Could this be our chance to kick out Azza Mahmoud Fawzi Aly?


One result of the Australian media’s submission to the Religion of Submission has been the promotion of followers of the Religion of Terror as “terrorism experts”..

Waleed Aly wrote a piece for the New York Times where he minimised the Islamic terror threat to Australia with the line:

“Every now and then you get the impression that Australia is desperate to be under grave threat.”

He went on to complain that immigration in Australia should be about multiculturalism, and he failed to use the word “Muslim” or “Islam” in relation to Islamic terrorism.

Another taqiyya expert “terrorism expert” is Labor MP Anne Aly, real name Azza Mahmoud Fawzi Aly, who once had this to say about ISIS:

“And I think we have to get our heads round the fact that there might be something nice about ISIS that these people are attracted to.”

On 9/11, her first thought was:

“Please, don’t let it be Muslims who did this.”

Her focus is on the “fear” of terrorism and how it affects Muslims.

Here is a video of her criticising the already cucked argument that Islamic terrorists simply hate our way of life, (when in fact Islamic terrorists are Islamic terrorists because they are Islamic) because it “limits the range of available options”:

The taqiyya is right there on the surface, as she openly advocates changing the language associated with violent extremism Islamic terror, because culture or something.

So the standard Muslim tactic regarding Islamic terror is to deny its links to Islam and lecture Australians that they should be nicer to Islam. Waleed has his own show on Channel 10 to do this, and Azza entered parliament. Looks like we might be able to kick her out, though:

“Labor MP Anne Aly, who holds the marginal West Australian seat of Cowan, faces fresh questions about her eligibility to sit in federal parliament because of her failure to produce documents proving her Egyptian citizenship was cancelled.

Unlike other MPs who are still facing scrutiny under section 44 of the Constitution, Dr Aly has conceded that she did hold a dual citizenship of Egypt but has not produced any documents showing when or if it was cancelled.

The citizenship registry, which was created in December after the dual-citizenship fiasco struck, shows that Dr Aly requested the cancellation of her Egyptian citizenship on May 4, 2016. This was two weeks after the now disqualified Labor senator Katy Gallagher requested the cancellation of her British citizenship on April 20 and just over a month before the close of nominations on June 9.

While Labor previously ­argued its MPs had taken “all reasonable steps” to relinquish foreign citizenships, Wednesday’s High Court ruling has invalidated this argument.”

It has been beautiful to watch the citizenship scandal finally hit Labor, especially after Bill Shorten boasted that it wouldn’t. And it would be beautiful to see it knock out the Islam-apologist Aly. I would remind the reader of comments I have made on Section 44 of the Australian Constitution before:

“One irony of this is that it was not until 1984 that Australian citizens ceased to be British subjects, a deliberate act of treachery by the left. However, the racial purity clause of the Australian constitution must be respected, and it is there for a reason:

“We don’t want our leaders to hold allegiance to any country, ideology, or institution other than the nation of Australia. If our leaders were to serve two masters, as it were, they might be inclined to open the gates of our country to our enemies…

“On second thoughts, we’re all screwed.”

The citizenship scandal would never have decimated the Australian Parliament if Labor had not deliberately separated Australian citizenship from British citizenship as part of the left’s inexorable determination to separate Australia from its British foundation. There would be no citizenship scandal if only people born in Australia to third generation Australians were allowed into parliament.

And there would be no terror threat to Australia if there were no Muslims in this country.

  • Ron Mortimer

    Sweet! Now for Penny Wong to show that her Malaysian citizenship was cancelled. AFAIK, it is a quite complicated procedure for Malaysians to relinquish citizenship.

  • W. Hunter

    Anne Aly = Azza Mahmoud Fawzi Hosseini Ali el Serougi and fellow Egyptian, Waleed the Wally are both apologists for Muslim terrorism.

    These 2 have privileged positions in the public sphere that allows them to speak out and vehemently and condemn Muslim terrorism.

    But, they don’t. Because they are complicit.
    They are cut from the same Muslim Taqiyya cloth as Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

    Sadiq Khan has said he believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city” ……….

    • Jai_Normosone

      Sadiq Khan has sufficiently proven his lack of intellect on more than one occasion. Of course, if I were to say that Muslims were inherently stupid, they’d claim “racism”.
      I actually prefer to be succinctly racist and state that the mental limitations of peoples of the region of the world that are drawn to a religion founded by a paedophile are so great that being peaceful is not something they are able to be.
      As always, there are the rarities that are peaceful and thoughtful of other people and races from around the world. They also choose to not be Muslims.

  • 9x19parabellum

    The question begs. How the hell did the system become so sick? And how do we cure it.

    • The system is working, but only when pressure is applied, demonstrating that like all systems it is useless if the culture of the nation doesn’t support it.

      Our culture has been under continued and unrelenting attack since the Menzies years.

      The usual suspects are responsible.

  • Jai_Normosone

    I (and many others) knew full well that when Bull Shitten said that the issues had been addressed in the ALP and that nothing would come to light, was simply a diversionary tactic in the hopes that they would all rush out and get their dual citizenships cancelled; whereupon the media would also conveniently ignore it because it would all be “fixed” by then.
    The High Court has done this country a HUGE favour in deciding that it is relevant at the time of the election and not at this point in time.

    The more interesting question now is: Since these people entered parliament in a fraudulent manner – does this mean that any benefits that they have acquired under the special privileges granted to parliamentarians (particularly monetary) is also regarded as fraudulent and therefore needs to be dealt with under the criminal justice system?

    Who thinks this would happen? Who thinks that it is more likely that they will protect their own so that no charges are ever brought? Why is it OK for a beak on a bench to claim to everyday people that “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” when they do something wrong but special dispensation is granted to those who studied law and largely became failed lawyers even though they will understand what they did better than most?

    Who believes that the same dispensation would be granted to John Q Public is they committed fraud in the same way?

    • goat

      It’s evident that there are two untouchable and over-privileged “caste” groups in Australia now: 1) Pollies 2) Browns / Blacks / Muslims
      And to answer your question, John Q Public will face full throttle of the law if he’s to break it. Especially it’s it’s a heinous act of going 5k’s over the limit on the tolled road on his way to work, so he can pay taxes to support the two groups mentioned.

  • entropy

    The arrogance and incompetence of politicians never ceases to amaze me.

    Anyone found to have lied about easily verifiable credentials to obtain positions of political influence, or protected those who have, should be prosecuted for fraud, if not treason, and forced to pay for any subsequent bielections.

    On the bright side, Labor can forget about returning to government any time soon. Their decision to replace the most popular PM in Australian history with a token, unmarried feminist is looking as stupid as it ever was.

    • Tristan Jones

      I am predicting Labor will get into government at the Federal Election to come, especially with Turnbull at the helm of the Coalition. That is not good news, because Federal Sharia Blasphemy Laws will be introduced. Those laws will make any criticism of Islam a criminal offence, not to mention preaching certain verses of the bible such as 1 Corinthians 6:9 and people will be dragged to the courts for saying that in public.

  • Razorback

    I’m actually glad they did separated Australian citizenship from British citizenship. I’m probably wrong but if they hadn’t wouldn’t that mean all the muslime pommies could come here a lot easier?

  • 9x19parabellum

    I hope we can get rid of this terror apologizing tart.

    • goat

      Pack her with the other Aly and send them back to their Aly lands. They should not be here.

  • RobynTodhunter

    Wee Willy Wally made an extraordinary observation this week that all of those with citizenship issues appear to be whites with celtic origin.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Jesus dude, please don’t use “cucked”. It’s just so american.