Clementine Ford doesn’t like Dean on Married at First Sight


Clementine Ford really hates men, but what she hates more than men are men who are actually proud of being men.

Worse than that, men who are proud of being men who also want a woman who is actually girly.

Matty’s Modern Life breaks down Pigentine Ford’s latest pile of pig trash.


  • evilED

    Clem Ford’s vagina must smell like raw fish mixed with anthrax. I was stunned to learn she’s actually married to a dude. I can only imagine what a spineless cuck that guy must be,

    • Cate.

      Too vulgar. If women are to be women/ladies in the way men want them to be, don’t be quite so vulgar within ears reach.

      • BunyipBill

        “…within ears [sic] reach.” Uhm didn’t you notice that this was a video presentation and that the response was WRITTEN.
        Nobody forced you to read the comments!
        That is all.

        • Karen Dwyer

          “That is all” :-)))))))))))

          That reminds me of when I was in primary school when someone would declare “the end”.

          Nobody forced you to read Cate’s comment. Nor to respond.

          “The end” :-)))))))))))))))

        • Caitlin1488⚡️⚡️

          I hope this concludes your transmissions. Over & out.

      • evilED

        I’ll remember that next time Clem Ford refers to another female she doesn’t like as a “cunt.”

        • Cate.

          It’s okay to be vulgar to women (who know what’s happening to society and are against women like C.F.), because C.F. herself is vulgar?

          Some of us want to be treated as ‘ladies’ because we were raised to be so and are starting to remember that training in spite of years of media filth subverting that nurturing- and yet- we were also raised to be men, running businesses, learning the standard traditional mans role at school/university.
          NOTHING about babies, nutrition, health, motherhood etc., which is why many of us are (or were) sick and confused as to what nature we are/were expected to follow.

          One of the predominant reasons I used to use the word in question is because men were attracted to me, but then turned and described me as one of the boys, because I enjoyed hunting, fishing, and traditionally masculine sports and was a good shot with a .22.
          Generally speaking I like the male rationale, it’s easier to turn and say, “YOU, sir, are a monumental cunt,’ to a man like you, than could ever be said to any woman, no matter her transgression.

          For a woman to say it to another woman is lowbrow, coarse and as vulgar as a man saying that about anyone else except a mate or a politician/satanic fuckwit.

          Might it occur to any man that perhaps women are AS confused about their role in society as men are, because we’ve ALL had our natures fundamentally undermined by two/three generations of satanic brainwashing?

  • Caitlin1488⚡️⚡️

    Using letters from the XYZ Clem. Ford poll, you can spell “Clementine”.
    Fortuitous and uncanny.
    Any other words people can see ?

    Tub of butter

    • BunyipBill

      The answer is simple, if you don’t like it then scroll on by or leave the group. Even though you’re an XYZ subscriber and this was an article rightfully ripping into Clementine (see, I can spell her name in full), what did you expect? NOBODY forced you to read the poll.

      I thought “Sow” [Clementine is a female after all and we wouldn’t wish to be labeled as “mysoginistic”] and “Dipshit” (again, not afraid to spell the entire word) would have been more appropriate {c-nts in the vernacular are useful, she isn’t}.

      I’m not sure about “Communist” as everybody except the ruling class were treated equally poorly but I do know that a “Tub of butter” is most useful for many things, which good ol’ Clementine is not.

      • Caitlin1488⚡️⚡️

        Ummmm, I am not sure what you are smokin’

        • Cate.

          This troll sounds like Dave Edwards.

          • Mattys Modern Life

            Don’t think so, likely just a stoner.

    • gwallan

      “Any other words people can see ?”

      With regard to Ms Ford?

      I make my own words. Were it up to me she would not be allowed access to any boys.

      That her writing, and others like it, is considered acceptable in the public domain is an indictment of our culture AND the formerly respectable media willing to publish it.

  • BunyipBill

    In the poll I was hoping for “A useless pile of garbage” as an option however I’ll cast my vote according to how I ‘best’ see her.

    By the way, great video. Thanks to all who helped putting it together and XYZ for publishing it.

    Wishing you all at XYZ and its many followers a very Merry Christmas and a Safe & Prosperous New Year.

  • gwallan

    So Clem thinks it’s up to her what other women should find attractive in men?

  • Karen Dwyer

    An excellent topic, Matty.

    Mind you, I would have no idea who Miss Ford was if it wasn’t for XYZ.

    You are quite right: who DOESN’T want to be loved, honoured, and respected?

    It is interesting that both Channel 9 and Miss Ford chose to hook on to the word “obey”, as it is part of the traditional wedding service in the Church. It comes, of course, from Paul’s letter to the Church in Ephesus (modern day Turkey).

    Paul’s letter describes the MUTUAL love and respect of husband and wife; also how a wife submits in the same way she does to the Lord (I.e. willingly and lovingly, as Christ is no tyrant) and the husband is head of the household and lays down his life in the same manner as Jesus did.

    Marriage is not fatuous “love is love”; it is a high calling.

    I agree that Miss Ford has taken a man’s words out of context and added to them, diabolically. I doubt that going on national TV is a wise way to seek a spouse.

    However, his knowledge of what makes for a strong relationship, and his ability to articulate that is to be applauded.

    I wonder if Channel 9 is about to set him up (only to knock him down), or whether he will be the heroic anti-hero who wins hearts and minds of ordinary people?

    • Mattys Modern Life

      They will have to give him a good match for a partner.

      If they give him a woman that always challenges him or even a feminist it will be an obvious set up.

      They claim to be able to “match people by science” so if they put someone obviously not suited to him it will be as transparent as the space between Clementine’s teeth.

      I hope they give him a pretty girly girl and they are a perfect match, bonus if they gave a brood of kidlets.

      The triggering would be felt on the moon.

    • gwallan

      “Paul’s letter describes the MUTUAL love and respect of husband and wife;
      also how a wife submits in the same way she does to the Lord (I.e.
      willingly and lovingly, as Christ is no tyrant) and the husband is head
      of the household and lays down his life in the same manner as Jesus did.”

      I’m an athiest I’m afraid. However I will continue to remind people that the Bible is well worth reading even if only once. What you wrote here and the way you expressed it is part of the reason why. Thanks.

      • Karen Dwyer

        You’re welcome. It’s very gracious of you to say so.

        The Bible is very rich and deep; full of the best analogies. It’s impossible for me to imagine my life without being immersed in the Bible daily – I’ve never been an atheist.

        Of all books, isn’t it interesting that there is a death penalty just for owning it, in many countries? I wonder which is the most fearful part of it for those regimes.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    She is sick in the brain. That’s all there is to it.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Yeah, she has mind cancer otherwise known as feminism.

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        “it’s ok they have chemotherapy for that.” – Milo says to a bald TV feminist.

  • Maryanne

    OT, Mattys, I realise contributing to XYZ is a love job, but is there any chance of providing transcripts of the vids? They can be very useful in spreading the word.

    The Gates of Vienna site: provides transcripts of most of their vids – mainly because they’re in Hungarian or Polish!

    I know that the mythical ‘somebody’ would have to do it. I do have the time but not the equipment or expertise to help. Just a thought for consideration by the resident boffins and supporters.

    Love your work.