The Awkward Moment when a Victory for SSM Red-Pills Australia on Islam


It has been beautiful watching the MSM and political elite in Australia attempting to discuss the majority No votes in nine electorates in Western Sydney.

From the Australian:

“NSW Labor MPs face a political headache as the state returned the lowest Yes vote in the nation, which means the wishes of voters in at least nine Sydney electorates may be ignored by their MPs in Parliament.

Maps are racist. Or homophobic. Shut up.

“NSW recorded the lowest Yes vote in Australia with most of the 17 electorates in Sydney’s western, northwestern and southwestern suburbs, predominantly Labor, voting against same-sex marriage. Many of these electorates have a diverse ethnic and religious demographic where gay rights are not recognised.”

Cultural Marxism is so ingrained in this country that even the evil-right-wing-Murdoch-press has to speak in code when it comes to the fact that Western Sydney is full of Muslims.

From the SMH:

“The same-sex marriage survey has exposed sharp differences in attitudes between Sydney’s east and west after more than 1.1 million voters across the city voted against any change to marriage laws.

“Sydney had three of the five highest yes-voting electorates in the nation (including equal top), as well as the seven electorates with the highest no votes.”

Where could they be?

I know yeah? Where the hell is Botany Bloody Bay?

“Overall, 17 of Greater Sydney’s 29 federal electorates returned a majority yes vote, while 12 had a majority of no voters. The city-wide yes vote – 55.29 per cent – was more than 6 percentage points below the national figure and 10 percentage points lower than Melbourne.

“The wealthy eastern region of the city responded with a resounding yes. The inner-city electorate of Sydney had a vote of 83.7 per cent – the equal highest in Australia (with the electorate of Melbourne).”

Must be a class thing. We need to educate the proles.

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s seat of Wentworth was next highest with 80.8 per cent followed by the inner west’s Grayndler with 79.9 per cent.

“In former prime minister Tony Abbott’s electorate of Warringah the yes vote was a crushing 75 per cent – the 10th highest of Australia’s 150 federal electorates.”

Crushing. Take that, Tony. Sorry about ripping your gay sister’s jacket. I know we have on occasion used her as a weapon against you, but you see, we only care about winning. It’s nothing personal.

“But a swath of western Sydney electorates voted for the status quo.

“The electorate with the highest no vote in the nation – 73.9 per cent – was the Labor-held seat of Blaxland, which takes in the suburbs of Bankstown, Yagoona and Auburn.”

Honestly, we’re baffled as to why.

“The electorate of Watson, which takes in Lakemba, Greenacre and Campsie, was not far behind with a no vote of 69.9 per cent.

“The western Sydney seat of McMahon, held by shadow treasurer Chris Bowen, had Australia’s third highest no vote at 64.9 per cent.

“The survey results showed 1.1 million Sydney-siders voted no while 1.37 million voted yes.

“Demographic factors help explain the sharp differences across the city.

“Census data shows that electorates with a majority of no voters also have a large share of the population with a religious affiliation.

“In the electorate of Blaxland, for example, just 14 per cent of the population opted for “no religion” in last year’s census.

“There was a similar low “no religion” share in the seats of Werriwa, McMahon, Fowler and Watson, which all returned a strong no vote in the marriage survey.”

Religion. Demographics. Don’t you hate them? We should ban religion and demographics because religion and demographics are homophobic.

“The 2016 census showed 29 per cent of the population of the Blaxland electorate identified with Islam, 36 per cent with Christianity and 8 per cent with Buddhism.

“Electorates with a strong majority of no voters also tended to have a significant share of the population born in non-English speaking countries.”

I’m not even a real journalist, but I am pretty sure the term they use for taking sixteen paragraphs to get to the key factor in an important social and public policy issue, and placing that key factor in close proximity to two red herrings, is called “burying”.

Western Sydney has nothing to do with Islam.

These people, they come to our county and they refuse to learn our language, so that when we try to get them to vote for SSM they can’t understand us. I guess this is the price we pay for Australia not having a culture of its own.

From the Conversation at their ABC:

“More than 7.8 million people voted “yes” to same-sex marriage (61.6% of clear responses) beating the 4.9 million “no” voters (38.4% of responses). But New South Wales had the lowest “yes” vote as a result of western Sydney electorates with high immigrant populations voting against.”

It’s those immigrants. We’re being swamped by homophobic immigrants.

The ABC’s PM program on 774 Melbourne did acknowledge the strong Islamic sentiment against SSM in Western Sydney, but they did their best to make it seem like a complex issue with lots of interweaving factors.

It’s not.

By every principle the left holds dear, either gay marriage is “racist” and “islamophobic”, or Islam is “homophobic”.


  • Deliciously ironic situation.
    Watch the politicians squirm and wriggle.

    • Dan Flynn

      Justin, it’s deliciously ironic that you have so much in common with Muslims 🙂

      • Addelad

        Unicorns have heads; you have a head; you must be a unicorn.

      • Robbie Jones

        Ironic that alongside Muslims, we recognise that sodomy isn’t healthy for the human body and that men and women are physiologically, psychologically, physically, emotionally and sexually compatible for marriage, sex and child rearing where people of the same sex are not?

        Hardly, essentially every people and society throughout history recognised this. Many of us still do but collectivist indoctrination and intimidation is being used because, immoral and senseless though it may be, it works like a charm.

        Even Muslims get some things right. Then again, male female compatibility is the cornerstone of their assault by demographics on the western world and their dedication to it and our failure to emulate them is why they are winning.

        So yeah, perhaps there is a bundle of irony in there.

    • SamSammy

      Based on these results, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that Muslims care more about preserving Western civilisation more than Westerners themselves do!

  • Al L

    The ABC’s AM program just looked at the anomaly of the Western Sydney vote, and decided to not mention Islam or Muslims at all, instead focusing on West African Christians.
    The lies of the ABC continue.

  • SamSammy


    LOL! Surely you know the Left better than that!

  • John Sheppard

    It was Tony Abbott’s fault that a majority of Muslims voted no.

  • Willy Wonka

    To be honest, I think I’d rather pick my nose than picking someone else’s brains in the heat of political demographics.

  • Maryanne

    ABC people have no idea of just how stupid they look expressing surprise at the high No vote in the Sydney’s western suburbs:

  • Earl Conner

    It’s always fun to see Lefties panic at the intersection of fantasy and reality.

    • Caitlin1488

      I like to see their heads explode.

  • OneFatOzGuy

    You call it burying, I call it “the 5th paragraph”: they withhold details that don’t fit their narrative until after the 5th paragraph, knowing most people skim the first four paragraphs and move on.
    White male killer? Headline with photos.
    Female or non-white killer? Talk about the victim(s) and hold back other details until after the 5th paragraph.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Delicious morsel in an otherwise unsavoury stew….

  • entropy

    And people used to say Queensland was the redneck state.

    Good to see NSW finally win something.