Civilisationalism is superior to Racism


I should begin this post by stating unequivocally that it is not my intention to offend or insult any racists among you, dear readers. I accept and tolerate all racists of all races. After all, isn’t that what diversity is all about?

Red pill the matrix photo
“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” Morpheus, The Matrix, 1999. Photo by Philip Taylor PT

Despite what one thousand leftists have said, thought, gossiped, emailed and screamed at and about me, I’m not a racist. When I began to emerge out of the dark, morbid cave of leftism about a decade ago, I realised that I had to construct entirely my own framework for understanding reality. What should have been passed down to me as my heritage had been erased by decades of leftist intellectual warfare. I had been raised on a steady diet of lies and illusions about so many topics that I realised my identity was a blank slate. Some in the alt-right community refer to this as being ‘red-pilled’, after the scene in The Matrix when Neo is offered a choice between the safe delusions of the blue pill and the dangerous reality of stepping out of the matrix through the red pill. He chose the red pill; so did I. I presume many of you have as well, or you wouldn’t have made it past the first sentence.

As the scales have fallen from my eyes and I’ve begun more and more to comprehend reality as much as I am able, I’ve had to face the discomfiting truth that people are not equal. I don’t believe we’re born equal either. The libertarians amongst you (and I used to be one, I understand) will immediately refer me to the American Magic Piece of Paper which says otherwise. In my view, the Declaration of Independence refers to political and legal rights. Did Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, et al. really believe that a Jeffrey Dahmer is fundamentally equal to an Einstein? That an abandoned child born of crack addicts is in all respects equal to a well-nourished newborn born of loving, disciplined parents? Of course not. Yet in our time, as the democratic mindset has spread deeply and widely and the logic of equality has worked itself out, we have reached a point where no-one is allowed to consider that humans are unequal. The result of this ideology of radical equality, in my view, is a boring and censorious culture which does not cultivate aspiration. It cultivates sloth, entitlement, parasitism, dysfunction and delusion.

100 m sprint photo
Usain Bolt. Olympic legend. Black guy. Photo by Arian Zwegers

I’ve also had to agree with reality that not all groups are equal, including races. If an alien visited our planet and watched the Olympics for ten minutes, they’d conclude the same. The people lining up for the 100m men’s sprint final do not resemble the men’s badminton final. By the time you get to any of the finals for the events, there is very little racial diversity. Culture also cannot account entirely for this. The Caribbean countries and the United States have little in common culturally, yet blacks from those countries dominate the sprinting events. If our alien visitor were then to visit this year’s International Mathematics Olympiad in Hong Kong, their earlier conclusion would be corroborated. In just about every field of human endeavour, the higher up you go, the less diversity there is between top performers. This is a real problem for those who would continue to deny biological differences between the races.

The obvious differences between the races do not end at international sporting and nerding events. Average IQs between the races vary considerably, and correlate closely with levels of criminality and income. To the leftist, black Americans are poor and prone to criminality because of structural injustice. It’s ‘white privilege’. If this is the case, why are immigrants from India and their children the highest earners in American society? Why do East Asians also earn more than whites, and commit fewer crimes? Is white privilege yellow-blind? Here in Australia, indigenous poor performance across the board is also treated as a problem of white racism. We need to Close the Gap, we’re told. Apparently this means we need to give money, preferential treatment and constant praise to indigenous people, and one day they’ll have the same life outcomes as Ashkenazi Jews. No-one sane could actually believe that this is true, however the orthodoxy has become so strong among polite society that it’s impossible to point out how ludicrous it is. Pretending that it’s all whitey’s fault does a disservice to indigenous people by robbing them of moral agency, and it breeds resentment amongst poor whites who see their indigenous neighbours being lavished by a welfare state system which then tells them they’re racist rednecks. Are we intentionally trying to radicalise poor whites?

It’s important to note here that the indisputable group variations I’m pointing out are no predictor of individual characteristics. While African-Americans have the lowest IQs on average of any of the major racial groups in America, Obama is smart. He’s slimy and smarmy, but he’s smart. Not all Aussies can swim well, and I’m sure there are at least three or four Koreans who can’t solve quadratic equations. It’s not possible to apply a group generalisation, even though accurate about that group, back down to the level of the individual and expect that it will be true. Humans are amazing and wonderful creatures, and biology is not destiny for any one of us. It’s the leftists who believe that we are determined by our circumstances, not us.

