Australia’s immigration rate is twice the level of Britain and the USA


Originally published May 17, 2017.

In my post the other week titled Europe versus Australia I outlined the reasons why I think that Europe is better placed to survive the progressive assaults of multiculturalism than is Australia. Regular commenter Brandon agreed with me and pointed out that Britain is particularly vulnerable as well.

“I think Britain is actually weaker than mainland Europe due to the cultural Marxists ascendency in the BBC and the political class. The English have been cut off from their history and uniquely denied a legitimate nationalism. Education and Academia have a huge responsibility for this global and leftist indoctrination.”

As I replied to him, it is interesting that the countries that appear most susceptible to the multicultural infestation are those with a dominion connection to Great Britain – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Britain itself, of course.

But a recent article in the New York Times of all places, puts into stark relief the peril that Australia is facing.

“But outside of regular swings of the pendulum, Australians have been drifting leftward for 20 years now. In 1996, the Australian Election Study found, typical voters identified a little to the right of center. By 2010, they saw themselves as neither right nor left, and in 2016, they were to the left of center.

“The key to unlocking the shift in attitudes is the 26 years of uninterrupted economic growth in Australia. It has unleashed the two reinforcing demographic trends that tilt an electorate to the left: booming cities and mass migration.”

What the article leaves out is that the political class has actively cultivated this mass immigration over that time period. Pauline Hanson warned us back in 1996 that Australia was in danger of being “swamped by Asians”, a warning for which she was ridiculed. But the warning was prescient.

“In 1996, the population had 13.2 million locally born Australians and 4.5 million overseas-born. English-speaking migrants from Britain, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa numbered almost 1.5 million, or a third of the total. The European-born accounted for another one million, while the Asian-born were just under 860,000.

“Twenty years on, the Asian-born are Australia’s largest immigrant community at 2.6 million. People from the four English-speaking countries number 2.1 million, while those from continental Europe are at 1.1 million. The new arrivals from China and India are increasingly likely to land in major cities in relatively high-income areas once held by the Liberal Party.”

Those figures do not include children born in Australia to those overseas born family units. If those numbers were included then it would be looking far worse than these stats as presented here. It’s why at the end of the school day you can stand outside the venerable school institution that is Melbourne high school and 95% of the students that emerge are Asian.

“Migrants are now about 29 percent of Australia’s population. This is more than double the number of the overseas-born populations in the United States and Britain.

Boom. Double boom. Double boom with a boom cherry on top.

Many popular commenters have been drawing attention to the number of immigrants in places like the USA. But very few of us are talking about Australia, and yet it is this country which is leading the world in the mass immigration and multicultural stakes. My piece on Europe versus Australia got lambasted online here in my home country. Not on the economic points that I made – Australians were in clear agreement with my conclusions there – but with my points on Australia’s ability to survive the demographic nightmare that it has brought upon itself.

Brought upon itself by our politicians. It was the conservative Liberal party that were in power for over a decade up to 2007, and they have since been in power when they won the election in 2013. But the immigration numbers do not show any signs of slowing down.

And yet when I pointed out that culturally we as a nation are much more vulnerable than Europe, and I specifically did not include Britain in that appraisal, my fellow Australians poured scorn on my arguments. But our immigration rates are not only higher than continental Europe, they are twice the rate of Britain, a country that we look upon here as being in deep trouble in this regard.

There has been much dismay in conservative circles over last week’s federal budget, a budget which would do any progressive Left government proud. While I do not think that prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has much strategic sense, he did manage to wrest the leadership off Tony Abbott, a position which he has since held. This big spending, big taxing, socialist budget from a conservative government is simply a clear message that the Liberal party understands which way the demographic numbers now swing.

“An early sign of the ability of immigrants and urban dwellers to redraw the political map came in 2007 when Chinese and Indian Australians helped defeat the Liberal Prime Minister John Howard in his own seat of Bennelong, in Sydney’s affluent northwest.”

The Liberal party has shifted left to reflect our multicultural reality. If they can retain the huge numbers of people living here who were born overseas then they might be able to stay in power. In reality I am quite sure that this is what Turnbull wants. Remember, this man headed the republican movement in the late 90s. Although the vote to sever our ties with Great Britain was defeated then, what better way to ensure a future victory by bringing in hordes of foreigners who care not one whit whether Australia remains in the Commonwealth or goes towards some nebulous republican model.

Almost 30 percent of Australia’s population were born overseas. Australia is the world’s most successful multicultural society, and as I stated in my earlier piece, that is something to be very worried about indeed.

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  • Justin Beaver

    Asian immigrants aint so bad.
    They are very conservative, usually, and hold family above all else.
    Integrate well and are hard workers with aspirations: that is the kind of new Australians we need.
    Plus: Asian chicks are hot.

    It is the poo in the loo Pajeets that I worry about, and the Sand People.
    They are both very low on the evolutionary rungs.

    At least we will get a flood of White South Africans soon, as they escape the planned White Genocide on the African continent. Plenty of Poms still coming here too, to save their daughters from the Pakistani rape gangs in England.

    Yanks are heading to NZ…they saw it on LOTR and figure it is a great place to escape the Four Horsemen. It is pretty much empty, anyway, as all the Kiwis have moved to Sydney.

    • David Hiscox

      I agree with you analysis. Plus, can’t fight the hapa fever.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      “Plus: Asian chicks are hot.”
      That’s why I married one!

  • Konrad Linde

    I reckon what partially saves Australia is relatively (I emphasise: relatively) strict vetting process. I don’t know how it works for the mob from Asia and Africa but when applying for a visa in Europe, even for a short-term temporary one, you have to demonstrate some education, skills, no criminal record and decent English. And requrements for a top shelf 189 visa are so high that it’s only for the elite.

    Rapefugees that are currently invading Europe are mostly illiterate even in their own primitive language whereas migrants moving to Australia, in theory, must be a bit more civilised. Obviously it doesn’t protect the nation and national identity but at least helps to avoid “cultural enrichment” that Europe so often experiences under the wheels of trucks of peace.

    Well, now when I think about it I start to doubt that it’s a good thing. Maybe one or two trucks of peace would piss off just enough natives to kick out those savages and restrict immigration? It’s not a nice thing to wish for but you must admit – that would be an eye-opener at least for some people. Now, when everythig works relatively fine – only very few seem to even recognise the issue.

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  • W. Hunter
    • Jai_Normosone

      …and a work of art, she is 🙂

  • It’s quite worrying given how congested Melbourne is these days, you can’t go anywhere without being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

    Meanwhile our elites keep telling us it’s all good for us despite all the evidence saying it’s not, it’s time to turf every single one of these liars into the ocean.

    It could be the Great Australian Politician Party.

    At least One Nation are making waves but we need better from the conservatives in the Liberal party, they really should defect to the actual conservatives.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Melbourne and, unfortunately, Victoria for the most part is now the part of Australia that I least want to visit. I’ve been to both several times and love the state and the place but the policies of the successive governments really have managed to turn the place into Absurdistan. I hate this. I really like it down there but with criminally-inclined immigrants being a protected class and law-abiding taxpayers being regarded (even more so) as peasants who should just shut up and do what their overlords dictate – it is the state to avoid.
      That might work on the number plates now that I think about it.
      “Victoria – The Place to Avoid”

  • We’re screwed.

  • Tom

    There’s so much illegal immigration in the US that it’s hard to know what the real number is.
    Australia and the rest of the West are giving up defending the culture. This won’t turn out well or those that enjoy any semblance of freedom.