It Begins: Racist Italians Say “Vaffanculo!” to Infinity Barbarians


Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has told two of Soros’ orc transport ships to BTFO or else.

El dago supremo
Image credit CNN

They’re now sitting off the coast of some shithole country that Hillary Clinton blew up because she was bored in 2011.

Orc maps

This is huge. A literal turning point.

As that son-of-a-bitch rootless cosmopolitan European-style socialist Karl Marx once wrote, history repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce.

When it comes to barbarian invasions of Europe, we’re in the farce stage rn.

Western Roman Empire invasions

What the genderfluid historians of today call the ‘Migration Period’ of the 5th century AD wasn’t really such a tragedy though, overall. By the time of the late Roman Empire, the heroic legionaries who had built the empire were long gone. In their place was a society of effete men and scheming harlots who revelled in every possible form of degeneracy.

A bit like us really.

Who keeps these damn lists?
List of gay supremacist parades around the world by size.

When the hairy barbarian hordes arrived from Germany, there was rape and pillage and plunder for sure. But it was being carried out by groups with high enough average IQs that they could take up the civilisation of the decaying Romans, submit to Christ and build the most glorious civilisation the world has ever known.


“White people have no culture”.

That’s not going to happen with this lot of barbarians, however. The barbarians produced by the global south are just not to the same standard as those who berserked from the tundra two millennia ago.

And if someone doesn’t stop the brown flood it’s lights out forever, whitey.

Infinity Muslims
These neurosurgeons have legitimate grievances because you’re racist.

Which is what makes the enforcement of borders by Italy’s new coalition government so significant. It seems like finally the uncastrated remnant of men in Europe have had enough of neo-Marxist social engineering by internationalist financiers.

“They should know that Italy no longer wants to be an accomplice in the business of illegal immigration and therefore they will have to aim for other, non-Italian, ports,” Salvini said in a Friday post on Facebook.


Geriatrophilic Rothschild agent Emmanuel Macron was quick to cuck and take the doctors and lawyers on the boat in. The 629 invaders, from 26 countries, immediately demanded that each receive a harem of the finest French schoolgirls as compensation for having to wait so long. Negotiations remain ongoing.

Orc culture

In 2016 alone, 2.6 million orcs, goblins, wargs and Uruk-hai flooded Europe. Should the Witch-King Soros not be stopped, the trend is only set to worsen.

Invasion hotspots

Unless, that is, the men of the West remember who we are in time and stand, and fight.

Racist Numenorean Aragorn.

  • Sam Vimes

    Give it about 5 days before Coldplay releases another charity single to support the boats! Already the Guardian et al are branding Salvini as the second coming of Mussolini, declaring him part of a global cabal of far right extremists led by, you guessed it, Trump, and warning it’s readership of the extreme dangers to Europe that he poses. Sadly the readership of these same media outlets is as cucked as Macron.

  • entropy

    Don’t forget, this is the same Europe that scolded Australia for figuring out the same answer to the same problem.

    Angela isn’t quite there yet but she’ll have some time to think about it during her imminent retirement.

    • Ron Mortimer

      Retirement? I consider it a sign of our degeneracy that her head is not on a stick already. Really.
      The first step of the decline is when leaders stop fearing being killed as traitors.

      • entropy

        I’m with you in spirit, I’m just not sure euthanasing every myopic, virtue-signalling old frightbat is a sustainable precedent.

        Germans continue to vote for her after all.

        • 9x19parabellum

          It will be mercy on us if she’s dead. Not her.

        • Ron Mortimer

          Not suggesting the ‘euthanasing’ of all myopic virtue signalling cat ladies/ soybois, just the few at the top. Everyone else will immediately get the picture….

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • 9x19parabellum

    Sounds like this Italian bloke has balls.

  • Noachideous

    Racial nations should remain Racial Nations……. If the individuated multicultural Noahides and their Filthifying Hebraic handlers don’t like it ?……. then leave……. to practice your repellent religion on the other….. elsewhere…..

    Credit to JDN for this.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Funny how Mussolini was regarded to be on the right while he was the first major proponent of Fascism that is entirely a product of the left.
    You cannot be a Fascist and be on the right – they are mutually exclusive.