As I made the long trek out of leftist lunacy toward the harsh sunlight of reality and I was forced to acknowledge these truths, I asked myself: Should I be a racist? Is white pride the way forward for an Anglo-Celtic enemy of leftism like me? Should I get a southern cross tattoo and a F— Off We’re Full t-shirt? Have I found my identity?

After much consideration I realised that basing one’s identity and worldview on ethnic nationalism is an intellectual dead-end. Biological determinism gets us nowhere. Although I wish to advance the interests of my people and am proud of what white Australians have accomplished, it’s not a solid basis for identity, meaning and purpose in my view. Sorry, racists.

Far more important than the genetic profile we have inherited from our ancestors in the past are the beliefs which we choose to hold today. These create our future. Genetics is not destiny; character is, and character is formed through the values, beliefs and moral standards for action by which we choose to live our lives. This is the true basis for identity, and the foundation for community. When I think about what I love about the people I belong to, this is what I think of.

Westminster photoIt is for this reason that I’m not a racist – I’m a civilisationist. I got that term from Vox Day, and I’m going to keep it. I love Western civilisation. I love the Christian morality which was so powerful and novel that it spread across the world and transformed every place it went. I love the philosophical tradition of inquiry and the liberty that comes from putting truth above power. I am awed at the courage that the Western way of life demanded from the men and women who built the West, at least until recently. We do not always live up to these ideals, and leftists use the pathological altruism of Western culture against us constantly, but I believe those ideals are the best expression of human aspiration on the planet. I can admire the refinement of a Japanese tea ceremony, revel in the vibrancy of Malaysian hawker food and be delighted by an African dancing church, but they’re not my people. I’m a Westerner.

The leftist will scoff back at my argument by saying that there is no such thing as civilisation. Of course they are wrong. Civilisation is the most astonishing and complex phenomenon on this planet. It should not be taken for granted. Civilisation is the organisation of humanity that enables human flourishing. Without civilisation, there is no great art, no literature, no transcendent music, no exercise of refinement or cultivation of intellectual pleasure. How successful leftists have been in destroying Western civilisation can be seen in how degraded and unsuccessful our cultures have become at enabling human flourishing. We are fast becoming barbarians inhabiting the cities built by our vastly superior ancestors. Human excellence is on the wane, and without a restoration of Western civilisation there will never again be a Mona Lisa, a Symphony Number 40, a Romeo and Juliet or an Eiffel Tower. It’s being done to all the old civilisations, but the West is the one I care about.

This civilisational basis for identity actually predates the modern nation-state. The standard date for the birth of nations as we know them is the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. I think it is no accident that nations emerged around the time that modern democracy did also. The ethno-nationalist basis for identity fueled much of the warfare of the twentieth century; the mass violence of total war that we’ve seen in the last few centuries came about once people identified as members of a nation, rather than of a civilisation. Civil wars, like family fights at Christmas, are always the bloodiest. Prior to the development of nationalism, identity was much more diffuse and localised. Europeans, however, understood themselves to be a part of Christendom; what we now call the West. Civilisations are bound together by a basis of common moral standards which are framed by common beliefs.

Beliefs create culture, which over time impacts on genetics. Thus the heritage we pass down to each generation is a complex interplay of spiritual, intellectual and physical factors. Common beliefs are the glue which bind together civilisations. For a race to improve themselves, toxic beliefs that create moribund cultures must be challenged. The most toxic belief possible is the one at the heart of leftist (and Islamic) thinking – that someone else is responsible for your misfortunes and owes you something. This is the mindset of the devil, and always breeds suffering. Before a race can improve themselves, they must eradicate beliefs such as this and cultivate virtue. No-one else can do it for them.

Beliefs are more important than genetics in determining identity and creating meaningful human groups. Basing one’s identity on race only goes so far in binding people together. Most leftists in Australia are white. Are they my brothers and sisters? Not at all, they are my foes. They are bound together by a common enterprise of destroying Western civilisation. That gives them their motivation. They are the white ants, the barbarians inside the gates.

Race realism is true diversity. The beige world of imaginary deracinated sameness that the globalists and the leftists are imposing on us goes against reality and creates untold human suffering as a result.

