Big Sister is coming for us all


They finally did it. They took out the big man.

Regardless of what you think of Alex Jones, he is a leading symbol of the resistance. Who you think that resistance is against will determine your attitude toward him. Is it shape-shifting lizards? Inter-dimensional entities using baby-eating Luciferians to take over the planet? The deep state? Brainwashed campus commies? Chi-com Muslim globalists?

Or all of them…

Just tell us Mel, who is it?

Yeah it’s a mystery.

Facebook published a blog post on why they de-platformed Jones and his InfoWars outlet. As you’d expect, it reads like all the insincere bureaucratese we have to put up with from Big Sister’s minions in our societies these days. They think it makes them sound smart.

Actually they just sound like arseholes.

As a result of reports we received, last week, we removed four videos on four Facebook Pages for violating our hate speech and bullying policies. These pages were the Alex Jones Channel Page, the Alex Jones Page, the InfoWars Page and the Infowars Nightly News Page. In addition, one of the admins of these Pages – Alex Jones – was placed in a 30-day block for his role in posting violating content to these Pages.

Since then, more content from the same Pages has been reported to us — upon review, we have taken it down for glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies.

There’s no need to do a granular analysis of all the falsehoods and inconsistencies in this tripe. I’ll leave that to Sargon.

The purge, which began in earnest in 2016 and has continued since, has intensified.

The neo-Marxist establishment in New Zealand whipped up a feral mob whose ancestors only recently ceased the practice of cannibalism because they were so scared of normiecons hearing Southern and Molyneux share their ideas.

Could having a PM whose hormones are screaming at her to protect her infant have had anything to do with that?

Craziness intensifies.

Hard to say. Maybe it really was just the cannibal thing.

Even apparent side-boob aficionado and BASED BLACK CONSERVATIVE Candace Owens is feeling the heat. After posting some Daily Stormer-tier tweets about racial double standards in neo-Marxist America, she was lynched at a cafe by Antifa.

It was a pretty awesome troll tbh.

Cancel Jewish people

Owens was repeating tweets from Sarah Jeong, hired recently as an editor at the New York Times, and replacing the word ‘white’ with other ethnicities. Having yellow as well as female privilege, Jeong has not been fired for her anti-white hate.

After all, she’s only repeating things told to her by her Ivy League professors.

She hasn’t even bothered deleting them.

Finally, conservatives are beginning to realise that the left was always bullshitting about their ideals. It was never about free speech, or equality, or protecting ‘minorities’. It’s about hatred for Christian civilisation and the white men who built it. That’s what unifies the postmodern left; it is their ‘intersectionality‘.

And until we develop an intersectional philosophy based around defending Christian civilisation and the white men who built it, we’ll keep losing. No matter how BASED we are.

For those of us who long ago became unpeople, barred from employment and shunned by fearful normies everywhere, hearing that Jones is the first victim of Big Sister’s banhammer is a bit rich. Alt-lite figures such as Jones were silent when sites such as the Daily Stormer, Iron March and were shut down.

But those sites were ‘hate speech’, hey Alex. I guess one man’s free speech is another man’s hate speech huh…

As I’ve written before, I don’t agree with the Jones we’ve seen since the 2016 election. He’s become more manic, more partisan and less willing to connect the dots (and the echoes) about what’s happening in the Middle East for his viewers.

That said, I believe all of us should be outraged and fight back when Jones gets shut down.

I don’t agree either with the pan-white, neo-Bolshevik Duginism of Richard Spencer or the utopian and nihilistic totalitarianism of Andrew Anglin. I certainly find little common ground with LARPy Viking Nazis who purity-spiral to infinity on sites like Iron March.

But I believe all of those sites should be able to publish too, because they are fighting the same people all of us are. That makes them brothers in the fight. Let’s sort out political structure, demographic issues and marginal tax rates once we win.

I don’t take this position because of my belief in ‘free speech’. Adam Piggott called out free speech for the bullshit it is recently, and I agree with him. Part of my reason for abandoning libertarianism was the realisation that rights only exist where there is sovereignty, and sovereignty is only maintained through the capacity for superior violence.

If you have free speech, it is because men (and increasingly dikes) with guns consent to you having that free speech. That’s not an ‘inalienable right’. As we are seeing, it can be taken away on a bureaucratic whim.

