How can the Australian publish this tripe?


Mark Ritson from the Australian reported today on the sock puppet accounts which have been harassing Sky News since it cucked on the Blair Cottrell interview. The headline and opening paragraphs gave promise that perhaps the mainstream media was going to reference some of the arguments that Blair Cottrell makes, or even mention The XYZ in the process, even if it were with the slander of perceived “racism”:

Could the Oz be about to mention the Russian-backed social media trolls at The XYZ who had the audacity to interview Blair Cottrell the day after Sky cucked?

However, Ritson’s piece quickly devolved into the predictable spiel about how Blair Cottrell is evil and we must not mention anything that he says:

“First, and most important, unless your show appears on the History Channel it is unacceptable to feature anyone professing even a fleeting appreciation for Adolf Hitler. Even if your intention is to argue against their case, giving the former leader of the far-right United ­Patriots Front airtime on national television provides an aura of legitimacy that must be avoided at all costs.”

As Matty’s Modern Life has demonstrated, Blair Cottrell and the UPF are not national socialists:

The last time I saw this level of nuclear-waste-tier containment of verboten opinion was when their ABC followed an airing of The Great Global Warming Swindle with the most stacked pro-climate-change-hysteria panel it could find.

Ritson did mention Sleeping Giants, the sock puppet Twitter account that encouraged its cult followers to blackmail private companies into divesting from Sky News (perhaps they should have just kept the interview up after all):

“The American organisation, which set up shop in Australia a year ago, consists of an anonymous team of activists who target specific media channels to achieve their political agenda. Activism is nothing new in the world of Australian media, but what makes Sleeping Giants different are the methods it applies to achieve its ends..

“As soon as the Cottrell saga occurred, Sleeping Giants was quick to create a shortlist of Australian brands. Rather than blanket statements of outrage, Sleeping Giants knows the only way to hurt a media company, especially a TV news channel, is in the wallet by focusing on ad money. And it did not go after all advertisers; it targeted only the brands that buy media on Sky News..

“Having selected these target brands, Sleeping Giants is adept at encouraging its thousands of followers to communicate directly with the brands in question and use social media to demand that the companies withdraw their advertising from Sky News immediately.

“Using hashtags and significant numbers of direct and repeated calls for action on Twitter and Facebook, customers bombard the brand in question with increasingly aggressive messages demanding that it comply.

“The format of the messaging is strikingly similar. Whether it be Qantas, Wesfarmers or Virgin, messages appear from a formerly loyal customer of the brand threatening to withdraw their custom from the company unless it immediately cuts advertising.”

The fact that far left hatespeech such as this is allowed to continue online shows that we, as a society, still have a long way to go.

If you would like to report Sleeping Giants Oz for harassment, you can do so here.  They also have plenty of international affiliates you can report, so feel free to use Twitter’s search function to your heart’s content.

Weirdly, Ritson didn’t condemn the behaviour of this hate group. He didn’t even mouth some platitude about how even though Blair Cottrell is evil, this offends his sensibilities regarding freedom of speech. Instead, he labelled the methods of digital terrorists Sleeping Giants as “impressive” and lamented the “double standard” that they do not go after Facebook and Twitter for continuing to allow Cottrell access to their platforms; ie, he called for even more speech suppression:

“Now, however, the brand safety boot is on the other foot. Fairly or not, Sky News is being targeted for featuring Nazi sympathisers. The fact Cottrell continues to enjoy full Facebook access does not seem to have bothered any of the advertisers pulling dollars from Sky News.

“Twitter may have banned Cottrell from its site but, in contrast to Sky, this is a temporary ban and he will back on the site sharing his odious views tomorrow evening when his one-week ban ends.”

If you would actually like to hear what Blair Cottrell has to say, you can hear him discuss multiculturalism with us on last week’s XYZ livestream. We were lucky enough to be the first crew to interview him after he caused the Fake News Media meltdown:

It was pretty mild, to be honest, along the lines of what we are used to from Chris Kenny or Andrew Bolt, just without the cucking. Blair made the observation that the word “diversity” stems from the word “divide”. This reveals the lie in the slogan “diversity is our strength”, as it contradicts the axiom that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

This is pertinent considering this little bit of treason with which Mark Ritson finished:

“It would be nice to think that the Sky News ban on Cottrell would result in his odious anti-Australian output being silenced forever.”

So according to this weasel, striving for a common identity with which to bind the Australian people to one another is “un-Australian.” Also, is that a threat?

You know, one day, we are going to be the ones who control the government, the courts, the institutions, the schools, universities and all the media companies. When we do, anybody who tries to even hint that the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, George Soros, Gough Whitlam and Angela Merkel were not communist war criminals, will be harassed mercilessly online, be forced to quit their jobs and have their lives ruined. Or we’ll just dump them straight in prison on trumped up charges of breaching the peace.

We are learning the hard way how even a hint of leftism always leads to full communism. And we don’t have any intention of paying our opponents the courtesy of free speech which they were unwilling to extend to us.

It is going to be a lot of fun.

  • John Sheppard

    One thing I am curious about is the constant reference to Blair Cottrell “sympathising” or “supporting” Adolf Hitler. There is never any proof to back up this claim, and I am wondering where it actually came from?

    • 9x19parabellum

      I reckon it started as a piss take by some social media fan and then spread around with everyone adding their own spin. Keep repeating the lie until the masses believe it. Just how they created climate change.

    • It comes from a fake facebook account, Blair has repeatedly stated piblically it’s not him but the media ignores this fact.

      They know the truth but they don’t report it because they are pathological liars.

