Ben Shapiro is WRONG on Abortion – What is potential human life?


Editor: Here is an interesting piece from MattysModernLife. It is not a pro-abortion argument by any stretch, but he makes an interesting case about where life begins. What do you think?

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  • Rod W of Oz

    Asserting that potential life begins with ejaculation carries the implication that use of condoms or other contraception is akin to taking a life. Although this may be the Papal view (at least in the past) that’s a quite extreme position to take. I appreciate the point you are making is that there is a grey area.
    Having two daughters at various stages of pregnancy (3 months and 8+ months) I would be devastated were either of them to lose their ‘potential babies’, although perhaps not as much as I would after the baby were born. It would be more emotionally difficult (for me as grandparent) to lose the 8+ month one than the 3 month foetus, but I’m sure my daughter would be much more emotionally impacted. She lost a 6 week foetus a year or so back, and that was felt as a disappointment, as opposed to a bereavement. Deliberate termination in either of the current pregnancies would be unthinkable as far as I’m concerned.
    For me, if a legal line has to be drawn, it should be somewhere between 6 weeks and 13 weeks.

  • entropy

    I think it’d be beneficial to include a written precis of any videos that are posted as articles. You can scan text to quickly extract the main points, while videos often want to slow-walk you to their conclusions for narrative or dramatic effect.

    If the first article I read on XYZ was just a YouTube video, my instinct would be to bypass the middle man. This isn’t a criticism of Matty or other contributors, but I feel summaries would add a lot to these articles.

    • Tamaveirene

      IMO this is a good suggestion and a mode employed by Breitbart News! It saves time and one can always go back to the clip for the “feel” of the argument later on!

    • Mattys Modern Life

      I wouldn’t mind a short summary of the points being made on my videos.

      David has done this for video’s I’ve made before.

      It would certainly work for videos like this, although for the other ones I make where the video is the point, not the argument, it may not do it justice.

      • entropy

        I think, deep down, we all knew it was going to be David’s fault.

        I like your content, I just don’t always have the time or opportunity to watch videos, so knowing more about them would help to draw people like me in.

  • Tamaveirene

    There is a Psalm in the Good Book – Number 139 – which sets it all out there for me – quite clearly! The Psalms were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and
    I found these 24 verses perfectly beautiful!

  • Abortion is grisly cold hearted pre-meditated murder.
    A baby is a baby, all the rest is semantics.

  • entropy

    I walked past an actual abortion rally on my way home yesterday.

    “My body, my choice!” screamed placards held aloft by furious victims of biology.

    This is in reference to a human right that only seems to accrue at a time most convenient for women, as they always seem to argue that unborn babies have no corresponding right to bodily integrity. Serendipity or entitlement?

    “Honk if you agree,” other placards implored. Only one passing car honked while I was in earshot.

    “My wallet, my choice!” was one sign that didn’t feature.

    Abortion is a complex issue and there are compelling arguments on both sides. But if you’re arguing that the woman has the sole right to any decision made about the life of an unborn child, then the man has the sole right to decide what he does with his money.

    And that goes for taxpayers, too.

    • Rod W of Oz

      I walked past a pro-choice rally in Brisbane a few months ago. Looking at most of the harridans there protesting, I couldn’t help but think their demands for abortion and contraception were purely academic, if you know what I mean.

  • LeftRightOut67

    This is why the pro-life argument should state clearly – from conception. A baby should not be aborted after conception, anything else should be considered as killing a human life. No ifs nor buts.
    From that position, we, as a society –
    including males, Christians, Athiests, humanists, Moslems, feminists etc – can debate whether killing the baby is legal, moral or right.
    But conception is the point of potential life. Sperm without egg is just sperm, & vice versa.

  • Earl Conner

    I like JBP’s approach to the issue of abortion: The question isn’t if it should be permitted or legalised, the question is how has humanity reached the point where people are desperately trying to justify the killing of unborn babies? Especially with the ubiquity of birth control, I’m surprised most people continue to treat this act as being independent of greater social ills.