Caliphate photo
Photo by prince_volin

One final reason why I advocate for establishing one’s identity upon a civilisational, rather than racial or national, basis is that our ancient enemy from the Middle East is coming together once again. Islam does not create a high level of civilisation amongst its adherents – a quick trip around the rubble-strewn cities of the Middle East makes that clear enough. It is highly effective, however, at binding Muslims together in common cause. For this to occur again, a Caliph needs to reappear who is credible to enough Muslims that he can bind them together. I believe this is just a matter of time. President Erdogan of Turkey seems to want the job, and now that Isis has declared a Caliphate the genie is out of the bottle. It’s only a matter of time before a mahdi appears to unite the umma. Once this happens, everything will change.

Twenty years ago Samuel P. Huntington proposed his Clash of Civilisations thesis that after the Cold War ideology would die off and traditional differences based upon religion would reassert themselves. So far Huntington has only been proved partially correct. Ideology is still with us as long as the deadbeat religion of Cultural Marxism continues to burrow at the heart of the West. When the West finally expels this parasite and regains its identity, we will see a growing understanding that multiculturalism is death to any civilisation and that our society is bound together by common beliefs which emerged from our Catholic, Protestant and philosophic traditions. Whether you believe in God or not is beside the point; the Christian values of individual conscience and universal standards of morality, as well as the classical philosophical tradition of free inquiry, are what make us who we are. We need to stand for these values again if we are to have any hope of standing up against a resurgent Caliphate.

I’ve met brown, yellow, black and white Westerners, and although race is real it’s not what determines who we become. That’s why I’m not a racist.

Photo by falco500

  • Lorraine

    the fight goes on, the leftie is almost in charge in Australia, but we the delcons we the true conservatives will fight against the Unions the ALP the Greens and all those that think Islam is peaceful. I am proud of being a westerner .I have not ventured from Australian shores, I am a proud Australian. Political Correctness has run its course, we will be called racist because the leftie has no brains for the debate. I am prepared for the title, but I will not be silent .

  • Wobbegong

    Well done!

  • Popular Front

    Well reasoned, and accurate.

  • Tas Man

    Good piece. It’s impossible to articulate to normies that my beef with mass immigration is not race, but culture without being declared an evil neo-nazi white supremacist. Although I am troubled by how the left celebrates the demographic decline of whites in Australia.

    • They see white people and white culture as a roadblock to communism. Both must be destroyed.

  • Doug Hendry

    One small insight re ‘civilised’, China views itself as among the most highly civilised nation ever in existence, if this is indeed a bench mark, we should be afraid. Barbaric customs and culture are as much a part of their ‘traditions’ as are the artificial manners they seem to love.

    • My impression is that they very much want to climb back to the pinnacle at some stage. Do you have much information on some of their less than fine moments, Doug? I only ever hear the usual gushiness from the usual suspects.

  • Steve B

    This article has succinctly verbalised and connected my thought ‘dots’ about this subject. Great stuff…

    • Cheers Steve. When I read the articles and comments here, it’s encouraging. Many people are coming to similar realisations at the same time. Change is coming, and I hope for the better.

  • Yuri.A

    Moses, thanks for the thoughtful article.
    If only everyone on the planet was a civilisationist, I’m sure we would live in a better world.
    As societies, I think we are still too immature, primitive and tribal.
    Even our famed democracies don’t work very well. They are rife with corruption and self interest at the leadership levels. What does that say about China or North Korea, which are authoritarian dictatorships ?

    The EU is fracturing. Brexit etc. People don’t trust globalists and who is to blame them. Absolute power does corrupt absolutely. It’s sad really.

    More people are being red pilled slowly and surely. The bizarre shenanigans around the world these days are a wake up call to even the dimmest lefties,hopefully.
    But once you take the red pill, there is no way back.
    Down the rabbit hole you go, and it is a very deep hole !

    • Judging by the leftie response to this article I have seen on some Facebook forums, I wouldn’t hold my breath. My concern is with mobilising and coordinating the red pill to save our civilisation. It wouldn’t surprise me if the blue-pillers convert to the religion of peace in due course.

  • Trog

    Can’t agree I’m afraid. May be a small point but an important one i believe.

