did it. The human headline managed to do politics better than people who have trained their entire lives to do nothing else.

For the first time since Utegate I actually find myself empathising a little with Malcolm Turnbull. Here he was overseas commemorating the Battle of Beersheba looking every inch an international statesman. After a horror year he finally had managed to get one decent news cycle.

King Malcolm visited the sights, got lots of screen time with Bibi Netanyahu and even snuck in a one hour trip to the occupied territories. He walked up to his press conference expecting lots of high minded questions about world affairs and Middle East peace, the sort of waffle he clearly loves.

Finally after all the bad polling, after all the tedious minutiae of domestic politics the Lord of Wentworthia had a chance to stand as a colossus on the world stage.

And then he gets asked yet again why his parliamentarians keep forgetting which countries they’re citizens of.

I take back my original statement from the beginning of this piece; this situation can’t be getting beyond a joke, since to have been a joke in the first place it would have to have been at least a little funny.

This isn’t funny, this is sad.

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  • Josh Friedbug is using Holocaust family victimhood as a get out of jail free card. Even mentioned the gas chambers to strengthen his case.
    He is untouchable now.

    • Shoshanna Silcove

      He is not using the Holocaust as an excuse nor is he using ‘victimhood’. His mother was an actual victim having been rendered stateless by virtue of no other fact rather then being a Jew. If that does not make someone a victim than nothing does. Technically and legally this means that Frydenberg cannot be considered a dual citizen.

      • Not you again.
        Go away, you dreadful braindead troll.
        Go back to your safe space.

        Blocked ……for all eternity.

        • Shoshanna Silcove

          Projecting again.

          • Caitlin1488

            go away, juden whore

  • entropy

    We don’t need an audit.

    Just legislate mandatory incarceration for any foreign national who doesn’t fully disclose details of citizenship when applying for high office.

    I’m sure the threat of a few years in prison would motivate these arrogant, recalcitrant politicians to finally meet what are very simple and reasonable expectations: that they know their own identities and don’t lie to their employers.

    • Sadsak

      Or make them pay back every ilegally gained dollar to the Australian people. How can these drongoes get a multi million superanuation after work like this?

  • Noachideous

    Frydenberg is more likely than not …….. a dual citizen of jisrael … then…. via inference, the entire werld … and more specifically….. a jewel citizen of Australia.

    • Shoshanna Silcove

      Why is he likely a dual citizen of Israel? Simply because he is a Jew? For your information that does not make someone automatically a dual citizen of Israel. The Law of Return in Israel states that a Jew must migrate to Israel and claim citizenship to become an Israeli citizen. There is no evidence that Frydenberg has indeed done so.

      • Noachideous

        It could be reasonably assumed that Frydenberg, and most establishment jews know of the requirement to make jizzrael undead in 1948. He would also likely recognise that WW2 exists in the shape of a temple menorah, with ’42 as the central candle holder.

        On that basis alone, it is right and proper that Frydenberg and all jewel citizens ultimately eligible for jisraeli citizenship in the way that you described…. be formally banned from entering the Australian War Memorial…. His presence can only amount to the mockery of deceased AngloCeltic War Dead.

        It could reasonably be expected that )))they((( would not want him or his kind there …. in light of the usurious (((deceit)))…..

        It is also right, good and proper that all Australian Politicians and Public Servants sign a Memorandum of Understanding that details proper behaviour in respect of those who have served during the Two World Wars….. Such respectful behaviour centres mostly about speaking the Truth as to the real reasons for the Two World Wars …. as dictated by esoteric evidence, over and above the contrived wailing and hysterics led by the media and (((government)))… about Nasties and racicisms ……. etc ad infinitum

        • Shoshanna Silcove

          What’s with all this anti Semitism?

          • Noachideous

            Why the struggle with the most basic of concepts….Is it theatre ? Who will remember them ? The jew is attempting to incite conflict between the European world and the Islamic World for the purpose of Greater Jizzrael…. That is why Parliamentarian jews throughout the Eurosphere push an open borders policy, and beat up on YT’s who object. To increase the anger and foment war …. Simplz really.

          • Shoshanna Silcove

            you mean you are simple really, you cannot even spell. You are a complete idiot who hates, a bigot and moron no one takes seriously because what you write is insane

  • Sir Cumference

    The only people that have an invested interest in this country are the generations of Australians that built it.
    The blow-ins making the decisions in parliament are not only responsible for the rapidly changing face of this once great country but are driving us further into the shit with their recklessness.
    3rd gens only for parliament. The rest can either have their say via their children in years to come or piss off.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    The whole lot of them are corrupt. Taking bribes from Chinese, dual citizens, billing the tax payer for their lavish spending, deceiving the public – the system allows them to get away with anything. None of them – not a single politician will own up or suggest changes. The only way to make them honest is to eliminate all perks, bonuses, travel, pensions, everything and make it volunteer only. I guarantee that if politicians weren’t paid, only those 100% dedicated to the country will take the job. Just like nuns taking the oath of celibacy and living a life of only the bare essentials. In addition eligibility to volunteer should require a minimum of 3rd generation born Australian, no criminal history, no citizenship with any other country, must undergo thorough psychiatric evaluation and not be a moslem. Any breach or failure to disclose information will result in jail and fines.

  • Tamaveirene

    Apparently Bill Shorten is now enthusiastically embracing the idea of an audit! Someone suggested that if an audit happens, the date on which any pollie relinquished dual citizenship should be made public. This is IMO a Constitutional Crisis and could probably result in Turnbull et al. being thrown out of government. Not before time!