‘Cis-gendered’ male tires of campus microagressions


Someone who identifies as a ‘cis-gendered male’ has approached The XYZ, complaining that he has become a victim of ‘microagressions’ on an undisclosed university campus.

‘When walking through the university in the evening, I have noticed that women coming my way will appear to deliberately cross to the other side of the path. The other day when crossing the road opposite uni, I turned my head to check for traffic, and a woman who thought I was looking at her crossed her arms and put her head down.

image‘There are signs all over the campus warning against sexual harassment, and offering help to women suffering domestic violence. The signs all have pictures with women pressing out a hand as if to say “stop,” or of women with black eyes, crying. There are some places in the Student Union building where I am not even allowed to go.

‘It is starting to make me think, maybe I really am a monster? Perhaps I should embrace it. I find myself getting so angry, maybe this is what they are talking about. Should I try to be who I really am? After all, the university experience is all about ‘finding yourself.’ Or, if I am a monster, maybe the world would be better off without me?

‘I tried raising this with the University administration and the Student Union, but they said no-one else had complained, so I must be in the minority. But I thought the student union was supposed to look out for minorities? I don’t get it.’

  • Janice Fiamengo

    Hi David, thanks for this. I wonder if I am a monster too; I look at all these signs and they all look like propaganda to me. It seems they are actually killing my natural sympathy for my own kind! Talk about monstrous. I think of the tiny number of men who are actually responsible for sexual assault and wonder why the makers of these posters think it is perfectly okay to tar all men with the ‘monster’ brush. Given that men are far more likely than women to be the victims of violence, why are there no ‘safe spaces’ for men? Oh, I know, because men are the problem and the university higher-ups don’t really care much for them. Men’s numbers are rapidly declining at university anyway, getting down close to 1/3 of the student population. In another few decades, if the anti-male campaigns keep on, perhaps there will be none at all, and then the whole university will be a ‘safe space’ for women. Is that the real plan here? But then, what will all those gender sensitivity officers do to justify their big salaries? I’m sure they’ll find lots of other issues to educate us about. Warning to heterosexual white women: when the men are gone, you’ll be the next target!

  • Janice, thank you for your comment. I think it may actually be worth calling the universities’ bluff and boycotting them, in order to starve them of funds. About a decade and a half ago, the government here also tried to make student union fees voluntary, rather than compulsory.

    I think you are spot on with your last comment too. If I can borrow from a concept of Ayn Rand’s – she shows how in socialism, everybody ends up looking over their neighbour’s shoulder to see if they have more than them, in which case they can demand their fair share; meanwhile they are constantly looking back over their own shoulder, in case they have more than someone else and have to share it.

    In the same way, the plethora of professional victim groups, in the absence of men, white people, or straight people, will compete ever more viciously to claim peak victimhood. We make jokes about the PC card deck, but it is already happening, in the form of “intersectionality.”

    Finally, I am glad you enjoyed this. It was satire, but satire based on real experiences, and real feelings of confusion and anger in the past which I had to work hard to get through.

    Keep up the good work, yourself.


  • Little Tigger

    I give up on be a growedup, and I won’t be a man either i will just be a little boy and I won’t grow up or get married/date. I will just stay in my playroom on pension and play with my toys and never vcome out again, and if she don’t like it she can just go eat her boogers.