I know too that men like Jones would disown a writer like me. I’ve made it clear that I see Jewish supremacism and Jewish subversion as twin pillars underpinning the existential crisis our civilisation is facing. Talk like that makes fellow content creators very nervous. Donations dry up quickly with unpopular talk like that.

My reason though for supporting anyone who is fighting the establishment is strategic, not principled. I’m a big fan of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, a manifesto he published in 1971 that provided a handbook to ‘community organisers’ (Marxist revolutionary agitators). He essentially created the philosophical basis for the postmodern, post-Soviet J-Left. Obama was mentored by Alinsky’s former students in Chicago and Hillary did her dissertation on Alinsky’s work. His impact was huge.

He also devoted his book to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer”. Whether Alinsky was a shapeshifter is uncertain. Like Marx though, he was certainly Jewish.

Dammit Mel just say it!

The book isn’t written very well, but if you want to understand our enemies it’s required reading. I also believe that Alinsky’s rules contain the seed of an effective strategy for winning back the culture and therefore regaining political ascendancy for the dissident right.

One of Alinsky’s tactics is to make the enemy live up to their principles. This is something the cultural Marxists do to Christians all the time, and it works. The Western Marxists will hang a crucifix in urine, make movies saying Jesus had babies with Mary Magdalene, use the judiciary to drive Christianity from public life, and Christians bite their tongues. Any conservatives who have protested over the years get shut down and vilified by the neo-Marxist media, and other conservatives run from them. These days, fake right cuckservatives are the first to denounce them.

The New Left cultural Marxists captured the campuses from ’68 onward with slogans about freedom, equality, love and justice. We must push their faces into the fire about these principles now when it is so obvious to all the double standard against white men. We must make the leftists come out openly against freedom of expression and access for whites. We must make them show their hatred for us. As their dishonesty and ideological inconsistency is revealed, they will lose their cultural power. And as Andrew Breitbart told us, political power is downstream from that.

We are still very far away from this intersectionality of the dissident right in Australia.

If a white male politician makes an off-colour joke, he’s hung out to dry by his own side even before the frightbats start screeching. What happened to Mark Latham at Sky is a case in point; instead of standing by a plain-speaking and very popular former opposition leader and pushing back against the left, Sky cucked.

It’s therefore no surprise that when there was a cacophony of outrage from the hormonally-challenged left in response to Blair Cottrell appearing on Sky News for an interview, the channel pulled the content, fired the host of the show and issued a weasel-worded apology. The Western Marxist media rolled out their tired lines in headlines straight away about Blair wanting every kid in the country to be given an Adolf Hitler haircut or something. Whatever.

And there are milquetoast conservatives counter-signalling Blair in response too, not realising that they will also one day be unpersoned, vilified and, eventually, gulaged.

Don’t think it’ll happen? It will have to happen. The establishment will eventually have to resort to physical force to stop this movement, and they will be able to do so by picking us off one-by-one beforehand unless we stand together and understand that we have a common enemy who hates all of us equally.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think the Chi-coms are making the frogs gay or every classroom in Australia should have a life-sized cut-out of Hitler in the corner. We’re fighting for our civilisation here. Big Sister is not playing. The millennial minions of globohomoism are convinced that people like us are going to make lampshades out of all the disabled retarded pygmy lesbians unless they stop us. And this fight has only just started.

And you are the resistance.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Alex Jones purge should be a lesson to all alt-lite cucks. You are going to get banned anyway so no point trying to appease and apologize on behalf of the right. We share a common enemy and that is the neo-marxist Zionist elites. Free speech and ‘western values’ are dead – the fight is the survival of the white peoples. Are you with us or against us?

  • Kell McBanned

    Wow awesome article David, we need to ask the question of all politicians, media, everyone, are you pro white or pro white genocide, its all we need to know.

  • Razorback

    Its all the Jewish Zionists behind all the murder and mayhem
    Remember what Shakespeare said : Golden jews and girls all must as little white boys come to dust….(or something like that)

  • Addelad

    Jews make up around 0.25% of humanity. Sure, they exercise disproportionate influence owing to their self-belief and intellect. As much as one has to agree with the overall thrust of articles at XYZ pointing out the insane push to minimize the impact made by and even to eliminate Caucasians, the focus on Jews is simply wrong. They can be part of the answer – they are formidable enemies – not the problem. Our enemies lie within and their intellectual basis is a mixture of Jewish (eg: Marx) and non-Jewish (eg: Rousseau). Our enemies that exist without (Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Turkey) are simply a 21st Century version of the Huns waiting to tear us to bits once we’ve done the original fatal blows ourselves.
    Within these existential forces, Jewry is next to nothing and the insane fear-mongering just makes XYZ an easy target for derision.

