Breaking: Maccas is healthy! (not satire)


It turns out the free market won’t make you fat, but your choices will..

The stellar cast of PJTV’s Trifecta discuss a documentary made by a science teacher, about how he lost weight by excercising regularly, limiting his calorie intake, but eating only at McDonalds.

As the PJTV crew point out, it isn’t so much the junk food of McDonalds which the “progressive” crowd object to, but the idea that people making their own choices can enrich a corporation.  Hence, why they have tried to stifle the message that McDonalds won’t kill you if you control the portions and excercise regularly.

If people can be trusted to make their own choices with regard to what they eat, what else might they be able to make their own choices about?  Maybe, that might mean we could have less government…