    • Jamie Blank

      There is much truth to the memes which imply that lefties refer to anyone they don’t want to debate as Nazis or racists. Theyll even do it within their own ranks. The accusation is used without restraint for anyone to the right of the name callers position, provided that they don’t hold official political positions. These baseless accusations are used sparingly for individuals holding official positions as to overuse these terms in frequent debate would nullify their impact. The enemy isn’t stupid, just missguided.

      • John Sheppard

        Maybe we need to respond in kind. Call them Joseph Stalin. They will actually take it as a compliment until we start to push the truth about what he did to millions of political opponents and middle class free thinkers.

        Then you can use their praise and support of being called Joseph Stalin against them.

        • Jamie Blank

          I believe the correct term would be Stalinist. The way to achieve effectiveness would be to infiltrate their ranks and covertly encourage ownership of the term Stalinist.

          • John Sheppard

            Well the terms can vary. Get called Nazi, Hitler, etc and it all has the same meaning. Would apply with Stalinist, Stalin, etc also.

        • David Hiscox

          I regularly just troll lefties by calling them communists and worse than Hitler. Works a charm.

      • Bootstrapper

        The “(insert-adjective)-Right” is an invention of the left. A strawman against which they can ‘debate’. A scapegoat onto which they can project all their faults and crimes. A mirror, which reflects back at them, everything they loathe and despise about themselves. This is why they hate the Right with such passion. A classic case of “projecting-the-shadow”.

  • What a sickening piece of cancer from the apparent “conservative” media, this will tie in well to my next planned article.

    Hell, I could do a response video for this article alone it’s that cancerous.

    Not only does he lie about and slander Cottrell he praises far-Left lynch mobs for their immorality and bullying, this is appalling.

    As for the commie/socialist scum you are totally right, we will be in power sooner than they think and when we are we need to make their incitement to violence punishable with prison and/or deportation whether they are citizens or not.

    Incitement is not free speech, incitement is violence and violates the NaP therefore

    • Jamie Blank

      Power soon? The first thing to do will be use the flawed constitution to annex Victoria and Tasmania with a wall. With both those leeches gone, the resource states of QLD and NSW will power ahead. The remaining lefties north of the Murray River system will simply fall into line or be sent south on trucks by force.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        Much easier to simply remove the vote from anyone who takes taxpayer money and isn’t a front-line soldier.

        Problem solved overnight.

    • Andrew Thompson

      “ANY DAY NOW”

  • entropy

    “giving the former leader of the far-right United ­Patriots Front airtime on national television provides an aura of legitimacy that must be avoided at all costs”

    It’s cute that the MSM thinks national television in Australia equates to legitimacy.

    They have squandered their authority as gatekeepers of information and their references to their own legitimacy are becoming increasingly delusional.

    • James

      Red pill junkies like myself know MSM news is at best unreliable.
      Unfortunately a lot still believe what they’re told to believe via tv radio and print media because it came through those mediums.
      As more and more become victims of state sanctioned crime and realise they are, see the MSM promoting those crimes as acts of kindness and responsibility the numbers will change but it’s a frustratingly slow process.

  • Gary Slenders

    It was interesting that when looking at why Specsaver decided to pull its advertising from Sky News (They said that they only rarely advertise with Sky and they review their advertising policy from time to time in any case blah blah and more blah) the name Sleeping Giants Oz kept coming up time and time again. Interesting background these guys have. Set up in the US to go after Breitbart advertiser base by Matt Rivitz (Outed by the Daily Caller) the group purely focuses on using Twitter campaigns to try and embarrass advertisers. They claim they act against racist and sexist institutions but don’t define what those terms actually mean. Self appointed moral police.
    I don’t know about claims attributable to Blair that he wants Hitler Photos in every classroom but I would like to see every picture and statue of Lenin, Stalin and Marx removed from every University Campus.They seem to be causing mass hysteria.

  • Jonathan

    One of the better MSM papers (subscription only) but still enthralled to the Zionist agenda.

  • taxpayer22

    Police in Melbourne have been slammed for making no arrests after residents of the city’s north-west suburbs were terrorized by gangs of African youths who bragged “police can’t touch us” and attacked frightened families .

    Federal Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who has previously highlighted problems with African gang violence in Melbourne, blasted Victoria’s left-wing authorities for downplaying the issue.

  • Warty2

    Saying it’s ‘interesting’ is an understatement, because all three of you get into so many penetrating issues, albeit in a sort of rambling idiosyncratic way.
    I too missed the Cottrell Sky interview, though I found a quirky edited version on Youtube, but I found my self nodding in agreement (as Ross Cameron would put it) with nearly everything Blair said.
    Personally, I find social media has its benefits, though it doesn’t lend itself to the intellectual debates of even fifty years ago. And as you pointed out, the level of vitriol has ramped up like nobody’s business, though it’s not restricted to the Left, even if they make an art form of it. Particularly in America, the Right can really dish it out to those who might take even a slightly divergent line, and that’s such a pity.
    I find even with my own responses, I have to rewrite some of my comments, when the anger bubbles up. It only invites the same, or worse, as people have to come back with even more venom.
    So, I’ll say it again, your interview with Blair Cottrell was particularly useful. It’s so important to challenge the progressive ideology whenever possible. These things have an effect even if they are not immediately apparent. Just think of the slow, painstaking lead up to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and then one day with the right set of circumstances, the whole edifice crumbled.

    • David Hiscox

      Thanks Warty, glad you found it useful.

  • Bronson

    Bolt is little better unfortunately but not surprisingly. Having a whinge about SKY being banned by the Vic minister for transport he joined in the denunciation of Mr Cottrell.

  • Jonathan

    Report the hell out of this fake page, for being a fake page and pornography.