A Brief History of Mattys Modern Life – 2018 Christmas Special


Matty’s Modern Life has had an epic year, producing new content every week, challenging himself regarding the difficult subjects of race and culture, and daring to go where few other content creators will go.

In this video he gives a quick rundown of the history of his channel, why he started it and where it’s going.

Christmas is a time to be thankful for what we have and remember the lessons Jesus taught us; to always tell the truth and remember the golden rule (among others).

You can visit MattysModernLife at Minds, Patreon, BitChute and Gab.

  • Ryan

    Matty’s Modern Life is one of the best Aussie YouTube channels out there. Merry Christmas to you and the family Matty!

    • Jamie Blank

      It is indeed.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Thanks mate! Merry Christmas to you too.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Great vid Matty.

  • Bucky Redux

    A great recap for the end of 2018, Matty. Good stuff !
    Thanks for all your excellent red pill videos and best wishes for 2019 in the fight against creeping Globalism.
    Cheers !

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Merry Christmas everyone, looking forward to 2019.