    • Repeal fake marriage


    • My primary objective with my writing is wake Christian Zionists up from the deception which has been perpetrated upon us to make us support the Luciferian state of Israel. It’s not an obsession. It’s a mission.

      The Ashkenazi superior intellect myth is false. If Ashkenazim have IQ’s of 115 and are half of Israel’s population, how is the average IQ of Israel 95? (We’re 98 BTW). That would mean the Sephardim, Hasidim, et al have the same average IQ as Aborigines. It’s a lie.

      Jewish supremacism is the reason they control Ive League college admissions offices, media and entertainment studios and the political class. My Bible tells me there is a spiritual reason for their power too, and Ephesians 5:11 tells me to expose it.

      Also, it’s unfair to say it’s XYZ’s focus. There are a range of views here, and mine is the minority for the moment. It certainly is a focus of mine though, yes.

      • Noachideous

        Is an understanding of the symbolism likely to dissuade YT CZ people from believing what they see in active Mirrors ?

        TV amounts to 20 22 … for 42 …. U is what is seen between the T and the V …. or 21. ….. By +x of 222 is found 68.
        If Tri Angle amounts to 20 1 …… then two Triangle amounts to 42…. judeo QB allahists claim 42 letters in the name of their deity.
        Hence the six pointed star.
        21 79 … for 3 16 … by +x …… 1948 by 42 58 …also 1948.

        White people are the subject of an attempted genocide. The predictive mirror of the TV advocates for this outcome. White people are endlessly doxxed in the TV by those who would profit emotionally and actually from a global White suicide.

    • Panadechi Santiago

      Tell me who can not criticize and tell you who governs you.

      • Jonathan


  • Panadechi Santiago

    I already said it once, divide and win or multiculturalism. The self-proclaimed elite chosen favors diversity. Ethnic lineage is power (only for the chosen elite), prohibited for you Goy. Everything is reduced to only three words, POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL. Obviously if the tick sucks blood feels its host scratching, the tick gets angry. Then I censure you.

  • entropy

    Another edgelord application? I might have to take on staff.

    It’s sad to see the good points you make being increasingly buried under the emo angst and non sequiturs.

    Free speech is ‘bullshit’ because of embankments with guns? Because it’s not an inalienable right? Hate to break it to you, but there is literally no human right that a bullet to the face won’t alienate. Extolling the virtues of power just makes you sound like an anarchist-grade poser.

    Free speech isn’t an elemental force or a theory you can disprove, it’s an aspirational political principle. What is elemental is karma and all your precious sovereignty won’t stop you blubbing like a little girl because there’s noone left to stand on principle when you get dragged off your own soap box.

    Good luck using bullets against consequences.

    • Don’t Tread On Me > Declaration of Muh Independence

  • Jonathan

    Another excellent article which again points out the central cancer cell instead of pointing the finger at the rotting organs.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Infowars is triple bracket controlled opposition.

    • Ron Mortimer

      Yes, that is probably true, but it has woken more people than all the others combined.

      • 9x19parabellum

        Why it’s even more sad they distanced themselves from white nationalists

  • sadsak

    “Our liberties depend on the freedom of the press (SPEECH) without that all is lost”
    Abe. Lincoln

  • Daniel Watts

    Much that passes as idealism, is disguised hatred or disguised love of power. Bertrand Russell

  • Taipan

    “the utopian and nihilistic totalitarianism of Andrew Anglin”
    Can you expand on what you mean by this? Anglin’s purpose seems to be de-powering the J-Left in the Anglosphere.

  • Noachideous

    If two former Prime Ministers act as advisors to the ADC 14×3 …. 42 of the BnaiBrith, then who precisely are Australia’s most privileged people ? YT people ? ….Wrong.

    So privileged are these people that it is even possible to get away with placing 888 246 sum 420 PoPPies for 888 666 ..24 18 … 42 ….over the memory of Tommy Atkins 21 ….. and no-one AngloCeltic dare says a word about what can only amount to mockery of those AngloCeltic Men who paid in Blood, for that which was made undead in 1948. 6 13 … 42 58 by +x 1948