    I don’t accept the concept of races. Trite to say we are all homo sapiens sapiens. Sure there are geographical differences which have preferred a certain skin colour or body type or shape but we are all descended from a common ancestor. I believe the current fixation with race is extremely harmful and uselessly divisive.

    I have always considered myself tribal however for the reasons you so cleverly outline.
    My tribe is of the mind. It’s my views, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, cultural practices that make me what I am and my “kin”. It has nothing to do with skin colour, language or locale. For me the leftists are as alien to me as a Martian and the Asian cultures with their respect for tradition, work ethic and ancestry are sympatico.

    I take very great pride in my forebears’ accomplishments and admire very many other “races” on this planet with cultures equally striving for improvement, advancement and excellence. They are part of my tribe too.
    My beef is with the ideologies that seek to tear my traditions down, trammel my beliefs and spit upon out my morality with insults and derision.

    For want of a better term these are the true “racists”.

  • Lucas Rosas

    Moses it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be a civilisationist. You are a white male guilty of the Supreme Crime of noticing things you’re not supposed to notice.

    To at least fifty percent of the population that makes you identical to someone with a Hitler shrine who reads Mein Kampf as a bible.

    It’s unfair. It’s not right. But it’s the reality idiot cuckservatives have built for us with their decades of continual surrender.

    • As I beat my brow with The Female Eunuch every night in penance for the original sin of patriarchy Lucas, I long for a world of justice and dignity where people like me no longer exist.

  • I applaud your work in writing this piece, and have written a response here:

    • “… jumble of his well meaning but confused screed…”? And I’m snarky?

      Interesting post, and I can’t do full justice in a comment as a response. If I can summarise your points loosely so I can rebut, clarify, mock or concede them in turn:

      1. Neoreactionaries are stuck-up pedants who only care about restoring aristocracy so they can have a flying castle with wifi.

      I agree with this, up to a point. I don’t consider myself a neoreactionary; perhaps rather a Christian reactionary, or indeed a Christian civilisationist. I agree that the obsession with ‘being worthy’ and high culture is a weakness with the Social Matter crowd, and this point has been made by Brett Stevens on Amerika blog quite acerbically. I’ve noticed recently they’re becoming more inclusive.

      There were two main thinkers who laid the foundations for the neoreactionary movement – Mencius Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin) and Nick Land. Both paid heavy penalties for doing so. I’m not a fan of Land, but my thinking has been heavily influenced by Moldbug. The guy really broke new ground. I’m working my way through his reading list.

      My article is not advocating a high-culture-is-the-only-culture conception of civilisation. I’m saying that high culture is the product of a healthy civilisation. Many amongst the alt right oversentimentalise feudalism in my view, and that’s why I’m not an advocate of aristocracy. I don’t want any bloke having ius prima nocte with my missus. Good luck trying. To be honest, I don’t know what the alternative to democracy should be. I do think though that Aristotle was right, that republicanism descends into democracy, which in turn degenerates into ochlocracy which becomes oligarchy. We’re there now, and the welfare state on top of it has made our society an abomination.

      2. I did not offer evidence to support my “lazy” assertion that Human Biological Diversity is driven by beliefs, not the weather.

      The white supremacist wing of the alt right movement, particularly in Europe, too often express views of race which read like a science textbook made for little Aryans in 1940. Science has moved on, and it’s not the weather that makes a race. It’s the cultural norms forming reinforcing intergenerational genetic feedback that creates racial divergences. This is mentioned in the Time article you cited.

      I came to this view not through science (another misattribution on your part – I’m an empiricist, but not a scientist) but through direct experience of other peoples. If you were to meet St Thomas Syriac Christians from Kerala in south-west India, you would find they are not at all like their Hindu compatriots. The culture which has formed in that community, founded by St Thomas in the first century upon an earlier Jewish community, is what I would describe as at least pseudo-Western. The same phenomenon can be see in places like Goa as well as the Philippines. Where non-whites have been Christian for a long time, they come to resemble Westerners much more closely than their Hindu or Muslim neighbours. Of course I’m not arguing they’re the same race, but I’m arguing that this shows that beliefs create racial characteristics, not the other way around. The blood and soil theories of the white supremacists might make for nice tattoos, but it will always succumb to the pull of national socialism and the dialectic of socialism keeps recurring.

