But I thought that was a slippery slope argument…


Weren’t we told during the plebiscite campaign that concerns about religious freedoms if gay marriage was legalised were unfounded, and constituted a slippery slope?  The question, apparently, was simply a matter of whether or not gay people should be allowed to be married.  Any attempt to bring in what many consider to be directly related issues were made out by “Yes” advocates to be a deliberate derailment of the discussion.

From the Australian:

“Malcolm Turnbull has warned far-reaching religious protections that are discriminatory would “have virtually no prospect of getting through the parliament” as the Coalition grapples with division over how changes to the Marriage Act should look if the Yes vote succeeds in the postal survey.

“The Prime Minister said amendments could be passed by any MP in the free vote but cautioned he would not support changing laws to increase discrimination, as some fear would happen if parliament passed a bill drafted by Liberal senator James Paterson.

“Senator Paterson’s bill would extend religious protections to allow businesses that provide services to weddings the right to refuse service to gay couples.

“Mr Turnbull said MPs would be free to move “any amendments they want” to a private-members bill that enters the parliament to change the Marriage Act.

“I don’t believe Australians would welcome, and certainly the government would not countenance the making legal discrimination that is unlawful today,” Mr Turnbull said.

Welcome to the current year, when an attempt to protect religious freedom and freedom of conscience is not merely an act of discrimination, but actually will, apparently, “increase discrimination”.

It’s your XYZ.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    What about all the legal discrimination of every one else as a result of 18C and the myriad of other politically correct censorship laws. Slipery slope this, LGBT that. I’m tired of these faggots being pedestaled like they are gods while the rest of us get ridiculed and blamed for everything. A few stupid individuals chose to try sodomy or couldn’t decide what genitalia they have – Not something normal. Be grateful you’re in a place that not only accepts but applauds and encourages being gay because you could be somewhere else getting stoned to death or thrown off a building.

    • Karen Dwyer

      *being pedestaled like they are gods”: Welcome to the cult of sodomy.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    More proof that Malcolm Turnbull is a complete idiot who needs to be removed from Parliament completely.

    How this man became a millionaire is beyond me. Then again, he worked for Goldman Sachs so it’s unlikely he made his money in any honest or meaningful way.

    This is exactly what I warned about during the debate, I have no fundamental reason to oppose gay marriage.

    What I oppose are attacks on our freedom to speak and to teach our children that true marriage is only between a man and a woman.

    It is our god-given right to teach our children this and to believe it at to act accordingly.

    The idea that religious protections are bad because “discrimination” is idiotic in the extreme and it essentially saying “it’s OK to discriminate AGAINST religious people but not the other way around.”

    David Leyonhjelm supports senator Paterson’s bill, I support it and if the Liberals don’t all get behind it they may as well resign now and save us the time of kicking them out.

  • Willy Wonka

    Why is Turnbull so passionate about gay marriage being legalized? Just how exactly is it a benefit to him on a personal level? Is he on the turn? A closet homosexual? A gay master’s slave? Something very cold, slippery and slimy about this Turnbull person that emanates from his eyes and gives me the creeps.

    • Turnbuckle is desperate for someone to love him. Anyone.
      He is happy to accept some Gay Homo Love, if that is all he can get.

      Desperation oozes from him, maybe we need to band together and crowd fund a Flesh-light for the poor sod.

      • Caitlin1488

        Turnbull will be butt reamed by his own party before Christmas. Good.
        Oh, am I permitted to say “Christmas”?
        It will be a banned word soon: not inclusive enough.

    • Earl Conner

      Virtue signalling for votes. Plus I’m sure his banker friends (in multiple brackets) have encouraged him. In hindsight, a non-mandatory, non-biding opinion vote was a brilliant strategy for someone claiming to be centrist, while actively towing the progressive line.

    • Karen Dwyer

      He is fond of himself. And money.

  • OneFatOzGuy

    And the goal posts are moved yet again…

  • John Sheppard

    Next this kind of thing will just be normalised. Big fan of Millie Weaver, and she is easy on the eyes too!