      3. Brown people acting white is a shallow imitation of national identity.

      Gustav, they’re here already, and many of the deracinated Orientals you dismiss as a toxin to be purged to purify the nation are the ones in this country who hate leftism the most. Countries in the Old World (outside of Europe) had their struggles with Marxism earlier than we have, given that we went for Marxism-lite (socialism) which seemed stabler for longer. These people don’t support Cultural Marxism, and you need them in the fight against the cucks and the Marxists. Not all immigrants are the same, and alienating all non-whites because #whitegirlsaremagic is self-sabotaging.

      That’s all I can think of and I’ve done way too much internet jousting today. I enjoyed reading your post and understand your perspective, but I just can’t agree that ethnic nationalism is a sound basis for the counter-movement against leftism. We need a restoration of the West, not a restoration of the Reich. Yes, that was provocative. I’m sure you’ll have a comeback.

      Cheers, or as the neoreactionaries would say it, Good day to you sir,


      • Yuri.A

        Moses, I don’t think you came across as “snarky”.
        I think we need a modern Western Renaissance.
        (with a Crusade thrown in for good measure)

    • Lucas Rosas

      Interesting piece Gustav.

      Without leaning too hard on the golden mean fallacy I would suspect the truth lies somewhere between the positions held by Moses and yourself.

      Good discussion nonetheless.

      • I enjoyed Gustav’s piece and would recommend it. Quality, open debate improves and refines our ideas and unifies right-thinking men and women. I try to never marry an idea – dogmatism is for the other guys, not us.

        It’s a pleasure to be in such fine company.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    You want to see RACISM here it is written down for everyone to read!
    Quran 5:51
    O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.

  • Trog

    I’m totally sick to death of meaningless, gibberish labels. Boxes full of ticky tacky.

    Moses Rules —- Gustav sux.

  • john smith

    So you’re ok if your daughter marries and black man and you have black grand children, so long a they have “good character”…. you’re a cuck.

    • Yuri.A

      If my daughter became a coalburner, I would disown and disinherit her and her name would be expunged from the family Bible for all eternity.

    • Well now I’ve been called everything. Guess that was inevitable one day for someone as pugnacious as me.

      I’m not saying race doesn’t matter, John. I’ve just come to the point in my thinking where I don’t believe ethnocentric nationalism is the best strategy to eradicate leftism. I base my argument on the rationale that ideas are more important than biology. Ethnic nationalism has been tried as a strategy to oppose the left in the past, and it has failed. I think a philosophy based on what best enables human flourishing will be the best weapon to combat leftist ideology.

  • Craig

    I think the civilisationalist theory is more akin to the colour blind conservative vision. A cucked vision.

    Nationalism is the only way IMO. The humanitarianism of our post western civilization had many good attributes, unfortunately it’s destruction is baked into the cake. The only force stronger then humanitarianism is ethno nationalism which is ultimately built into our biology.

    • Craig I’m lots of things, but I’m not a mainstream conservative. Have I not committed enough thoughtcrime to prove that to you yet?

      Do you think it’s possible to be a nationalist without reference to race? There was a time when the Irish and the British in this country considered themselves two separate races. Now, no-one makes that distinction. Is it not possible for yellow, brown or black people to consider themselves true blue Aussies?

      • Craig

        No not really, other wise America, Canada, Britain and the West in general wouldn’t be in the sad empirically degenerating state it is today.

        Would you let a black , Asian or a Jew marry your white daughter?

        I wouldn’t.

  • Trog

    Of course it is Moses and a great many do. Like the song I cant wait till we are all coffee coloured —-and have to look elsewhere for excuses.

    Appearance counts for nothing, its character, attitudes, beliefs and respect that count for all. And once again useless meaningless jargon is just puerile playground mentality. I really fear the ideology of Islam, the increasing hatred from “victims” who group together to demonise other tribes and the leftists who look to the past to blame the West for all the worlds ills. A black armband view of history totally ignoring the benefits of civilization and the shining achievement of humankind over the beasts.

    I love Ghandi’s quote when asked what he thought of western civilisation? He replied “its a good idea”.

  • Steve B

    I don’t care what colour you are, if you despise socialism, we have a common goal…

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